An Invitation To My Own Death

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    “Maybelle! Go get the mail! I am expecting a package!” Mom yelled. I shook my head with a groan. I was getting ready for my job interview, and Mom always interrupted my process. I stomped to my bedroom door and slammed it behind me. And like the 28-year-old woman I was, I stomped down the stairs, in annoyance with my mother. 

    “Stop slamming my doors, Maybelle Louise Eirdis!” Gosh. Mom was in a mood today. I paused in my tracks and screamed, silently. I continued on to the front door. When I struggled to pull the door open, I kicked it. Mom yelled, “Maybelle, That door is locked. Stop being so violent!” I rolled my eyes and unlocked the door. I saw the small package sitting on the porch. I peeked inside the mailbox and saw a bunch of mail. I pulled it out and went through it. Bills for Mom, birthday cards for Dad, a letter from Sydney’s college. 

I finally saw a letter for me. My heart filled up with warm fuzzies. I hugged it to my chest and placed the other mail back into the mailbox. I examined the fancy envelope. It was cherry-scented, and it was pink with gold trim. I grazed my finger along with the intricate lettering of my name and address. I glanced at the return address. I could feel my veins crystalizing with ice, freezing my every bone, muscle, and cell into place. 

The person who lived at this address is a person of my memory. I was basically there every day after school. It was the home of my childhood best friend. At least, it was. My poor friend went missing when she was 17. They aren’t searching for her anymore. They have given up all hope. I still think of her every night. I miss her smile. I miss her long, brown hair. I miss her loving personality. Finally, I miss the fact that I have no one, not a single person, who cares for me enough to be my good influence. No one knows how to tell me ‘no’ as Lexi did. I sigh and retrieve the other letters from the mailbox. I pick up Mom’s package off of the porch and I bring everything inside.

“Here’s your mail and package, Mom,” I say. I hand her the items and turn to walk away. She grabs me by the wrist and turns me around.

“Don’t slam any more doors, young lady. I will take your bedroom door off its hinges, myself if I hear one more banging door.” I nod my head and she releases her grip. “Did you hear me?”

“Yes, Mom. I won’t slam any doors.” At least, not when you’re home, I think. I turn back around to go to the kitchen to give Dad his mail. 

“Hi, Dad. You have some mail.” I hand him his mail and give him a kiss on the cheek. 

“Thanks, sweetie. Good luck with your interview.” He takes a sip of his coffee. He doesn’t leave for work for another hour. I am always glad that Mom leaves for work earlier than Dad because she is so unpleasant in the mornings. 

I ran up to Sydney’s room. I burst through her door. “Syd. Your report card is here!” She threw a pillow at me and I set her letter on her desk. “Bye!” I yell at her. 

“Shut up!” She groans. She pulls her sheets over her head and falls back to sleep. I throw my bedroom door open and toss my letter onto my bed. I grab my heels and slip them on. I get my keys from my desk and I hurry downstairs. 

“Bye! Wish me luck!” I yell into the house and I slam the door behind me. I froze and realized that mom was pulling out of the driveway. I silently prayed that she didn’t hear me. I get to my car and hop into the driver’s seat. I slowly pull out of the driveway and zoom off to my interview. 

Once I got home from my interview, I stomped up to my bedroom. I threw open the door, tossed my keys on the desk, and kicked off my heels. I changed into a pair of leggings and a sweatshirt. After I was done with that, I flopped on my bed. I glanced to my left and saw the envelope. I reached over and grabbed it. I gently tore open the envelope, though some of the paper came up off of the wax seal. I pulled out the card inside. It looked as if it was an invitation. I opened the card, which was adorned with a lovely floral pattern and a rhinestone edge. Inside was an invitation that said:

You are cordially invited to our dinner party!

Address: 1257 Cranberry Dr.

Date: January 7

Attire: Formal

Time: 6:30

We hope you attend!

    I wondered who lived there now. There weren’t any names on the card. I was suspicious. I thought that one of Lexi’s family members lived there. I haven’t bothered to check. I wasn’t sure that I should go. Why would I go to a dinner party with people that I didn’t know? It would give me an excuse to go shopping. 

    “Stop nodding your head, nerd,” Sydney said. I was so absorbed in my thought that I didn’t even hear her come in. I didn’t realize that I was nodding my head either. “Do you want to go shopping with me at the mall?” She asked. I did want to go shopping. I silently decided that I was going to the dinner party next week. I stood up and nodded.

    “So. Who’s driving? You or me?” I asked. Sydney smiled, holding up her keys. 

            "Lets go! I'm driving!" She said in a sing-songy voice. We left the house and I told her about my letter. She listened to me and decided that she would help me pick out my outfit.

           Sydney picked out a slate gray pencil skirt. I found a baby pink button down blouse. Sydney bought me some flashy jewelry and I figured I could just wear my stilettos that I wore for my interview. We found some cute pants and bracelets for Sydney. 

           After we were done shopping at the mall, we decided to go out for lunch. Sydney wanted to get fast food, but I wanted to eat in. We settled on Lissy's Diner. That was an amazing place to eat. It was a Fifties Style diner. It was similar to Frisch's Big Boy Diner. Except it was pink and yellow. The waitresses wore dresses and rollerskates, and they had drive-in services after 6:00. The bathrooms were so cool. They looked like old fashioned parlors. They also had lotions and perfumes sitting on a table by a comfy chair. 

         We each ordered our usual. I got a grilled cheese and french fries. Sydney got a burger and tater tots. For dessert, we each got a strawberry pie baby with whipped cream. Our lunch was so good. 

         It had started to rain after lunch, so we decided to go home and watch a movie. Then, I was ready. I had everything I needed for a dinner party.

The Night Of The Dinner Party

        I was all dressed and ready for the dinner party. I had my makeup done and I looked beautiful. 

        "Mom! Dad! Im leaving! Love you!" I yell as I approach the door.

        "We love you too, Mayb! Have fun!" Dad yelled from the kitchen. I didn't hear Mom say anything, so I left the house and headed to my car. I glanced at the invitation and took a breath. Everytime I glanced at the address, I froze. I couldn't help it. I drove off to the house, a glimpse of a childhood memory.

          When I got to the house, I walked up to the front door. I knocked. I waited five minutes before someone came to the door. It was a familiar man.

          "Oh my gosh! Brandon Kindley?" I say, in astonishment. He glances me up and down.

          "Maybelle Erdis! Welcome! Come on in!" He leads me into what used to be the den, and into the old dining room. I see a woman sitting at the table. She turns around to say hi. I feel my blood turning to icicles. I freeze in my tracks, eyes wide open. This woman shouldn't be alive, I think. I killed her 11 years ago. 

          "Hi, Mayb! It is so good to see you! My husband and I have been so excited for this day." She looked at Brandon and smiled her sweet smile. I give a sappy smile of my own.

          "I have been exited for this day all week! How have you been Lexi?" Her smile never faded. 

         "I've been great! You know what? I am super hungry. Honey, do you want to go start making dinner while I show Maybelle around?" He kissed Lexi on the head and headed to the kitchen. Lexi grabbed my arm and drug me to the back porch. 

         "You tried to kill me." She growled. The absence of light made her look ghostly. She held me against the wall menacingly. "This won't end well for you. I will make you suffer." She tied my hands together and led me to a flight of stairs. I knew, at this moment, that I was going to die in a basement. We went down the stairs to the door. She pushed me into the room. I heard a voice from upstairs.

          "Honey, where is Maybelle? I thought she was staying for dinner." Brandon said. 

          Lexi faked a sigh and said, "Her stomach was hurting, so she went home. I had a feeling that she wouldn't be seen for a long time." 

         "Oh. It just you and I then!" He replied to her. I heard them kissing and I gagged. Then, footsteps. I was left here. Alone.

June 26, 2020 20:03

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B. W.
17:11 Aug 28, 2020

This is a good story i don't really have advice still if your ever wanting some. you should still just keep making more stories, they'd be great. i'm going to give you and this story a 10/10. i think you also might have read "Goddess child" and i was wondering if you could go and check out "The camp" which is a part 2 for it, i'd love to see what you have to say


Artemisia Pearl
18:25 Aug 28, 2020

Of course I can! I would actually appreciate if you could come up with a random topic that you would love to see me write about! If you could do that, id would be great!


B. W.
18:33 Aug 28, 2020

Hm, i guess i could try, i get a lot of ideas so lets give it a try. heres the idea: a kid either going to an alternate universe thing where Things are reversed and the kid is evil in that universe


Artemisia Pearl
01:57 Aug 29, 2020

That is amazing! I actually had that idea for a story for a school project a few years back! I ended up not using it, but this is the perfect opportunity to! Thank you so much!


B. W.
02:00 Aug 29, 2020

No problem ^^ i'm glad that i could help you with it ^^ i think i had an idea as well for something like it not for a school project but just never did it either, its just been on the back of my mind the entire time. i also may have done "Not his fault" and "Avatar's past" a few hours ago, so i was wondering if you could go and check those ones out? i'd like to see what ya have to say


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Gretchen Janelle
14:38 Sep 30, 2020

Where is my sequel?


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Selene Sweck
23:23 Jul 01, 2020

I read the whole story and have a few comments. I thought the stories were supposed to be in the 2nd person. The young woman, Maybelle seemed much younger than 28 from her actions described, more teenage than a young 28 year old woman. I found it hard to believe that she didn't immediately rip into the invitation if she hadn't seen her best friend since she was 17, that it was her old address, and an invitation unsigned why would she attend? Then to find that she murdered her all those years back, why would she go to the house. It seem...


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