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Author bio

Princemark Okibe is an idealist who dreams of a utopian world but has realized they are going to be boring as hell so he doesn't care anymore. All he wants is for humans to value one another. During the coronavirus pandemic, in the early days of August, he read 'The Great Gatsby' for the first time in his life and was touched by the author's skill. He vowed there and then that he would be an author. In this frame of mind, he began learning how to write and discovered the reedsy community. He is a newbie writer but hopes to keep improving every day and maybe one day, he will publish a novel. His writing goal is to publish a novel and he doesn't think he can ever stop writing. He is passionate about fantasy and is absolutely committed to science fiction. His hobbies are playing table tennis and of course reading stories. He admires Charles Stucker who is of course his reedsy role model. He believes Charles contributes a lot to the reedsy community with his priceless edits and suggestions. He also enjoys Zilla's consistent quality and Abigail's writing style and unchallengeable versatility.