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"Mommy, this is crazy but fun!" The youngest, Charlie tells his mom while playing mobile legend. His oldest sister and father just laugh at him.Teasing.

There' s no place as happy as living in harmony. No fights instead just having fun. Full of love and memories.

They are Ichon family, living in a nearby Alona beach resort somewhere in Bohol , Philippines. They don't know the announcement of having a blackout since their parents are busy in their work and they are in school. When they arrive from their tiring and usual day, they are surprised why there is no light. The two kids are just smiling thinking what to do while the electricity is not working yet.

John, their father, goes to the corner where the rechargeable light is located.

"It's good that this is still full charge." His face is brightly smiling.

Their mom goes to the kitchen to cook for a light dinner while their father helps her to make it more faster because they are all hungry. He takes the Korean style pack noodles and boils it all for a couple of minutes. Her mom gets the butter and kimchi in the fridge- if they want to put something on the wheat bread and in their noodles with siomai. They just eat on the table with a bit of tell tales. Charlie, the youngest asks his Dad if they can have an adventure. His mom is so confused if why he has that idea.

"Where do you want to have our adventure, Charlie?"

"Mom, in our backyard!"

Ha? Are you sure?" Her mom is wondering how.

"Mom, Dad, and Pilar, it's very exciting then, isn't it?" 

"Charlie, I know you, you are so naughty. Now tell me, are we having tent to use?" Pinay butts in.

"That's so easy Pilar. Dad has two tarpaulins left from his campaign before. We should use it both. Instead of going somewhere why not staying in our backyard having camping with a bonfire?" It is more safer right?"

The three of them just looking with other because they are so amazed of what Charlie is suggesting. 

They get the tarpaulins in the stocked room-- a bit dusty but Pilar and her mom clean it all thoroughly. Chuchay, their dog also enjoys what she sees. Seems she wants to help by licking the stuff for their semi-adventure while the power outage is not back yet. 

John gets the firewood at the dirty kitchen and starts to make a fire. Then they help each other to build a tent. Resourcefulness is the key and they finish it with a wow faces. Charlie smiles with delight seeing what's just in his mind a while ago. Pilar gets the extra four pillows in the beddings' cabinet and gets Chuchay's bed too. Her mom gets their blankets as well. 

Before they go inside. They have their star gazing. Charlie and Pilar ask about the objects in the glimmering sky. They have different colors and others have crucifix and rosary shapes. Pilar wish that she could see a falling star so she could  make a wish: a covid-19 free world. While Charlie tells them that he really wants to be an astronaut like Neil, Michael, and Aldrin. He continues to tell them that he is so curious of everything up in the wide space.

The fire continues to its orange colored light while the ashes are carried away by the autumn air and they are already inside. It's already ten o'clock in the evening and the darkness doesn't work because of the shining and burning fire that gives them light. Chuchay doesn't want to sleep yet.

 " Maybe she is looking for an aircon because there is fire outside and she will feel uncomfortable?" Pilar tells to Charlie while the dog is like listening at them.

Their Dad takes the electric fan and the extension cord in the living room and puts it inside the tent. That 's the moment their toy poodle goes inside.

" You are naughty and clever little doggie, you exactly know if it's hot." Chuchay just wiggles her tail of amazement while Pilar smiles ear to ear.

The breeze blows gently up to the Ilang -ilang flowers and jasmine in the backyard. Its smells are perfumes in the night. They are like dancing to its tune while the whole family is inside chit chatting till they are already sleepy. Charlie still plays his game while her mother hugs his Dad. Pilar also puts the poodle on her bed.

"This is amazing! I've never been to such kind of adventure mom!" He looks at her mom and kisses her. 

'You are still a child, but you are curious about everything."His mom embraces him and Pilar goes to her and hugs her too and her Dad. 

"Mom, please move a little ," says Pilar.


My feet are almost on the grass, maybe crickets or mantis will bite me", she laughs.

Charlie calls Chuchay and tells her that she should be the security guard and she seems understand Charlie because she barks.

When they are already quiet and only the noise of the molave firewood is heard, Charlie stealthily goes out. He takes his white blanket and put in on her head going to his toes. He walks outside and goes to where Pilar is sleeping. He touches a little the tent and enjoys himself doing that to scare his sister.

Inside, Pilar feels the moving tent right there from where she sleeps and she sees a shadow. She cries. He wakes her Dad. 

"Dad, there's a little ghost outside but why Chuchay never barks?"

 Butch looks for Charlie on her mom's side but he is not there. Then the shadow is still there standing.

"Charlie, there's a real ghost outside, it's at your back only.

Nobody answers.

Charlie really laughs and laughs but he's covering his mouth because he feels that her sister is so scared.

"You never change Charlie. I know you." That's why you want this because of your plan?" Pilar tells him.

A lil later, he goes in and boisterously laughs! I am just kidding you Pilar!"

He teases his sister.

It's almost twelve midnight. They fall asleep with with so much happiness in their hearts. Chuchay looks at them perhaps thinking if only she could take a photo on four of them in that not that big tent with happiness and wonderful dreams until the rays of the sun hit their faces.

"What a marvellous night! I love it! I want to have blackout later." Charlie yells. 

Her mom stops him and tells him to eat his breakfast because they have to go to school early.

But Charlie continues to talk: Mom, promise me that after this pandemic we should go for camping at Chocolate Hills.

"Yes, baby! Come inside and your breakfast becomes cold and stale.

That is their adventure.

Unforgettable. Eventhough that they are like fish sardines inside because it is too small for them, they sleep and bond each other with love and harmony. And that's the most essence.

September 07, 2020 08:51

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08:33 Sep 17, 2020

'Comments' have stolen my thunder! As the title says it 'keeping it simple'. The story merely catalogs what the family does in the backyard. There should have been something more happening to make it interesting.Substance must come out of the imagination.' For critique circle.


Warrior C
10:13 Sep 17, 2020

Thank you so much for dropping by Sivaram. Yeahh , you are right. I have to try my best next time hehe. Keep safe.


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Princemark Okibe
16:59 Sep 16, 2020

Your story is filled with such nice emotions of love and family and comfort. I enjoyed it. I do have some edits: 1. I think you meant 'They are the Ichon family,' instead of 'They are Ichon family,' 2. They didn't hear the announcement about having a blackout 3. ...That there is no light. Or ...when there is no light. 4. Faster instead of 'more faster' 5. Incase they want to put something on the wheat bread and in their noodles with siomai.


Warrior C
21:54 Sep 16, 2020

Aww, thank you so much Mark for this. I really appreciate it. How I wish I could edit it and change those errors of mine. Super duper thank you once againg and stay safe 😊


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Warrior C
11:14 Dec 26, 2020

John looks for Charlie...*


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Warrior C
01:37 Sep 13, 2020

John gets the firewood in..* Pilar wishes...* ...Pilar butts in.* Sorry for my typo. Gosh I didn't notice it! Sigh.


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