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HEYO! FeArLeSs iN dA hOuSe! REEDSYCAST STORY! https://forms.gle/NUnLwhE2PUcuApE2A DOWN WITH THE DOWNVOTING! PLZZZ sign this petition! Thx! :) http://chng.it/KGcybXBTZP #StopDownvotingNow 🔆 Just to put it out there: I’d MUCH rather critiques than karma points. Just saying. :) I would actually love it if y’all tore up my stories. I’ve posted them other places, too, and it’s just a little embarrassing to have a blatant spelling mistake or grammatical error. XD So... Destroy them? PLZZZZZ? :D Yeah, yeah. I don’t post stories all that often. Get used to it, ‘cause that’s probably how it’s gonna stay. XD I mostly struggle in the process of writing department. Well, ideas are a bit hard, too. Oh, don’t get me wrong — I have LOTS. Just... no good ones. XD And then there’s the part about actually getting it down on paper. Or iPad. Or whatever. So, yeah. I have the drive, but no skill. XD But if you ever have an idea for a cool story and wanna share it / don’t have time to write it / don’t want to, I’m your girl! Plz share your awesome ideas with the idealess! XD Oh, and if you ever wanna be in a story, just ask! I’m planning on doing a ReedsyCast story for my tenth submission, but I still need an idea and it’s a few stories away. So I’ll get back to y’all on that. So many people list their friends and stuff on their profiles, but I can’t. Not because I don’t have any, but because I have TOO many. XD So, I’ll just say this — I LOVE YOU ALL! Anyways, I’m kinda running out of things to say. XD I may have a fun poll up sometime soon, so keep an eye out for that. Whelp, now I’m officially out of things to say. 🔆 If anybody ever wants to talk, I’m always up for an awkward convo! [[JK, JK. I’ll try not to make it TOO awkward. Maybe. XD]] Anywho, see ya around! FOX, OUT~ ʄօӼ ʄɛʀռɢʟօա - քʀօʊɖ ʍɛʍɮɛʀ օʄ ȶɦɛ ɦɨɖɖɛռ ɢɛʍ ƈʟǟռ