Drama Friendship Middle School

Author's Note: I am rewriting Midnight Howl! This version will be different and better in my opinion. Also, instead of writing about someone who doesn’t remember their past, I’m going to write about someone who doesn't want to remember their past. I hope you enjoy the new version of Midnight Howl. 

January 16th, 2020

I woke up in the middle of the night from a bad dream. Well, it was more like a bad vision. I vision from my past. The past that I want to forget. 

I’m not proud of who I am, I’m trying to become a better person. I got kicked out of schools and broke way too many rules. I disobeyed my teachers and my parents. But, I didn’t do it alone. My two best friends helped me. We made sure if one of us got in trouble we all did, or so that’s what I thought. After what happened, I started to realize that maybe I should stop and become a better person.

2 Months Ago

“I can’t wait until tonight!” One of my best friends Molly said. 

“I know! Same! You have the chickens right Timber?” My other best friend Ely said. 

“Yup 20 chickens all ready for tonight! I can’t wait to finally get kicked out of this school. You have the spray paint, right Molly?” 

“Uh-huh,” Molly responded. “We’ve been in this school for way too long. I was afraid we were never gonna leave!” 

“Ok, let's all meet back here at 6. While the football game is going on and the locker rooms are empty!” I said as we parted in different directions to get ready for our big prank. 

6 PM

Ely, Molly, and I all met up in between the boys’ and girls’ locker room. 

“Alright, you guys ready?” I asked.

“Yup, let’s do this!” Ely said, right before we headed into the girls’ locker room, and when he headed into the boys’. 

We had to make multiple trips from the locker rooms to the hallway, carrying chicken cages. After we were done with the chickens, we got out the spray paint. I wrote the word “Sucks!” by the words “Denver Middle School” so it would now say, “Denver Middle School Sucks!” 

After a while, Molly left to go check on Ely. I was waiting for what felt like hours before realizing she wasn’t coming back. So, I just walked right out of there to go see if Ely was in the boys’ locker room. Except then the principal walked into the room. 

“Timber, what did you do!?” He yelled. 

I had no idea what to say so I said, “Have you seen Molly?” 

“No, I haven’t. Why? So you can blame it on her? I’m going to call your mom and let her know that you’re going to have to find a new school!” 

I was confused. Why would Molly and Ely leave? Didn’t they want to get kicked out of school? Why don’t I feel happy? I wanted to get kicked out of school. I got what I wanted. Or is it what I wanted? 

Back to the Present

“Timber! It’s your first day of school! Wake up!” My mom yelled. I lazily climbed out of bed, got dressed, and walked to the kitchen for breakfast. 

“You excited for school?” She asked. 

“Nope. Especially since Molly and Ely won’t be there, even though they betrayed me, last semester.” I replied. 

“Oh come on honey, you’ll be fine. Maybe they just didn’t want to get kicked out of school again. And I hope you feel that way too. You need to stop getting kicked out of schools.” She said. 

“I’ll try. But I can’t make any promises.” I said as I got my shoes on and headed out the door towards our car. My older sister Lily sat shotgun while I sat in the back. When we got to my school my mom said, “Please try and make a good impression today.” 

“Fine. I’ll try” I said as I got out of the car and headed inside. 

I walked towards the “West Wing” where my locker and most of my classes are. I found out where everything is a couple days ago when I toured the school. I walked into my homeroom to see lots of kids talking and playing games on their phones. I glanced at the teacher’s desk and it appeared to be empty. A girl with short dark hair walked over to me. 

“Hi! You must be the new student! I’m Midnight!” She said looking me up and down. 

“Sup. I’m Timber.” I said.

“Well, Timber, I’m glad you're here! Oh and uh, nice outfit.” She seemed to be surprised by my sense of style, I mean I am a wolf, I had a leather jacket, a white shirt, black and gold hightops, and black pants. 

“Thanks,” I said. 

“You don’t talk much do you? Well, I talk a lot! I think you can tell already, I can’t wait to become great friends with you!” 

“Friends? Well, don’t expect me to stay at this school for long.” I said and she looked confused. “I mean, my sister, my mom, and I are always moving.” 

“Oh, what about your dad? Where does he live?” 

“My dad? Oh, I wouldn’t know where he lives, I haven’t seen him since I was 9.” 

“Oh, I’m sorry.” She said.

“Don’t be,” I said as the teacher walked in and I took a seat in the back. 

My morning classes were pretty boring and I had my eye on the clock waiting for lunch to start. When the bell finally did ring for lunch, Midnight ran up to me and invited me to sit with her and her friend Autumn. Except for something seems a little off about her. When I saw her in the bathroom her reflection didn’t show up in the mirror. 

I sat down next to Midnight and her friend. 

“Hi Timber! This is Autumn!” She said.

“Hi, Midnight. Hi Autumn.”I said. “I’ve been meaning to tell you something.” 

“I’ve also been wanting to tell you something. Let’s say it at the same time. 3, 2, 1. I know you're a wolf.” 

“I know you’re a vampire.”

January 06, 2021 01:29

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13:57 Jun 29, 2021

You did such a great job rewriting Midnight Howl! I really enjoyed the ending. And, I'm really curious what happened to Ely and Molly. One critique: instead of saying, "I mean I am a wolf," out of the blue in the middle of the story, maybe drop some hints before that Timber is a wolf. Otherwise, amazing job! Keep writing! -b r o n a n a


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Lauren K
17:02 Jan 17, 2021

Good job CJ! It sounds great! I LOVE this story!!! Keep writing Lo🤍


20:18 Jan 17, 2021

Thank you Lo!-CJ


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Mazie Gray
14:27 Apr 23, 2021

This was awesome, CJ! Great job! :D -B


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