Fantasy Science Fiction

Earth 47 - 22 years ago

"I can't even with you, Kol! How could you not tell me something like that!" Alexa screamed. She was quite angry and turning red.

"Alexa, dear, it simply wasn't something you needed to know. My time-traveling powers are my business. not yours." Kol responded, much calmer than Alexa.

"YOU CAN ALSO TRAVEL TO DIFFERENT PLANETS AND DIMENSIONS, NIKOLAS!" Alexa raged. Kol was very tired of her behavior.

"Are you done? It isn't a big deal, Alexa. I don't see why you think it is."

"Kol, you should be able to tell me anything. I'm your girl! Now I have to tell Becky, and Sandra, and Lucia and - " Kol cut her off.

"No. If you try to tell anyone, I'd have to kill you." He was dead serious. Alexa smiled.

"You wouldn't do that. You love me too much. You have to let me tell someone!" Alexa gloated. Kol grabbed Alexa's face and pulled it close. He kissed her. She melted into his arms, over enjoying the kiss. Finally, Kol pulled away.

"No. No, I don't Alexa. Goodbye." Those were the last words that Alexa would ever hear, because sure enough, Kol stabbed her to death and ran away.

Earth 54 - 2020

"Alec? Can we talk?" Lette asked.

"Of course! I love talking to you!"

"There's something that I haven't told you. I have powers." Lette said, wringing her hands nervously.

"Powers? Babe! Are you like some sort of superhero? Because that's hot." Alec exclaimed. "So can you fly? Do you have super strength?" Lette laughed.

"I can travel to other planets and dimensions, teleport and time travel! I just joined a hero league! My name is Toletta!" Lette beamed.

"Wow! That is so cool! You are literally my idol." Alec said.

"Thanks, you are my idol," Lette replied.

"Pfft. I'm not that cool. Just face it. You are definitely the cool one." Alec smiled and planted a kiss on Lette's forehead.

"I'm glad you told me, Lettie. I promise not to tell a single soul!" Alec stuck his pinky out and held it to Lette. She wrapped her pinky around his. It was a thing they always did. Alec smiled and wrapped Lette in his arms. She nestled in and breathed in. He smelled of cotton and lilac. It was an unusual smell, but it was comforting.


"Yes, My sweet?"

"I love you."

"I love you too, Lette."

Earth 47 - present day

"Ahahahaha! Do you think you can outsmart me? Well lovely, you simply can't! Now, you'll have to suffer for your mistake. Oops!" Kol said, pulling the trigger of the gun. He no longer felt any regret for killing. He snapped his fingers and went to Earth 22. On that Earth, he was a 78-year-old homosexual male. Kol gave himself a mission to murder all of his alter-egos, so he can be the top Nikolas Kantoura. He figured that he would get the old man out of the way.

"Delivery!" Kol called at this old man's door. A man came to the door with a smile.

"Who's it for?" The sweet old man asked.

"A Nikolas Kantoura?" The old man smiled.

"That's me! Where do I sign?"

Kol smiled evilly as he handed the man the clipboard and pen. He took his blade as the man was distracted and slit his throat. The man collapsed and Kol smiled evilly once more. He snapped his fingers; home sounded delightful.

In multiple ways, he was killing himself. But in his own mind, Kol was superior to everyone and everything.

In his mind, he was God.

Earth 54 - 20 years into the future

"Wow. I need to get myself together so I don't become that. Yuck!" Lette muttered to herself. She was in the future because she was curious to see how she would turn out. She didn't like what she saw. She was to be an arrogant stuck up woman that didn't help people out. She would be selfish. So from there on, Lette vowed to make sure that she would always do the kind thing. Even if she becomes rich and famous.

Lette snapped her fingers to get back home. As soon as she got home, she felt a buzzing sensation on her wrist. Her watch was going off.

Earth 47 is being terrorized by a villain that goes by the name of

"The Vanquisher."

Lette put on her superhero attire and kissed Alec on the cheek, as he was sleeping. She snapped her fingers, then she appeared on Earth 47.

Earth 47

Kol was in a hospital. He had crept into the pregnancy wing and was going to inject poison into a woman.

"Hello, ma'am! How are you today?" Kol asked.

"I'm tired. What'd ya doc?" The cranky woman snapped.

"How's the family?" Kol asked, pretending to check her iv.

"My kids are coming to visit at 7:00. Their grandma is bringing them.

"Aww. You have kids? Too bad. I hope they knew about how much you loved them. Kol was about too blast poison into the man's iv. However, something had flown past his face, causing him to jump away. The woman screamed and threw her covers over her face. He turned to look in the direction of the unidentified flying object. There was a girl, who couldn't have been more than 18 or 19 years old.

"They call me Teletta. And you are?" She asked. Kol was dumbfounded. He could tell that this was a version of himself, but she was a girl. And kind.

"Nikolas Kantoura. Isn't that your name?" Kol asked. Lette froze and tilted her head.

"No. But my last name is Kantoura. My name is Nicolette Kantoura. Do you know of me?" Lette asked. Kol knew just what he had to do.

"Yes, my dear. I believe I do." He said with a smile, "But there's only room for one of us, isn't there." Lette knew what Kol meant.

"And it's gonna have to be me," Lette said.

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B. W.
14:42 Sep 01, 2020

This is a good story i still don't really have advice besides that you should continue to more stories since they'd be great. sorry if you were wanting more than that though. I really love the names as well though i'm not sure if anyones ever used those names before so thats another thing that i really like from this story. i'm not sure there's anything that you have to work on since it seems fine tbh. I'mma give this story a 10/10 ^^


Artemisia Pearl
18:24 Sep 01, 2020

Thanks so much! I really don't need much advice, but im always curious to see what other people think about the names, outcomes and plot!


B. W.
18:30 Sep 01, 2020

No problem, how do you think of the names? you and Aerin (maybe some others might but i dont remember) always seem to have a lot of strange but cool names


Artemisia Pearl
13:55 Sep 03, 2020

I always just look up names and come up with unique nicknames for the characters. I occasionally will make up names, too! If you ever see a name that you like, feel free to use it!


B. W.
15:18 Sep 03, 2020

Alright ^^ i was also wondering if you could maybe help me with something?


Artemisia Pearl
18:19 Sep 03, 2020

Of course! What do you need help with?


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Roger Scypion
09:40 Feb 14, 2023

Very good story, hopefully there is a sequel. Captivating and has me wanting more! Kudos!


Show 0 replies
Felicity Anne
19:29 Oct 21, 2020

Oooh! This story is so interesting! Do you plan on writing a part two?? I'd love it if you would! I really liked your character's names. I also liked the format you used. Keep up the fantastic job!!


Artemisia Pearl
11:44 Oct 22, 2020

Thank you! I intend to write a sequel, but I'm waiting for the right prompt!


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Gretchen Janelle
16:04 Sep 22, 2020

This story is really great Artemisia! Pinecone


Show 0 replies
Zea Bowman
17:37 Sep 21, 2020

Wow! I loved reading this story; it was full of great descriptions and I loved the way you ended it. The words seemed to flow effortlessly together. Could you please come read some of my stories? Thanks :)


Artemisia Pearl
18:12 Sep 21, 2020

Thanks for the feedback! I will check them out for ya!


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