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I was breathing heavily.

Heard the guests talking like they had never ever met before. Mumbling, whispering, screeching, screaming and other witchcraft I didn’t know.

I waited outside before the large rusted wooden door. It had a gorgeous professional looking doorknob which was endorsed with a golden pattern. I was mesmerised. ( Weird, huh? Thought so, too.) I mean it was pretty after all, right? Of course, how stupid of me. You weren’t there. So, I stepped a little farther and hid behind a humungous tree filled with juicy, ripe, fresh green apples. They were my favourite fruit! What a coincidence.

I didn’t want to just pluck from the tree some apples like a weirdo, and I didn't want to offend the host and hostess, who invited me to a fancy party, after all. They were kind enough to even do that. (What a goody two shoes, right?)

I saw a huge, glistening limo pull up the concrete driveway. It looked so neat that my eyes almost popped off. I had never seen such a beautiful car before. The doors opened and a pretty young maiden stepped outside. She wore a long, dark blue dress with extra sparkles that reminded me of a full moon against the night sky above the roaring sea. Her hair was tied into a bun with a pearl pin, and she wore a stunning diamond necklace. I was not even gazing at it, I was thinking of how much it would cost because I’m that type of person ladies and gentleman.

She looked as pretty as a picture, I tell you. Then, a handsome lad opened the limo doors, and as he stepped of the limo, he said, “ My darling, would you care to grab the present for the young couple?” She replied with, “ Of course, my sweetheart. I am glad to do so.” He smiled gently as the lady blushed, looking away. I mean, they remind me of the perfect story book couple, princess and prince. They reminded me of high royalty. All things I hate. Yuck.

The couple glanced at me, and I was so embarrassed. My clothes would make someone to barf. Yeah, it’s that horrible. I wore a short dress with ruffles at the end. It had a pretty lace belt, and I liked it. It was quite old, because I couldn’t afford to buy a new dress. It meant extra $$$. And, it was bad enough that I had to buy a big, elegant gift as well. I wore studs, pretty boring, but the most attractive thing about my outfit was my bracelet. It belongs to my mom, and before she passed away, she passed it on to me. I still remember the exact words she told me. She said, ” Honey, listen to me carefully. DON’T EVER LOSE THIS BRACELET. It has been passed on for many generations now, and if you do lose it, I hope you keep in mind the disappointment you have brought upon yourself from your dearest mother, grandma, and great grandma. So, I hope that you take my advice and wear it to adorn yourself.” She smiled until she reached her cheekbones and said afterwards, ” Wanna go get some takeaways, sweetie pie?” Wow, mom, what a nice way to end the night after you scared me to death with your speech. P.S. I love you so much.

Following with what I‘ve said, my hair was also straight, combed neatly and parted. The husband of the luxurious looking woman gazed at me for a few minutes ( What?!) and looked away when his wife’s eyes were threatening and strangling him. Her gentle smile also faded a bit. I looked away quickly too, before she gave me the “look”. I sat on the bench, next to the apple tree and just took a few seconds to process everything. I was pretty nervous to go inside because of many many reasons: a) I don’t do well in large crowds, b) I get nervous in front of loud crowds, and when I do, hm, it doesn’t end well, trust me. C) I don’t know ANY people inside of the enormous hall. D) I was afraid that they‘d start to whisper about me. I mean I am the odd one out.

I took a few breaths and took a quick peak at the hall. Ahhh! They were soo many people inside, dressed as if they were going to attend a business meeting. I was sweating all over profusely and my brain got all mushed up, for sure. Yeah... welcome to my world good people. I got up, dusted off my gut to make sure I didn’t look filthy and I took a step forward. Then I took one backwards. Then my head went through a flashback.

Back to 2004. It was a night just like this, and as my usual self I was panting, biting my nails, moving my legs in all directions, and looked left, right, left, right... You get the idea. I was a nervous freak, and my eyes got blurry. Vision is going under attack, mayday mayday!! Yikes, my makeup was even ruined. Oof. It did not look good for me AT ALL. See, this is how my body and brains works. Anxious, cray cray, cray cray, oh wait.. did I repeat? My bad. I saw someone approaching me, oh no! This was WAY worse!

He looked at me quietly. He held out his hand, without muttering a word. I glanced at him, wiping my almost- running tears, and stared at him like he was crazy too. He smiled, and kept holding his hand out. I doubted him, but I doubted myself even more. I slowly, very slowly held my hand out too, and he put his hand on top of mine. He held it tightly and helped me to get up. ( What a stubborn girl, huh?) I smiled too, but big this time, ( corny alert!) He led me bit by bit onto the red carpet ( yeah, how fancy, am I right?), and then into the halls.

So, this time, there wasn’t any Prince Charming, but I was, well, this time by myself, and it was getting late into the party. Guess what I did? Guess, guess! I RAN... I RAN ONTO THE RED CARPET AND OPENED THE HUGE HALLWAY DOORS, BASHING MY WAY INSIDE. Everyone stared... they didn’t mumble, whisper nor screech. They just glanced... ugh.. I hate when people just glance without speaking. They all said the magic words which made me fall dead on the ground. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNE !!!“ What!! I can’t believe it! What?! Just, WHATT!!!!

May 10, 2021 17:44

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Robert Juarez
07:03 May 18, 2021

Wow I think this is a great story. what most fascinated me the most was how you laid out the plot/story. If I could recommend you something that would've made the story better in my opinion, would possibly be to change the boldness and all the capitalized words in sentences. I understand that they were put there to show the tone of how they were being used, But I think it would have been a tad bit better without it. Overall it was a great story, loved the ending.


Pahani Wijeratne
13:55 May 18, 2021

Wow! Thank you so much for taking the time to write this comment. It really means so much to me. I’ll definitely follow your advice and reduce the boldness, and all the capitalisation. Have a great day!


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