Thriller Adventure Fantasy

Monday morning started like any other average day. Sidney woke up, got dressed, and went to walk to school only to find that traffic was blocking the intersection. With a sigh, she began to sneak through the thin space between the cars. As she went her eyes caught something strange in the sky all the birds were fleeing passed a blackened grey sky. Blooms of strange black smoke filled the air. Sidney knows to run. She pulled herself through and began running towards the school for help. The ground began to tremble, shaking as dozens of people around her turned to dust before her eyes. With big wide blue eyes, she let out a horrified scream. Fiddling for her phone she called her grandmother to no avail there was no answer. Frantically she looked around for help, anyone with answers. She knew this would happen her grandmother had told her all about the end of days. But this was too much. 

       With her nerves on edge, the ground was still trembling. She felt around her for support and a car stabilized her as a large rock crashed down in front of her. Terrified people rushed around screaming. Others set sobbing in the corner. Though Sidney couldn't allow herself the luxury. Summoning up all her courage she steadied herself taking a deep breath, she bolted across the cracking road. Red and orange thick rocks began bleeding through the black tarry ground. Deep Interpretation fills her as she dove over a big crack in the ground. With shaking hands, she saw the school in the distance. However, all the students and teachers fled from the building, some on buses and others on foot. Fearfully she phoned her friend Amanda as the hot wind whipped around her face.

“Pick up, pick up” she prayed.

“Hello?” A shaky voice said as Jett's black hair was spotted in the crowded her blue and pink galaxy jacket helping in locating her. Sidney raced towards her 

Best friend the two shared a tender hug.

“What the hells happening!” Amanda cried in a shrill voice. Her best friend pulled her alongside a car as they crouched down to avoid falling pieces of rock. 

“I think it's the end of the world” Sidney whispered in a terrified tone as she glanced around her.

“What, how, why?” Amanda said in disbelief.

“My gran said the end was near, I just thought it was something she said” Sidney howled fearfully clutching a silver cross around her neck. The two stood there like dears caught in a head light. Until Amanda let out a ghastly scream.

“Run!” Amanda yelped, grabbing her best friend's hand dashing across the crumbling street. As the ground around them began to crack and crumble, opening around them.

”Run where!” cried Sidney As her friend pulled her down the street. 

”Gran’s church, if it's the end of the world a church has to be safe,” Amanda said with her sixteen-year-old logic.

“But that's on the other side of town!” Sidney cried, shaking her head.

”Turn on your phone map and last go!” Amanda said looking over the car at the chaotic scene that was unfolding looters and mayhem was unfolding: people with guns we're breaking in and shooting at others for sport. It was an all-out mayhem. Amanda's hand began to tremble as she squeezed Sidney's hand for support.

“See that car?” 


“Can we make it without being seen?”

“I think so,”

“Follow me!” she exclaimed dashing across as she realized her friend's hand.

Amanda made it across the long gap, then Sidney followed, they made their way by car hoping. It took a lot out of them but they finally began to get close to the church. The air was making it hard to breathe because it was thick with ash. They only had a block to go but with all the people in the streets, it just didn't seem safe. The phone began making a low buzz as Sidney's screen went out.

”Pst my phone died” Amanda pulled out her phone with a frown.

”Mines dead too, ” 

”It'll be okay, I know the way,” Sidney said trying to reassure her that everything would be just fine. Sidney took the lead diving behind car after car. Dodging every pair of eyes that looked their way. To her delight after an eternity of running the church's tall Steeple could be seen in the distance. With excitement, they dashed out into the open forgetting about the looters and psychopaths wielding guns. Bang, A stray bullet flew through the air right towards them, Amanda pushed Sidney out of the way and the two exchanged a grin until a second bullet flew by hitting Amanda in the chest. Shocked, Sidney grabbed her, dragging her back behind The safety of the row cars.

“Amanda?” She said shaking her friend who could only grunt in response. Tears flooded down Sidney’s Face that she contemplated what to do next. There was no safe way inside the church. She needed a miracle. 

    Meanwhile, while she was searching for answers some of the people causing the chaos began throwing bottles full of alcohol that was lit with rags at buildings which only increased the smoke chaos around them.  Amanda lay there bleeding out as fire and brimstone flew about around them like a scene out of a movie. Buildings catch fire as did dozens of looters. Cars that were fleeting were swallowed up by the thick red goo seeping out from the earth. The sky still flung rocks down from the heavens. The sky so thick and black the sun had become none visible. Sydney watched all the chaos transpire; she clutched her cross that had been a gift and prayed for Amanda and the others. The sky began to pour down heavy huge drops of water that put out the flames. After a moment she felt herself begin to be pulled away. towards a far of place. A pile of sand filled the place her and Amanda once stood. The sky began to calm as the rocks stopped hitting the earth, the water subsided back into the sea. Half the world's population was gone in an instance.

September 13, 2020 20:30

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03:15 Oct 13, 2020

Awesome story! It was full of beautiful description. I liked the ending a lot. Great job! :)


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Blythe Jones
03:12 Sep 20, 2020

Nice imagery ‘the sky so thick and black the sun had become none visible‘ Really set the tone for me


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Dhananjay Sharma
09:56 Sep 25, 2020

Simply beautiful. I am speechless. Kindly go through mine. https://blog.reedsy.com/creative-writing-prompts/contests/60/submissions/35763/ Looking forward to collaborate with you.


Um...why is this message pasted in, like, a dozen different stories? If you DID read them, you could personalize messages a little more..🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️


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