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Suspense Fantasy Lesbian

Devon is sitting on the couch in front of the TV switching the channels so fast I can’t even read it. I'm surprised she can. I’m tryin’ to read Twilight but with flashes on the TV and the obnoxious clicking of the button on the remote are distracting my thoughts and reading. I get up to go to the bedroom that’s only a couple of steps away and a left turn but I’m stopped by Devon. 

“Where are you going?” She asks as she gets up and glides towards me while also throwing the remote back at the couch with precision and looking at me all the while. I wish I could be like her but every time I bring up the subject of getting turned into a vampire she changes the subject or gets upset. 

“I’m goin’ to our bedroom to read.” I simply told her. She frowns and tries to search my face but finds nothing. 

“You wanna do something fun?” Her frown immediately turns into a smile and her voice becomes brighter. Her voice is like the beach on a calm day. It’s so soothing and soft and beautiful at the same time. She looks like a goddess. Her skin is so smooth and soft but hard at the same time. Hard like marble, smooth like silk. Pale like the moon or the beach at night. 

“Depends on what you define as fun because I am not doing some stupid eleven mile road 3 am challenge again.” I said as I recalled that night where we were driving down the road and our car broke down at the half-way mark. That was freaky. 

“Okay that was an accident, I didn’t expect that. No, I was thinking maybe we could go for a walk and do something romantic.” She took my hand and put it up to her lips. 

“Yeah we can do that, just let me get ready though.” I walked to our bedroom and changed into my favorite ripped blue denim shorts (mens of course), white shirt with my favorite black leather sleeved jean jacket. I walk out of the bedroom and see that Devon is back on the couch but this time she has my book. 

“Why do you read this? Isn’t it kinda corny and weird?” She looked over at me waiting to see my reaction.

“I read it because I like it and I understand how the main character, Bella, feels.” I am trying not to say what I really mean because I don’t want to ruin this night. 

“Are you still thinking about being a vampire? I thought we dropped that a while ago. It’s not as good as you think it is and you already have abilities. Why do you need more?” She asks as she frowns for the second time today. 

“I haven’t stopped thinking about being a vampire, I just never bring the subject up. And it’s not about the abilities. It’s about me wanting to spend the rest of my life with you. I don’t want to grow old while you're still 17 years old. I don’t want you to watch me grow old and die. I want to live with you forever or till whenever we die.” I said as calmly and sincerely as I could even though my mind was going crazy with thoughts. 

“I understand but I don’t think I could do it and I don’t want to do it. I'm sorry.” She gets up and walks over to the front door and opens it. Well I knew that conversation wasn’t going anywhere. It ends like how it usually does but this time there was no yelling. “By the way you look hot in those shorts.”

“Thank you.” I sighed and walked outside. I know she was just trying to lighten the mood but it didn’t help. Devon closes the door and locks it behind us. Then she takes my hand and starts walking. 

We decided to go to the rich area of our town. Where all houses were in perfect condition. When we’re bored we usually come down to this part of town so we can look at all the houses and judge them or pick which ones were our favorite. All the houses still looked perfect like the pristine yard, lively green grass not even a speck of brown grass to be seen, and freshly painted houses. We walked around that neighborhood for a while, not even talking, just taking in the scenery. As we got closer to the end of the houses we decided it was late so we turned to head back out but something kept nagging at the back of my mind. Like something was wrong or out of place. So I looked around and noticed that the second to last house had a broken window on the side. The side that was facing me. It felt like someone was watching me. So I poke Devon but still kept my eyes on the house. I heard her turn around. 

“What’s wrong?” She must have seen the look on my face because she looked at the house. 

“Look, the window is broken and I’m getting a really weird vibe from it. It almost feels like someone is watching me.” I say while trying to keep my composure. We said nothing but kept staring at the window as if we were afraid something would pop out at us. At some point my feet decided that they wanted to know what was in the house because next thing I knew I was right in front of the broken window. I guess she followed me because now she’s standing next to me. 

“I think we should go in.” We both said at the same time. 

“Well it’s a deal we're going in.” I said. Devon nodded in agreement. I felt like a puppet on strings. I had no control over my actions at this point. I put my hands on the windowsill and pulled myself up and climbed in but I managed to get cut in the process. OH NO!

“Ouch” I said as I plucked a piece of glass out of my leg. It wasn’t a big cut but there was still a good amount of blood dripping down my leg. 

“Corey, don't come near me, okay? I don’t want to hurt but your blood… If you come near me I don’t know what could happen” Devon was trying to keep her voice under control but I can hear that she’s unstable. She’s holding herself back. So I’ll help.

“Okay I’ll back up a little but I think we should try to get this under control together.” I said to her. I wanted to do this together. “I trust you. I know you won’t hurt me, it's okay, come on.” I tried to comfort her. I backed up into the house or living room I should say. I didn’t get a good look because I was focused on helping Devon.

She poked her head up. Her eyes crazy with blood lust, but she’s incontrol (well for now). She hops up into the house with no effort at all. That’s the special perks about being a vampire: everything is enhanced. She looked like she was going to say something but then the living room was suddenly crowded. I felt someone grab my arms from behind. I tried to get out of their grasp but they were strong and had a good grip. I looked over at Devon who was now in a full on vampire mood. She flipped the dude who had her from behind over her and onto the floor where she used her long nails and fangs to rip him apart. More vampires came and surrounded her. 

“Don’t touch her or you’ll be sorry” She hissed at them while she kept turning in a circle to make sure no one tried to jump at her. They jump at her one at a time only leaving two seconds before another jumps. They got her pinned onto the ground but then picked her up into a standing position but this time multiple vampires had her. I got so mad that all I can see is blue. Next thing I know I’m surrounded by water. I’m floating now, my hair spread out behind while floating with me, I look around and lift up my hand pointing at one of the vampires holding Devon and spray boiling water at him. His face has blisters but heals immediately.

“Get her before she kills him!” I heard someone yell but I was too mad to figure out who and where it came from. 

“Get away from her!” I yelled but it wasn’t my voice, and then I sprayed more water but this time I amped up the hotness from boiling to a volcanic temperature. I was so mad I sprayed at all the vampires but some jumped out of the way and others were not as lucky. There were vampire bodies littering the ground but more just kept coming. There’s nothing I can do! I feel helpless, useless against them. I fell to the ground in defeat. Once again I feel hands around my arms but more than one pair. 

A man walked into the center of the circle. He was wearing nice smoothed out grey jeans not a wrinkle in sight and a white shirt with a leather jacket. His hair cut in a dracula style. “Now that we got that under control. I’m going to give you guys an ultimatum. Either Devon you turn Corey into a vampire or we’ll do it for you.”

June 08, 2021 17:04

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Chloe McLellan
19:12 Jun 13, 2021

Thank you! I didn't think it was good but I'm glad you did!


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Kodi Gehrig
17:00 Jun 13, 2021

This was a great story I loved it


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