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I am starting to write a small series! Book 1~ Disappear Book 2~ Runaway (Coming soon) Please go check out a new writer on here! Her name is Sarah Bear!. She is an amazing writer. You can find her in my followers and following I'm deleting Flicker because it isn't really going anywhere so yeah "Perfect isn't real." "An apple a day will keep anyone away if you throw it hard enough." Random fun facts bout me: In the future, I wanna be on broadway I've always wanted to be a child actor, and I actually haven't told a lot of my friends this yet but I'm auditioning for a musical, I do competitive dance, I play guitar, drums, and piano. When I was 9 I sang at a concert a family friend put together and I was in my dance studio's production of the Nutcracker and yeah. If you would like to see a little preview of Runaway, then go to this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gYrtM4MfltS0JC4Tc8lskU9zRJUEkM0_osseU4c0Bfs/edit# (it might say you need access so then you can ask for it and I'll accept it or whatever) Thank you for getting me to 500 karma points! My age: 12-16 My favorite color: Black My height: 5'1 (I know, I'm short) Right now as I'm updating this I'm realizing that I have school tomorrow and it's past midnight so I should probably go to bed, but guess what? I don't want to, I'd rather listen to my favorite band while I plan random events that probably won't happen in my head. Obsessions I have: 1. Why Don't We 2. Corbyn Besson 3. Tom Holland 5. Spider-Man/Peter Parker Book favorites: The Cabin The Sisters Grimm series The Lost Here There Are Monsters Girl In Pieces Awake Book ships: Sabrina and Puck (The Sisters Grimm) Caleb (The Lost) and Sophie (Here There Are Monsters) Skye and Will (Here There Are Monsters) Evan and Piper (The Lost) Tia and Cora (The Lake) Hazel (The Lost) and Lavender (Three Times Lucky) Charlie and Riley (Girl In Pieces) Blake and Mackenzie (The Cabin) Favorite Songs: All of the WDW songs Baby Don't Cut Angels and Demons 7 Minutes Dancing With Your Ghost Lose My Mind Trampoline Vertigo I am... Slytherin (Hogwarts house) Capricorn (Zodiac sign) Southside Serpent (Riverdale) Dauntless (Divergent Fraction) A Limelight (Why Don't We) She/her People to check out: Lauren K: Online Friend Luna Colon: Online Friend Brooke D: IRL Bestie Ash Brinton: Super nice and has amazing stories Issac Aaron: Kind and awesome. Danny Glipo: always has something positive and nice to say. Anjali: Cuz I said so and she's an amazing person Comment a 🧋on one of my stories if you read all the way down here.