The Fox Warrior

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Adventure East Asian Funny

           Soah was the village girl who learned about herbal medicines from her father. One day,she went up to the mountain for finding the herbs. At that day, her father had the important patient so he went far away from village to the city. So, she was being all alone in the forest. She was a strong girl who can fight anything in anyways. But now she was being scare by something. Before she leave, the villagers told her about the tiger. Most of them were seeing the tiger more than once a day in forest. The road was being much familiar to her and this job was the thing she always done with father. Now, it’s different so she told herself “don’t be scare Soah, it’s okay if I can do before the dark fall, I will be safe”. The fate was not the thing you can expect, how can Soah know what will she face later. Things not easy as she expected, she was trapping inside the deep forest. She find the paths and routes to get back to the village. The routes only take her to the deeper and deeper part of mountain. Then, the dark fall she was being scary and hungry. At that time, she heard the strange sounds behind her inside the bushes. She grabbed the stick and go near to the bush to see what’s inside. Then, suddenly the tiger came out from the bush and she back down to the ground. And then, she didn’t know what to do next still. So, just stare at the tiger without moving. The tiger was growling and face closer to her. The tiger was getting too much closer to her but didn’t bite her yet. She didn’t know what to do and her mind stuck in that condition. She prayed inside her mind and said “please go away”.

                  “Whish”, the sound of the wind and flash of the sword made her eyes blur. In a minute, she closed her eyes and she heard the steps go far away from her. And then, she heard the blade sound and someone or something come closer to her. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at there. There was a stranger standing under the moonlight. He was the handsome man but he doesn’t look like familiar person. He said with calm voice “Are you okay miss”. She couldn’t say a word still so just nodded to him. Then, she admit he might the warrior because of the accessories and mail-coat he wore. He gave the cloth that he take off from his neck. He said “please follow me, I will guide you to your village”. She couldn’t neglect his offer so just follow his steps by holding the cloth. An hour later, she saw her village and she said “thanks you, how did you know”. He just smiled to her without saying anything. She moved forward to her village. When she was arrived the gate, she looked back to the forest. There was no trace of him anymore. “That was strange” she think inside her mind. But she lay her face down to the ground and walked the lazy steps towards her home. When she was arrived, she saw the villagers who are worrying her so much and try to find her out. She said “she was okay and thanks to all villagers” and then they leave. She went into home and put her bag down and washed herself. Then, she went to bed after having a rice and soup. In her mind, the image of him was being very clear and she couldn’t sleep well at that night.

                     The morning birds were singing around her house, she woke up by hearing that songs. She got up from her bed and start preparing to open the shop for villagers like her father did. Starting from morning to evening there had crowded people who came to their home for taking their medicines. The day passed well as it is. Now, she had the free time so she went towards the gate to find a chance to meet him again. When she arrived, she saw unbelievable thing. That was him standing at the gate facing to the forest. She looked at his back closely from the top to bottom. She said herself “this time he didn’t wore the mail-coat but he wear a silk clothes which doesn’t like other villagers”. His silky long hair was waving around his back by the wind. Then, he turned his face to her. She was shocking by herself because she was starring at him too much. She said “did he found out”. But she couldn’t help it her face turned red. He came closer to her and greet “Was it you who was facing the tiger without weapons”. She said with shaky tone “Yes, I am and how come you here at the gate”. He said “oh, I came here to get my cloth back”. She looked straight to his eyes in a second and said “what cloth”. He pointed around his neck and said “that cloth I gave you yesterday”. She was shy at that time and said “oh, that one, I washed it and dry by sun so it might be at my home”. At that time, she got the idea to invite him. So, she said “I came here to look for you”. His eyes shining bright like a star and told her with surprising voice “Why did you look for me”. She looked down to the ground and said “I want to invite you for a meal at my home that’s my thanks to you”. He looked at her and said “I accepted, thanks you for inviting me”. Then, she went back to her home and he followed her steps. Her hearts was throbbing so fast when he was near. When they went into her home, the other villagers watched over them from their homes.

Hours later, the stranger doesn’t came out from there yet so they decided to call out the village headman. Later, the village headman arrived and they knocked the front door. She came and opened the door but without saying anything the village headman and fellow villagers get into her home without permission. They entered in her home and head to dining room and they saw the handsome man sitting there and having the meal prepared by her. Then, the village headman bowed his kneel down to the floor and said “Prince Jayong, please forgive me for my rudeness”. He didn’t say anything just wave his hand to show “stand up” sign. The villagers urged to ask the village headman “Prince Jayong, how could he get here”. Then, the village headman told everything to them and she knew who he was now. The prince was hiding here without showing his true form because at the past time he was a brilliant warrior who got the name of fox warrior by the King. They asked the village headman “who did this”. The prince’s elder brother finding him to kill without letting the king know. He nodded by the village headman’s say and he joined into the conversation and said “I beg you don’t spread out this important information to nearby village okay”. The villagers said “they won’t”. Soah said “Your highness if you okay you can live here”. The villagers also accepted this. Inside the village headman’s mind, he knew the most dangerous condition will came to his village soon. 

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