Windblume (A Genshin Impact story)

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Fantasy Historical Fiction Teens & Young Adult

Β Jean straightened the collar on her shirt meticulously, staring forward to the god lying lazily upon the fountain's rim.

"Do you always insist on making such a fool of yourself?" she sighed, tugging at her tousled blonde ponytail. "Truly, Venti... I wished to speak to you"

"Not now..." the wind god drawled, plucking out a few notes on his lyre. His crisp, coifed attire matched the sky above them, stocking pulled high above his knees as his lofty, feathered hat stood aloof. He was the clouds slowly bumbling through the sea of blue above. He was each single dandelion puff spread out across the wind. "Look, I'd love to talk, but as you can see, I'm plenty busy"

"Busy!" Jean sputtered. In many ways, the god was still a young boy, from his diminutive stature to the restless, childlike behavior. "You know nothing of being busy! Here I am, slaving away to hold your festival, and you can't even mus-"

"Shh..." Venti commanded, playing out a staccato chord upon the small instrument. "I've been working all day, you know. Look upon the world"

Jean spun around, still surprised to see the stares of the common folk. She adjusted the badge lying on her blue uniform, still resisting the urge to salute. How long had she been acting grandmaster? Long enough for the people to believe she had completely taken over, Jean supposed.

"Look around you... no! Look at Mondstadt! I want you to see the world as I see it!"

She huffed, crossing her arms. This wasn't something she was normally accustomed to; she'd much rather be over paperwork, or with her sister, Barbara at the church. Then again, the acting grandmaster could barely stomach the idea of going to Mondstadt's church to worship the god before her.

After a quick, drawn-in-breath, Jean returned to the idyllic, lake town of Mondstadt. Red roofed houses neighboured at least a dozen windmills calmly spinning in the wind. Wreaths adorned each of the lamposts guarding the stores. She could even see the alchemist, Albedo, working through at least a dozen crates filled with dangerous chemicals. She really ought to get some paperwork out for that man... with all the potential things that cou-

"I thought I told you to look out at the world!" Venti complained, strumming another quick tune. "Trust me, Jean. Just calm down and see for yourself all the work I've done"

Jean returned to the view. The adventurers guild sat, unadorned as always. People milled through the busy streets, carrying drinks and meals, paperwork, and cases. In the far distance, Jean could make out the statue of Venti, along with the church's tall spires reaching up the clouds. A dandelion seed fell lightly onto her shoulder, intruding all thoughts. Before she could pluck it off, Venti chided her.

"Do you remember when I gave you your elemental vision?" he sang, dropping his finger down into the crystal water of the fountain. His fingers eventually met coins, sprawled about in hordes.

"Not so loud!" Jean warned, only causing the god to laugh.

"You're a dandelion, Jean"

"I'm what?"

"Oh, don't you remember your title? The dandelion knight? You're a dandelion"

"Please explain"

"A dandelion holds onto its puffs, afraid to let go. But all it needs is on push, and then it's on a roll! That's why I gave you a vision. it's why you have the power of wind! Anemo runs inside your strength- you have me to thank for that!"

The acting grandmaster couldn't help but look down at her cape, where her vision dangled, swaying in the wind.

"You can tell me what you were gonna say now," Venti yawned.Β 

Jean cleared her throat, already cursing herself for not making anyone else do the job. Then again, it wasn't as if many others knew of the bard's true identity. "There will be an attack tomorrow night. Amber was scanning the area when she found the news. We'll have to cancel the Windblume festival this year, or at least postpone it"

"No!" Venti postponed. "You can't be serious!"

"Do I ever joke?" Jean arched an eyebrow.

"Well, maybe I could take them out!"

"It's the abyss order, Venti! They've already created a plan in case of that, I'm sure. We'll have to lock up the city and make sure all citizens stay inside their homes"

Venti grumbled to himself. "I don't see why they couldn't have chosen a better day to host their attack"

"There's more," Jean pulled out a parchment. "I couldn't understand most of this, but I had Lisa run through it. There seems to be a new leader of the Abyss order"

"New leader? I didn't even know the-"

"Just read the letter!"

The god scanned the letter, sighing to himself. "You know we have the Windblume festival on the same week every year! I make sure the dandelions are all prepped, and this is the thanks I get?"

Jean blinked. This wasn't exactly the reaction she had imagined from him. Pure indifference or annoyance, sure. But not anger.

"Send in the adventurer's guild as well," Venti decided. "If the need arises, I'll fight for Mondstadt's safety too. We could even have Diluc come"

Jean felt her face grow red. "Venti... if I may suggest something?"

"Yes?" he sang out.

"Diluc will have... problems working with us. You know his departure from the Knights of Favonious wasn't exactly..."

"I don't care! If they dare to endanger our festival, we'll have to make them pay. I want those alchemists too!"

"You want Albedo to do resea-"

"Did I hear my name?"

Jean cringed as the ashen-haired man from the alchemist's cart run over. His assistant followed him, nearly tripping across her skirt. She adjusted her glasses quickly, ruffling up her green hair.

"Yes..." Jean made a silent note to bribe Diluc later; Venti wasn't to have any of his 'free' wine nonsense. "I've gathered intel from the outrider. There's to be an attack during the Windblume festival"

"How unfortunate," Albedo hung his head, thick ringlets of blonde hair covering his pale face. "Are my services required?"

"Master Albedo!" Sucrose piped up from the back, her glasses already falling again. A book was propped up neatly inside of the corner of her arm. "Do you think this could be-"

Before Jean could ask anything, Albedo interrupted her. "We shall depart immediately. Thank you for the short notice, Grandmaster Jean"

"Ha!" Venti boasted. "He's mad at you!"

"You can't call out people's names like that!" Jean reprimanded. "Now, I will have to notify the adventurers guild to mobilize immediately. After that, we will raise the bridge. The order will have a hard time invading Mondstadt if we are surrounded by the lake with no easy way in"

"And you have to talk to Diluc!" Venti teased.

"I swear," Jean huffed, already walking away. "If this is another one of your schemes..."

She turned around one last time, watching the smile on his face grow as a sheen of dandelion puffs eclipsed their view.

  • ⊱ ────── {.β‹… ✯ β‹….} ────── ⊰⊱ ────── {.β‹… β™« β‹….} ───── ⊰⊱ ────── {.β‹… ✯ β‹….} ────── ⊰⊱ ────── {.β‹… β™« β‹….} ───── ⊰

"How quaint!" Fischl sneered, tossing the bright yellow hair that covered her fake eyepatch. "Does thou really believe in such lucrative lies?"

"Look," Bennet shrugged, the bandaid covering his nose rising up and down. "Jean put it, so it's gotta be true!"

"We need the mora," Mona dumped her empty purse onto the ground, sniffling as a few coins dropped onto the wooden floor of the guild.Β 

"Don't speak for others when you don't have the empowerment to back your faultless claims up!" Fischl placed two thin arms upon her hips. Mona shook her head, black hair whipping around from underneath her witch's hat.Β 

"I only wish to protect Mondstadt," Mona sighed, adjusting the dark blue hat. "After all, my horoscope proved this to be true"

"Oh," Fischl sneered, the dark, purple lace bow flipping against her neck. "One truly believes in the fortune of that spectrum? The stars aren't made for such conversing!"

"You take that back!" Mona screeched. "Astrology is a noble pursuit gifted to us by the gods!"

"Then why does one stay in the adventurer's guild? I'm sure a guild more tailored to your needs would suffice"

"Guys!" Bennet shouted, stepping in between them. On any other day, he'd let the two of them bicker to their heart's content. But they had finally been given a job; of course, with Bennet's luck, they had to argue like this today.

"Oh yeah," Mona cocked her head. "Because astrology is so fake. Just like your story, right?"

Fischl gasped, her olive eyes filled with hate. "How dareth thee! I’d summon the wrath of the almighty archons if you were to dare utter another word of my background!”

β€œJEAN GAVE US A MISSION!” Bennet shouted, ruffling up his crisp, close-cut white hair. β€œI’m serious, alright?”

β€œOh,” Fischl scoffed. β€œYes, I suppose we should listen to your mindless ramblings. Do speak, fellow adventurer”

β€œThank you,” Bennet sighed, ignoring Mona’s eerie glare. β€œJean said in her reports that there seems to be a new leader of that group, the Abyss order-”

β€œPerhaps it’s the Fatui playing another elaborate scheme?” Mona suggested, drawing out a thin tome. β€œWe should be cautious if we attempt to protect Momdstadt”

β€œNo,” Bennet scuffed up his boot against the wooden stools laid before him. Just his luck too; they’d been bought only a day before. β€œI just saw a buncha Fatui β€˜diplomats’ gathered at Diluc’s bar; we have to believe it if Jean said it. After all, the outriders-”

β€œThere is only one outrider!” Fischl interrupted Bennet again, slamming her lace-covered fist against the counter. A few people jumped at her odd demeanor, but they shrugged it off; the town had always been filled with suspicious characters, especially ones like Fischl. β€œThat foul miscreant, Amber, bumbles her way through far too many blunders!”

β€œOh!” Mona threw her hands up. β€œWhat is with you?”

Fischl scoffed, feigning apathy. β€œHow dare a peasant such as thou speak to the Prinzessin der Verurteilung in such a manner?”

β€œYou have denied every last claim that Jean stated! What makes you think you have the authority to do that?”

β€œOh, ye servants of the stars!” the yellow-haired teen screeched. β€œHow dare you claim such foul lies! I am the grand investigator of this adventure guild! What are thou? A humble peasant in search of money?”

β€œThat’s it!” Mona shouted, smashing her hand against the counter. Water splashed up beneath her hand in a roar for a moment, dousing Bennet. β€œI’m going, and I don’t care if you two don’t follow me! Frankly, I think I’d find it much easier without the added deadweight!”

And with that, the grand sorcerer snapped her fingers, a trail of water bolting out of the Adventurer’s guild in a dim flourish.

β€œYou didn’t have to provoke her like that,” Bennet mumbled, looking down toward his soaked shirt. β€œI mean, don’t you believe Jean?”

β€œOz!” Fischl ignored Bennet. β€œReveal thyself!”

A purple flash exploded throughout the room, revealing a large raven nearly the size of a hawk. β€œMein Fraulien,” it uttered in a deep, grumbling voice. β€œWhat would you have me do?”

β€œTake to the skies, my servant of the night!” Fischl bellowed, trying to appear grander than she seemed. Bennet only cocked his head, slumping back into his seat; it was rare to see Fischl do anything without a sense of grandiose. β€œSeek out the foul abyss order! With haste!”

The midnight raven nodded, sparks crackling from his looming wings. He took off into the sky, overlooking the sheer view of Mondstadt.

β€œI can already see the fool,” the β€˜princess’ explained to Bennet. β€œShe’s taking out a loan to borrow some equipment. Who does the imbecile think she is?”

β€œMaybe she just doesn’t want to get hurt?” Bennet shrugged. β€œOh well. At least I still have you, Fischl!”

β€œYes, it would appear I am not an apparition or trick of the light”

β€œYou know what that means!”

Bennet spun around, thrusting a pumped fist into the air. β€œBennyβ€˜s adventure team: Assemble!”

Fischl crossed her arms. β€œAre you finished with your grand display?”

The usually chipper boy hung his head low. β€œYes...”

β€œGood. Then we shall embark on our journey! To Oz!”

  • ⊱ ────── {.β‹… ✯ β‹….} ────── ⊰⊱ ────── {.β‹… β™« β‹….} ───── ⊰⊱ ────── {.β‹… ✯ β‹….} ────── ⊰⊱ ────── {.β‹… β™« β‹….} ───── ⊰

β€œCould you hand me the arrows?”

β€œSure. I just need to reach behind...”

β€œKaeya! Oh, honey... you know I’m a bit caught up with the boys these days. But, if you beg... I could mayb-”

β€œLisa!” Amber put her hand up to her mouth, laughing back. Her long brown hair shook as she sashayed past Kaeya, jumping toward the stash of weapons. β€œOh, you’re such a riot!”

β€œWell,” Lisa pat a book resting at her hip. β€œSomeone’s a little naughty, not returning their books on time”

That got a smile out of Kaeya. The dark-skinned man flicked a lock of dark blue hair from his eyepatch, brandishing a long saber. β€œYou can’t blame me for something I didn’t do”

β€œI could always check the archives,” Lisa teased back to the tall man. She shivered a little as a small gust brushed past the trio, her high-cut skirt barely covering her long, pale legs. β€œAnyway, I’m so glad we all get to see each other again!”

β€œWe’re the knights of Favonious,” Kaeya grunted as he looked down toward his elemental vision with a sense of nostalgia. β€œIt’s our duty”

β€œI’ve just been cooped up in that damn old library, that’s all!” Lisa chortled, turning back out onto the Mondstadt streets. β€œDo you think they’ll let β€˜her’ out?”

β€œIt’s hard to say,” Amber put a gloved hand up to the goggles resting on her head to stop the glare of the sun. β€œI was just gliding like normal when I saw a group of hilichurls,”

β€œThose droll things?” The older woman sneered, reaching back into her tome. β€œOh, they just want to live a normal life, sweetie! Don't you worry your silly little head about it!"

Amber shrugged Lisa's protective hand from her head. "I'm still worried. They've been forming larger groups recently and they seem to be gaining a sense of strategy. The hilichurls I'm used to are often despondent; I think the manuscript you translated was right; they must have a new ruler"

"So we bait them out," Kaeya shrugged. "Easy. If their leader is taken out, then the ranks will fall apart"

Lisa pursed her lips. 'You know, that's probably one the smartest things I've heard you say before"

"I only hope we can manage it," Amber flicked her wrist, taking out a felt doll. "I was only able to escape using a baron bunny doll. You can give the monsters orders, but it won't change their tendencies!"

"They still chase after that crude thing?" Lisa ran over to the brunette, inspecting the doll with a look on the border of disgust and surprise. "Fascinating... perhaps they seem something more in it?"

"Wow, Lisa!" Kaeya mocked the librarian. "That's the smartest thing I've ever heard you say!"

"This big girl still has some brains left," Lisa yawned, reaching back into her tome. "I can be beautiful and smart, you know!

"I've heard rumors recently of a boy trained by the old grandmaster that takes shelter in the woods after being raised by wolves. He must know the secrets of the hilichurl attack! We can get the grand inspector of the adventurer's guild to send a message to him through her infernal bird!"

The trio was interrupted by a girl with blonde hair shrieking up to the sky as a white-haired boy tripped over Mondtstadt's cobblestone streets.

"I believe that was them right there," Kaeya scoffed.Β 

"Maybe we could rely on their luck to find the feral child?" Amber suggested

The boy fell again, tripping on a thick grass-root protruding out from the side of a greenery shop. He spun around twice, knocking his head on the lamposts before being accidentally shoved into a nearby fountain by a rushing midwife.

"I'll take that as a no," Lisa decided. The goth girl that ran by before let out a high laugh.

"Is thou truly a jester meant for the Prinzessin der Veruteilung? Ha!"

The two adventurers recovered from their laughter, dashing out onto Mondstadt's grand bridge.

"That's it!" Amber pumped her fist.

"We shove them into the water?" Kaeya joked.

"Actually, yes! Jean asked for us to close the bridge, but I'm sure they're expecting that. We have to keep it open, and then push them into the water!"

"Drowning a large number of hilichurls is no easy feat," Lisa sniffed. "Are you sure of this?"

"Baron bunny doubles as a bomb," Amber explained. "Us knights will protect Mondstadt from the inside. We'll have everyone stay inside, and then we sabotage the bridge as we're all on it! After that, we glide away!"

"Not all of us can glide like you," Kaeya protested. "Plus, what's all this talk about bombs?"

"No," Lisa shook her head. "We are not doing that. Do you know how mad Jean would be?"

"We're already disobeying her," Amber nodded. "We might as well just go all the way"

"She'll be distracted while asking my brother out- I mean for him to help out," Kaeya laughed. "To her, that's the biggest problem"

"So it's really decided?" Lisa shuffled off, looking toward an attendant of the knights of Favonious. They immediately sprung up at the sight of Lisa, already eager to please.

"Send in Klee," a smile played across her thick lips as the man's face began to grow pale. "We're protecting the town our own way"

March 22, 2021 14:25

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Lol I just based it all off of memes Glad to see another genshin fan. What’s ur vision?


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Also, could you fill out my Reedsy cast t form? I’d love a fellow nerd in it, lol


Well it’s totally awesome! Can I just say β€” Fischl and Bennett are my fav. XD I’m actually a Dendro/Electro. :) You? Sure!


I’m electro or cryo... I think Fischl and Chongyun are my favorites... but Xiao and Ganyu... oop


Oh, cool! Hm... Out of the Liyue people, I actually kinda like Childe, and Xiao is pretty awesome, too. And I love Klee. Ah! I think I have too many favorites... XD


Eh... the lolis bore me. My brother has childe (I should probably mention that I don’t have the game and he does... hehe) and he does so much in the sword form, and then like only does damage with riptide in the bow form, lol


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Done! Whew! I think I put waaay too much effort into it, so, sorry. XD But that sounds like an awesome storyline!!!


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00:54 Mar 27, 2021

I haven't played/watched Genshin Impact, but I DO know the characters are hot and there's someone named Albedo that my friends are always arguing over. But onto the actual story I enjoyed it a lot! You established the conflict and the characters really well. And I. Love. Venti. Idk why. He seems like a sweet boi.


Uh, why albedo? Idk I find him bland. Yesss idk if u know the anime, but venti’s va is Kaede akamatsu (danganronpa) and Ann from persona!


01:30 Mar 27, 2021

oh cool!


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13:31 Mar 24, 2021

Eheheh sorry for taking so long to give you some feedback :< I just wanted to say that the dialogue was real good in this one :) I was a little confused on this one, but it’s probably because I haven’t watched (I think it’s watched) Genshin Impacted or whatever this story is based on. So maybe if you could explain a little bit of what was going on, that would be helpful. I’ve noticed there is a lot of dialogue that needs punctuation in the end. Next time, try going back and reading your story for those kind of errors before you submit :) I l...


Nope! It's play. Yeah, I didn't want to spend time in the instruction of the world bc it was more just fanfic. Just ask what you want in specific, bc there are about 99999 hours of lore, lol. Yeah, I know the dialogue. I try to fix it, but it gets very messy. However, I've learned different rules than some people (Like when someone speaks twice in a row with dialogue, I've learned that you don't have to put an ending quotation on the second one, but some people don't agree)


13:46 Mar 24, 2021

K got it :) Lol XD I recommend searching it up online on a trusted website to get clarification.


Yeah. I should probably stop blindly trusting free Grammarly...


14:01 Mar 24, 2021



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21:43 Mar 23, 2021

Hey, Ethan. Can I have your Reedsycast character name? And feedback for this story is coming soon :)


What do you mean? Like me in yours? It’d be Ethan but I’m kinda dumb and can’t work my brain rn to remember what ur talking about...


22:45 Mar 23, 2021

You in mine lol


Okay, lol. Then keep my name as Ethan. Idk what I put, Lol.


22:47 Mar 23, 2021

Lol ok :)


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I’m starting the next chapter with diluc, lol


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