Ediva was stressed. She and Nik were planning out a government for their newly given planet. She had already designed and made ‘traditional’ clothing for their meeting with the Intergalactic Council. They had three days to create a presentation for the right to get the people of Earth back. Ediva was thinking of a queendom. Nik didn’t care, so he just went with it. They decided that there on fourth, that the first born daughter of the Monarchy of Earth would be the queen. They were staying in the white house as their temporary ‘palace’ and they were using the Capitol Building for when Padke Sroppona, the President of the Intergalactic Council came to meet with us. She would then return the people of Earth. 

Ediva was trying. Trying to be friends with Nik. She had to marry him one day, after all. There was sometimes where they were the best of friends, but then there were times when she didn’t trust him. She couldn’t understand why though. They had to be friends for this to work. They had to be friends and at this time especially. Ediva just missed her friends from school. She wanted to go out to Starbucks and McDonald’s with them. She hadn’t seen them in what seemed like forever. She was, however, at least starting to become friends with Nik. Her trust issues, stress, and anxiety were blocking her judgments of him. How untrustworthy would he be anyway? He was seven months younger than she was. She had learned that they were apparently in the same grade, but they went to different high schools. Ediva had already paged Padke Sroppona because they needed to know that they just found the chest. Padke had said that they would restart the countdown for us. She had also said that she was enthused to meet her and Nik. 

Nik was out welding crowns for the two of them. Nik was beginning to worry that Ediva didn’t like him. He wanted her to trust him. He trusted her in heart and soul. But he could tell that she didn’t feel exactly the same. He could tell that she wasn’t exactly happy about him 100% of the time. He was going to ask her what she was feeling after he was done with the crowns. He was making an elegant one for the queen to wear because it was a queendom. He had gone to the jewelry shop to find precious jewels for the crowns. The king’s crown would be elegant in a manly way. However, it would be less elegant than a queen’s crown. He didn’t want anything too special. Just something that functions as a crown.  

Nik was actually happy that he was chosen to be at Ediva’s side. She was strong, powerful, smart and beautiful. He was glad that he would be married to her one day. But he was sad about the fact that she may not love him back. Love at first sight was possible. However, she had trust issues, which made it harder for her to love. Nik was going to weld the perfect ring for her and maybe that little promise ring would help with the love issue. But that was going to be at a later time. Ediva was hoping that she was going to finish up by tonight. We were going to go to a store and spend all night there as a type of ‘date.’ She probably didn’t see it as a date though. He did and it was over-joying to him. He was going to wear his nice jeans and t-shirt out. He was excited for tonight, probably more than he should have been, but in his mind, it was a win.

Ediva was almost done with her presentation boards of how their planet’s government system would work. She was excited to get to know Nik tonight. She was hoping that she could learn to trust him. She liked him. She really did, but the thing was that now they have to get married. It was more fun before the thing with the Council. Before the world was taken over. They would have had the uncertainty of their fate. Now she knows exactly who her king is. It is Nik. Nobody but Nik. She trusted him slighly at first. She was excited about being a queen at first. She was enthused about creating garments, laws, a government and a presentation at first. Now, she has everything planned out. She knows where her life is going. And wherever she goes, Nik will be at her side. She doesn’t know if she is ready for that. In fact, she feels anxious. Scared, even for the future. 

She was going to curl her straight blonde hair. She was going to wear a nice pear of jeans and a t-shirt. They were going to try to pull an all-nighter in a nearby Wal-mart. It was Nik’s idea and honestly, It sounded fun. It was Friday, and They had til Monday to page Padke. She was going to finish her presentation tonight and page Padke about being finished. 

Nik was letting the crowns cool when he got a text from Ediva. I’m done. It said. Nik was proud of Ediva for finishing. Nik looked out the window of the shop. The world was so empty. No traffic. No people. No noise. The only people were him and Ediva. The only person he could be around was Ediva. They needed each other. To not go crazy. To not go insane. He needed her like her being around would keep him from dying. He craved her attention and her attention alone. He didn’t have many friends to miss. Ediva was the kindest person he had ever known; let alone best friend. He knew she probably didn’t feel the same. But he just couldn’t help thinking about it. He decided to head back to his house to get changed.

Ediva was getting ready for the night. She wanted to look nice. She really did. She didn’t want to look like a slob. But she just couldn’t bring herself to put on a pair of jeans. She was `tired. Exhausted. She just wanted to sleep. But she wanted friendship with Nik. She wanted to be friends with him. For a while it would be only her and him. And she needed to open up to somebody about all that she felt. Tonight, she decided, would be the night that she would completely trust him. Completely, be friends. She needed him. She knew just as well that he needed her. 

So she put on a pair of fleece lined jeggings, because it was cold. And she wore a sweater. It was the turn of Winter to Spring. So it was always chilly. Despite her exhaustion, she put on mascara and some lip gloss. She didn’t put on any other makeup. She just couldn’t. Nik was going to pick her up at seven. He had a driver’s permit, so he knew how to drive. He was going to take his final driving test two weeks from now, after his birthday, which was Thursday. She trusted him to drive. She knew that he could do it. She grabbed her phone and fiddled with it until Nik came. Once she heard a knock at the door, she knew that Nik was finally there to pick her up. She answered the door and Nik was standing there with flowers. Ediva’s heart swelled up and she smiled. 

“Why, thank you, Nik.” She took the flowers and they walked to the car. “Is it your parents car?” 

“No. Mine. My mom and dad got it for me as an early birthday present.” He opened the front seat door, and held it open for her. 

“Thank you, kind sir.” Ediva said in a playful tone. She sat in the front seat and waited as Nik got in. Once he started the car, they drove away to Wal-mart. 

Nik knew that he told Ediva that they were going to spend the night in Wal-mart, but he wanted the two of them to eat dinner. Instead of driving to Wal-mart he drove to the ground of the Washington Monument, where the cherry trees were. He had packed a picnic for them to enjoy. 

“Where are we, Nik?” Ediva was confused, because she knew that this was definitely not Wal-mart. Nik got out of the car and went around to open the door for Ediva. 

“Nik, what's going on?” Nik was smiling and he couldn’t help it. Ediva got out of the car cautiously. Nik got the picnic basket out of the back and spread out a blanket on the ground.

“A picnic! Surprise!” Nik exclaimed. Ediva smiled. The smile that Nik had been working so hard to see. The smile that he loved. The sun had just set and the moon was out. The water just beyond the trees was beautiful. Nik knew that he had done a good job. They began to set out the stuff Nik had packed for the picnic. There were strawberries, cucumber sandwiches, Little Debbie cakes, and chips with dip. Nik was incredibly sure that he was all good with Ediva now. He knew that they had become friends. Best friends. He knew that Ediva needed this.

Ediva was starstruck. She didn’t know what to say. Except that Nik had earned her full trust and friendship. She hadn’t realized that Nik was always listening when she talked about her favorite foods and her interests while working at her side. She never knew that someone could pay that much attention. Her heart swelled with joy.

“Nik, thank you. I didn’t know you were listening. I just thought that I was talking to make small talk.”

“Of course I would listen. I’m not a jerk.” He actually packed real plates. He got one out and put some food on it. He handed it to Ediva and she looked at everything. It made her happy to know that he listened. 

“I have one question, Ediva -” He began.

“You can call me Eddi. You earned it.” She said.

“Okay. Eddi. Why didn’t you trust me before?” He asked. Ediva sucked in a breath.

“This is a tough subject. So, last year I had this boyfriend. I thought he was great. He was cheating on me the entire time, and he kept getting my interests mixed up with the other two girls. He wasn’t a good person. He was mean and didn’t make me feel good, even though I thought he did. When I found out I ended it. I just didn’t know what you’d be like.” 

“I’m so sorry, Eddi. I would never act that way. I’ll treat you right.” This made Ediva smile more. 

“Thank you.” Ediva tried to look down and away because she was blushing. But she didn’t want to look away from Nik. Ediva and Nik talked and ate. 

Nik had a playlist on his phone. To play for dancing. They were old songs from when his grandparents were young. They were sung by Ed Sheeran, Christina Perri, and Lukas Graham. There were other artists, but he only remembered a few of the names. He began to play the songs. 

“Would you like to dance?” He asked. Ediva nodded. They danced on the grass. They sang to the songs. They laughed and joked around. They did that for a while. Eventually, they were standing under a cherry tree, glancing out on the water. 

“Ediva.” Nik said. “I know that this is the certain beginning of a life-long friendship. And I wanted this to be more real, rather than just the ‘you to have to rule the Earth together’ kinda thing.” Nik kneeled on the grass and pulled out the little box that he had. Ediva could feel her eyes getting wider. This was happening really fast. 

“I know it isn’t much, but it is a promise ring.” Ediva’s stress melted away. “I made it while I was making the crowns. Do you, Ediva, promise to be my best friend forever?” Ediva was nodding. This entire thing was beautiful, and she almost didn’t want the Intergalactic Council to show up in two days. It was just them, and It was beautiful.

“Yes! I will be your best friend forever, Nik!” Nik slipped the ring onto her finger. He stood up and gave her a hug. She knew, at this moment, at this hour, that Nik was the best friend that she had ever had.

May 08, 2020 17:09

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Felicity Anne
16:26 Oct 19, 2020

I love this! It's a wonderful sci-fi and I love the idea of it being a "queendom." I also loved your background building, you did it wonderfully! Keep up the fantastic work, Arte!


Artemisia Pearl
13:52 Oct 20, 2020

Thank you so much! I love that you are so generous with your feedback!


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Heather Laaman
01:19 May 14, 2020

I really like the concept of a normal teen love story with a sci-fi type background. Pretty great concept. I also like how you had him surprise her with not just the picnic, but the fact that he had been really listening. I think that does go a long way to winning people's trust. I would have liked to have had just a wee bit more of the sci-fi element, maybe why they were betrothed and how she got to be queen. I know that is really difficult in a short story though. I want to encourage you to read your story aloud to yourself, because th...


Artemisia Pearl
18:27 May 14, 2020

Thanks for the feedback! I appreciate it! I will read it out loud to see. I forget that step a lot. I'm glad you like my story!


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Ndekwoh Ojen
06:19 May 11, 2020

It's so captivating. Oh! I just love how it ended. Please keep it up.👍 I will appreciate if you can drop by mine for some feedback. Thanks.


Artemisia Pearl
18:04 May 11, 2020

Of course! I appreciate the feedback! And surely I will read yours! What is the title?


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