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Hi all! Welcome to my bio! Alright...I'm going to try and do it! I'm going to try and write a novel! Of course, this means that I won't be writing on here anymore, but I will definitely check in every couple of days and check out any of your guys' stories that you want me to come check out or answer any comments. If you're interested in what it's going to be about, feel free to ask in a comment and I'd be glad to tell you about it. Happy writing! I'm just another fun-loving, Harry Potter obsessed book worm out there, trying to share my thoughts through my writing and share it with people. My favorite book series include: Harry Potter Percy Jackson Hunger Games Divergent Maze Runner In no specific order, of course :) I really love reading new stories and discovering new authors on Reedsy, so feel free to ask me to come read your story and give some feedback; I'll be over as soon as I can. *** 🟡 - I LOVE this simple yellow dot! I always look forward to making my stories better, so please like my stories, but especially comment!!! Let me know how I can improve. I'm always open to everything. *** Hey you downvoters out there: I would like you to stop and think about what you're doing, and why you're doing it. What do you gain from downvoting? What good comes out of it? Satisfaction of knowing that you've been given the power to downvote, so you do it? To get ahead on the leaderboard? Honestly, if you have a problem with anything I (or anyone else you rudely decide to downvote) say or do, tell me in a comment, and we might be able to work it out like normal human beings. I will gladly forgive you. *** I normally post 1-2 stories per week, but it typically depends on the prompts. Sometimes my brain doesn't want to work and I don't get any ideas. I like to try writing different types of stories, and executing them in various ways. Please let me know how I can fix them :)