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Update: I got two new female kittens 🥺🥺 So I basically have 6 cats now... I’m basically living in a house surrounded by cats (help😂😂!) New update: Woooow!🥺🤩🙀 Thank you all so so much for the support!! I’m really happy that you guys like my stories. You guys don’t know how much it means to me when you guys like or even comment. I’m really glad that I joined this amazing family :). You all are so kind and supportive. Thanks so much, peeps! GOD BLESS 😎. 🌸🍃~Author’s Description lol ~ 🍃🌸 Hi everyone! :) Hope you all enjoy my stories... Please make sure to drop a like and comment if you’d like to. It would mean a lot! Short story writing is a pretty big passion of mine and it would even enhance my skills even more if you would all mention my mistakes. A few fun facts about myself: ✏️~ I love writing~ ✏️ -I LOVE drawing, it’s most definitely one of my favourite hobbies ever :)- ✏️-I have four cats, and I love them to the ends of the world..- ✏️-I love Elton John- ✏️-I love Reedsy- ✏️-I love cute stationary- ✏️-I love reading- Most importantly, I love pandas. 🐼❤️ My most favourite short story is probably “True Happiness at Last”. It’s because this story really engrosses in the “self worth, self-esteem, hopes, dreams etc” kind of area. I think it really expressed what I had to say about expectations vs reality ;) How do I get my inspiration/ ideas? How do I write a story?( Any planning, drafting included?) - First of all, I get my inspiration from what I’m feeling, my thoughts, my family, my friends, the kinds of Tv shows I watch, the books I read, my routine etc. Basically my life. Second of all, I never plan a story. I know this might not sound true, but the words kind of flow onto my finger tips and I just write. Writing is fun. Do I enjoy writing? YES (big one). (Currently writing a novel)... I feel so thankful and appreciative of this amazing, wonderful, creative and original platform. I feel so glad to have gotten inspiration from such talented writers. Best of luck to everyone on this fabulous journey. I’m rooting for you! 💯😊 Anyways, thank you for reading this far. I hope you all have a fantabulous day ahead! God bless and stay safe! :D🌷✨ P.S. the cat on my profile pic is mine 😂😂😂 😉