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I have decided to leave Reedsy. With my random schedule, slow writing speed, and motivation that changes more than the cases of COVID every day, writing on this platform is not the best way for me to improve my skills and get feedback. I might as well left already, with how long I've been gone and how I faded into invisibility over the last few months. But I still want to say this: The difference between "Love with the Loveman's" (I cringe at that story—it's so unrealistic and depthless. Not to mention that I spelled the title wrong) and "Eternity" is, at least for me, astounding. I've improved a lot, all thanks to the people who took the time to tell me their honest critiques and noticings. I've made some great friends and acquaintances. So many people have helped me, talked to me, or inspired me over the seven months I was here. Thank you so, so much to all of you. I've laughed, related, loved, and smiled with you all more than I thought I would. I hope I can come back one day, but for now, goodbye. Thank you all for everything. Feel free to keep in touch at wwskybelle@gmail.com