The Dare 🧛

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Fantasy Happy Lesbian

"I already told you I was going to do the dare. You know that I always do the dares, babe." I told Devon. Devon is my girlfriend and yes before you start judging me, I am a lesbian and I'm proud to have a girlfriend as wonderful and supportive as she is. Devon is 17 years old, also my age. She has long wavy sandy colored hair, emerald green eyes, slim with curves in all the right places, palish skin and she's 5 ft 5 inches tall. She's like the beach on a perfect day. And here I am 5 ft 8 inches, shoulder length curly dirty blonde hair, slim, grey/blue eyes, and a golden skin tone. We live in California where the waves can be brutal and I like to conquer those waves (surfer). While my girlfriend is like the beach it makes sense how I got her.

We're walking around the neighborhood hand in hand while looking for the perfect house for my dare. It's about 10pm and people are just going to sleep or at least getting ready. We play this game where one month out of a year we dare each other to do something but, you can only dare said person once a day and said dare can't be one that has already been done or that can be harmful to said person.

"Okay, okay but do you know the rules?" Devon asks as she lets go of my hand and points at a house.

"Yes Dev, I do. The dare is done once the eggs run out or IF I get caught. Which by the way is not going to happen and yes that house is perfect." I go and reach for the eggs but Devon pulls away.

"Mmm, nope not yet. You cannot waste all your eggs on one house. It's all about technique and strategy, Corey." Devon knows she's pissing me off because there she is with that smug ass look on her face.

"You're such a pain in the ass, you know that right?" I asked with a smile forming across my lips.

"And that's why you love me." Devon retaliates.

"Yeah, you're right about that." I said then whacked her on her rump and walked off with eggs in hand towards the house. The house is moderate in size but what makes it perfect is the open window in the front, on the left side of the door. What's going to be tough is getting the eggs over the 6 ft tall fence with my 5 ft 8 inch frame, while also trying not to get caught.

"Shit" I muttered. There was a chuckle that came from behind me. "I'm glad my struggles amuse you." I growled. That only made her chuckle more. If I keep making her laugh she'll get me caught before I even take an egg out. But damn does that laugh turn me on. 

“Babe, I can’t concentrate with you laughing. If you want to go home and make love then we can but I can’t do the dare with you laughing like that.” I tried telling her without looking like I wanted to devour her at the same time. 

“Haha! Okay, okay. I’ll try to behave.” She says as I glare at her. Then she dazzled me with her most beautiful smile. I smiled back then picked up an egg and chucked it at the window. YES! It hit the screen with a SPLAT! The yolk slid down the screen and inside the house. I threw another one and hit the screen again. This time you could see it splatter everywhere inside the house. Well my softball coach didn’t tell me I was the best player on the team for nothing.

“Okay I think we should go now before they wake up to the noise and find out that their walls are covered in egg yolk.” I said to Dev, while shaking with adrenaline and excitement. I closed the egg carton that now has ten eggs left. 

“Yeah I think that’s a good idea. You ready?” Devon asks. 

“Yup, just got to put the eggs in the bag.” I shove the eggs in the bag. “Okay let's go find our next victim.” As we walk down the street I look back and see that the lights are turned on in the house that we were just at. Well let’s just hope that they didn’t see us. 

We go to another neighborhood just to be extra safe. This neighborhood has lots of nice houses. They're all big and look expensive. 

“Ohh babe, look at that house, it looks like someone left the door open.” Devon pointed at the house that she’s talking about. 

“Wow! That’s a nice house, too bad we can’t afford any of these. Okay for this we’re going, well I’m going to have to be quick.” I told her as I got my stuff unpacked. I’ll use three eggs for this house just because why the fuck not and I’ll get the house next to it. I picked up the three eggs and tossed the first one up high at the side of the house. Just to make it hard for them to wash it off. The next two I threw at the inside of the open door. I made sure to angle them at different angles to make more of a mess. 

“This is so fun!” I shrieked then giggled. I walked over to the next house, picked up two eggs and randomly threw them. One hit the window and the other just hit the house. 

A head appeared in the window of the house with the open door. I made sure to look down so they couldn’t see my face then quickly picked everything up so they couldn’t catch me. 

“Devon, I just saw someone in the window right there” I pointed. “ I think it’s time to go.” We ran all the way back to the first house that we egged. By the time we got there our lungs hurt and we were gasping for air. 

“OH MY GOD! That was so fun. Can we please do it again? Oh wait I still do have five more eggs. Yes!” I said jumping up and down. 

“How… are… you… wait” Devon said as she’s still trying to catch her breath. She’s so cute when she’s like this. Bent over, hands on knees, hair in her face, mouth open wide huffing and puffing. “Okay, how are you able to jump after running for a mile?” She asked, still kinda out of breath. 

“How can you still look so hot after all of that?” I retaliated. I smiled at her while I walked towards her. I grabbed her and pulled her against me and kissed her with passion. 

“Mmm… That was by far the best kiss you have ever done.” Devon said while still clinging to me. 

“Really I thought I’ve had my moments with good kisses? Well before we go home and have some fun. I still got five more eggs.” I said. I pulled back to get my bag and took out the rest of the eggs. I then went up to five different houses and threw the eggs. 

“Corey, really?” 

“What? I’m in a rush here. I have a date with my girlfriend and my bed. Come on let’s go home.” I said while putting the empty carton of eggs in my bag and the bag on my back. While doing that, I saw the light go on in one of the houses. 

“Really? You gotta be kidding me. UGH!” I complained.

“Oh shit, that’s the first house you egged, babe.” Devon stated. Then we started to walk faster but then I saw a person open the door to the house that she was just talking about. I faded out of sight. 

“HEY! Young women stop right there, the police are on their way!” There was a woman standing in front of the house that I egged. Well shit that’s gotta suck for Devon. 

“Aw shit! I ain’t goin’ to jail today.” then Devon ran. I started to run to catch up to her. When I did I swooped her up and ran as fast as I could. 

“Babe, really y’all left me there lookin’ like a fool.” Devon tries to search for my face but I’m still invisible. 

“Sorry, babe. You should have seen both your faces. You should have seen the woman's face when I lifted you up. I think she may have had a heart attack.” I started laughing so hard I almost dropped Devon. “I still did the dare technically because I used all the eggs and didn’t get caught.” I said as a matter of fact. 

“Yeah, you did but I didn’t think y’all would go invisible and leave me standing there.” Devon pointed out. Yes I have powers. I’ve had them ever since I was little. Don’t know exactly when they happened but I kinda just got used to living with them. Sometimes like this they come in handy. 

“I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you when we get home, I promise babe.” I said trying to comfort Devon, also while fading back into sight. I walked back to our house with Devon in my arms staring up at me with so much love in her eyes. I smiled back.

“I love you.” 

“I love you too.”

May 17, 2021 17:06

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Chloe McLellan
13:26 May 24, 2021

Thank you! I really wanted Corey to have powers so I made sure it fit in and made sense at the same time.


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Crystal Lewis
09:00 May 23, 2021

Wait, what? She can turn invisible? That makes so much sense... But what a bomb drop at the end hey


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