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During summer I will not be active. Well this is my first time doing anything like this. I like to write things that will make the readers interested and think. I like to end some of my writings at a point that will make you, the reader, use your imagination for the ending. I'm not going to tell you your wrong or right because in the end it's what you made up. Some of my stories are not made up. They are my life. My warning to all of you their is abuse, mental abuse, sexual assault, bad language, drug use, and lots of sadness. That also goes for my other writings, too. Please give any feedback or just comment whatever you chose. I hope y'all have a good day and I hope life treats you well, for all of you deserve it. So about me, I love to write but don't know if I'm any good. I love to draw and think I'm good. I love it when people comment on my stories because I love to talk to people (which I have not gotten a lot of lately) but that's hard to do since quarantine and being fully remote (not by choice). I'm one of those people who will shush you while I watch TV or a movie, especially if I like it. I like sports especially badminton, dodgeball (really good at it), kickball, football, and soccer. I'm a lesbian, am I dating anyone HA! Nope! Really hard to date people when you can't see them or get to know them on a school chromebook. I love kids more than people my age. I'm in highschool (not going to tell you exactly which grade or how old I am) so I guess it makes sense to why I like kids more than teenagers. I'm an introvert but I have my moments of being an extrovert. Most of my writings are LGBTQ+ if you don't like that then I guess I'm not your writer but I do have other stuff like thrillers, suspense, and mystery. HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 I hope y'all have a good pride month. It probably be a lot more different this year but still have fun. P.S. I hope y'all like my writings, I'm not really good at this. BYE!