After deciding to go with “not Rob” willingly, he tied a rope around each one of our wrists so we would be stuck together. He pushed us through the door and down the stairs. He shoved us into the back of a large van that was very different from his car. He slammed the door on us and we sat there, staring at each other. The van began to move, and we were off to wherever we were going. 

“Hi.” I say. I really am so stunned that I don’t know what to say. “I’m sorry. My first instincts were right. At first, I was going to cut his ear off because I thought he was a stalker. It’s all my fault. I was right not to trust him at first but he made me believe that we were siblings.” 

“It’s alright. You didn’t know. I would’ve believed him right away, though. You’re okay.” Milly was trying to comfort me. I pulled my pocket knife out of my boot with my free hand. Milly and our mother were shocked.

“What? You don’t carry a knife on you 24/7? That’s something I always do. You never know when you’ll need a Swiss Army knife. Am I right?” I say, awkwardly. They are still giving me a funny look. I shrug it off and cut the rope that is linking me to Milly. Then I crawl over to our mom and cut the rope on her wrists. I sit back in my spot and proudly nod my head. “You’re welcome.”

“Thanks, Will. That rope was rough. I appreciate it.” Milly had a rash on her wrist where the rope was and she was rubbing at it.

“So. Willow.” Milly and I had almost forgotten that she was there. We looked at our mom. She looked different from how I remembered. I had almost forgotten what she even looked like. The woman sighed and looked up. “I’m sorry. I left you. I had Robert before you were born. I wasn’t married. I left him with his dad. I had you guys. I went back to Robert’s dad. I spent time with Robert. I never told him. I don’t even know where he is. The thing is, when we get there, we will be separated. I won’t know what will happen to you two, but I will be locked in a room. These guys are seriously bad. Just listen. Save yourselves, be selfish. Don’t worry about me or your father. It won’t be worth it. And don’t worry about each other. You can’t act selfless. That isn’t how this works.”

I didn’t know what to say to her. I glanced at Milly. She was glancing at me. We knew that we most likely weren’t going to listen to her. After all, Milly was a zoo keeper and she was selfless towards the animals. I’m a cop, so I am pretty selfless. We shared a grin. We had known each other for less than a day and we were already acting like twins. 

“Millicent. That goes for you too. If you find Robert, he knows the news. I saw him. I told him. He knows.” She looked at us and sighed again. She leaned towards us and hugged us. I gave her a half hug back. 

“Um. What do I call you?” I ask. I don’t think that she knew about my step-mom. I started calling her mom when I was ten. I haven’t called her mom since I was very little. 

“Well. I hope you two can get used to calling me mom. But you can call me Sarah until that time is.” 


I almost feel remorse. But I don’t. I don’t even think that she knows my real name is Jeffrey. I don’t feel bad for kidnapping the other girl or their mom. But Will was different. She was funny. Pretty. I liked her more than I like my girlfriend. But Boss had me play her brother. He had me kidnap her and her family. I ruined her life. Even if I disobeyed Boss, and didn’t kidnap her, I was still only a brother to her. Not a friend. Not a boyfriend. But her brother. I was a disappointment to myself. I don’t even know why I joined a gang in the first place. I kill people. Kidnap people. I threaten and I burn down. Other people get to build up. I take away from people and I don’t feel bad. At least not until now. Never have until I took from Will. She really is something special. I know that she is also way out of my league, in the sense that she is a cop and I am in a gang. I will never find a girl that good. 

I take lesser known streets to get to the old hospital. There are five stories not including the lobby or basement. A person lives in each room. The very top floor is where we keep prisoners. The glass windows are bullet-proof. They can’t escape at all. That is where the woman is going. The girls get to stay on a different floor. With their brother. They aren’t going to be happy about it. His circumstances. But they will soon be in the same circumstances. Even poor Will. Poor, beautiful Will, who shouldn’t join a gang. But if she knows what’s best for her, she will. 


I hate that man. When he came back to get us and saw us unbound from our rope he grunted and cussed us out. Will hid the knife in her bra. She was smirking and suppressing hard laughs as he screamed. She has real guts. I wish I was as cool and as brave as she was. I was glad to have a sister like her. She was great. 

The man put new ropes on our hands, but separately, this time. Another man took Aunt Sarah. However, Will and I had to go with Mr. Not-Rob. We were at this hospital. There were barely any cars in the parking lot. I figured that it was abandoned. The hospital was covered in graffiti. It was artsy and actually kinda cool. The man grabbed our arms and forced us towards the entrance of the hospital. There were people staring at us when we got inside. They looked like they thought highly of themselves. I know that Will would agree with me if I said that they weren’t all that. I saw a clock and it was about 12:00 a.m. I wondered how long we were in the car for. I wondered who the Rob impersonator really was and I wondered what his real name was. The man let go of us and we were crowded by people. The next thing I knew, I had a blindfold over my face and I was being carried over someone’s shoulder, much like a sack of potatoes. 


As soon as I am outta this place, I’m calling 911. I don’t have my phone. But when I do I’m calling. I’ve been paying attention to every detail. Trying to find out the address. Trying to find out the name of the gang. The leader. All without asking questions. I am going to treat this as going undercover. Any information that I can soak up, anything that will tell me something new, I will use against these guys. I will tell the captain. Maybe I’ll get promoted to detective. That would be good. 

“Hello, ladies.” A man said. I was pushed into a chair and my blind fold came off. The fake-Rob was there. Along with a muscular man and another older man. I looked around the room and a young woman was standing in the corner. Milly nudged me and whispered in my ear. 

“See that young guy. That’s Rob.” He was looking at me. He knew Milly. He never knew about me. The not-Rob hit Milly with a fly swatter and she leaned back over. I Stood up in my chair and tried to come at him. He just pushed me back down. The real Rob took a menacing step towards fake-Rob. 

“Don’t do that again, Hanton. I’m warning you. This is your only warning.” He was glaring at ‘Hanton.’ I could tell that they hated each other a lot.

“I won’t… Unless you go against the deal, Terrance. Then, I own them.” Rob shook his head and stepped back. His lips were pressed together, holding in his comeback. The old man was just watching the two argue. He had this odd grin on his face. 

“Enough, you two. There are ladies here.” I snorted. I wasn’t a lady, per say. I was just Will. I didn’t act like a lady. I acted like a heathen. Except for at church. My step mom frowned at me when I acted like a full on man at church. The man gave me an annoyed glance. 

“I will introduce myself as Ted. I am in charge of recruiting new members. I hear that you two want to join.” I burst into a hysterical, psychotic laughter. Everyone in the room was still as I laughed. I stood up and I was about a foot taller than the old man. 

“Do. I. Want. To. Join?” I gasped in between laughs. I was laughing so hard. “Or what? What happens if you heard wrong? Are you aware that we were KIDNAPPED! Or is that a joke.” My psychotic fit of laughter ended so abruptly that It was scary. Ted looked back at Hanton.

“Jeffrey. Please show the lady what will happen if you don’t join. Don’t go into too much detail. Their father will be coming in a little while. You don’t want to be in trouble with him.” Ted stepped back and the man who was Hanton, became Jeffrey.

Don’t you dare, Hanton. I will kill you.” The venom inside Rob’s voice was terrifying. He was glaring at Jeffrey. His eyes were daggers. Jeffrey just smiled. 

“No, you won’t, Robert. Because you know it gets worse for them if you do.” Jeffrey walked over to me. He touched my hair. “You really are pretty. Too bad I’m taken. If I were single…” He trailed off. I had untied my ropes. From fiddling with them. Jeffrey was staring at my lips. Milly stood up. Jeffrey closed his eyes and leaned in. He held my hair with his hand. I pulled my fist back and it met his jaw. He released my hair and stumbled back. I stood there and stared at the sick man. 

“Fact 1. I can get out of any type of handcuffs. Even metal. Rule 1. Don’t touch me.” I sat in the chair. The girl in the corner was holding in a laugh and Milly had lost it. Rob was shaking his head with a wide grin. Ted was stunned. 

“Let’s go. Jeffrey and Alexis come with me. Robert. You can stay to talk to your sisters. You have five minutes. Their dad will be here in about ten. The three other people left. 

“Milly. Are you alright?” Robert asked Milly she nodded. “Good. I’m glad.” He gave her a quick hug. He looked at me. Up and down. He put his hands on my shoulders. He pulled me in for a hug. “You must be Will. I’m sorry for him. You had to deal with that pig for a month. I’m sorry that I wasn’t there to protect you.” He pulled away from the hug. He grinned and pulled in Milly for a group hug. We talked about the van ride. How I had the knife. He promised not to tell. Before we knew it, a woman poked her head in and told Robert that he couldn’t be in the room anymore. Robert left with a wave. 

“I am finally seeing Dad! I am so excited!” Milly exclaimed. She was excited. I was happy that she was excited. I was a little disappointed that Dad was a part of a gang. I smiled. We sat down in the chairs. We jittered. We talked. And we waited. Waited for Dad to walk through the doors.

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AMAZING STORY! I loved it from beginning to end! So captivating! Check out Avery Mason's stories! I follow her (4th page on my follow list) so give her a like! Please?


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Artemisia Pearl
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This is the third part to "The Guy In The Lipstick Aisle." I hope you like this one, and If you haven't read the first and second (Never Trust A Stranger Named Rob) I suggest! Thank you all!


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