The Ruined Dinner Plan (Part 2 of: I don't think we've met)

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She looked at me scared, but then I remember her, replying that she is sorry but doesn't know who "Nancy" is, or me, or anyone.

We all sighed heavily.

But I was still horrified by all the things that had just happened.Β 

I mean, how could Nancy just...forget everyone?

Why did it have to be such a terrible accident?

All these questions keep circling my brain as if it just is stuck to it. I am still in shock.Β 

I couldn't believe it...

Nancy, she...she won't remember all the good times we shared?

I looked at Amanda, and I could tell that she was pretty upset too. After all, I am not a heartless man! If my best friend couldn't remember me, I would be pretty upset too.Β 

"So, is there any way she can be cured, or anything like that? As a matter of fact, will she ever return to a normal condition?" I asked the doctor.

He looked down at the floor, and I could tell that he hesitated to answer my question. I was going to expect the worst.

"Her accident, this's a bit rare. But it does affect the brain a lot. So, I am not completely sure about her being all fine, and just like how she was before, but please don't lose hope. I am not saying that she cannot be cured or anything, but let's just hope that she will. Alas, that is all we can do. She will need some space as well, so it would be good if you all left. I need to ask her some questions and do more checkups. But I appreciate you two taking the time and caring about your friend over here." he told us and signaled for us to leave.

I felt sad for her too. I mean, just imagine how confused she must be feeling, sitting in that bed, trying to understand what everyone is doing, might just be too much for her. If I was in her condition, not going to lie, I would feel pretty overwhelmed too.

Poor Nancy, I hope she'll be fine.

"Hey, George, dude, I appreciate you for coming on time. I couldn't just sit here listening to everything the doctor was gonna say! Honestly, I wouldn't be able to handle all that information, so it was nice of you for coming here." she replied.

"Hey, no problem! It was the least I could do anyway. But, where do you think her parents went?" I asked her.

"Oh, she told me a couple of days back, obviously, before the accident, that her parents went on some kind trip? She said they won't be back until a couple of weeks later. But, I tried to call them, saying that their daughter was admitted to the hospital after an accident, but they didn't pick up the call."

"Both of them?"

"Yeah, I'd figured that they were probably in some conference or some official meeting, so I sent them a text. Hopefully, they read it."

"Yes...hey, Amanda, do you think...well, that she'll know, fine?" I stammered when asking her. My anxiety problem kicked in.

"Well, nothing is in my hands now, so I don't really have a clear-cut answer to that question. But...maybe? I just hope she'll be ok. We were planning a girls' trip, with us and a few other friends. All of us were going to camp overnight, but I guess...well, none of our plans worked." I knew that she was very sad.Β 

She looked down at her shoes and tried to fight her tears from coming.

"Well, if it makes you feel any better, my plans got canceled too."


"Well, yeah. I was going to...well, how do I put this? Let's just say, confessing my love to her. I had the ring set up, and everything." my face was red.

"Aww, that is heartbreaking news, George! Oh no! But, I heard these doctors discussing, well this happened before you came, that maybe, you know...she can be cured...if she spends time with a therapist. I know that you want to become one, you have been studying and took degrees for all that, so maybe, if you can convince the doctors...she can visit and try to recollect all parts of life she missed every week?" Amanda suggested to me.

Now I knew why she was so popular...and friendly.

"Oh my god! Thank you so much, Amanda! I...I don't know how to thank you! I would love to do that! Thank you so much!" I get all jumpy and excited and rush to the doctors to settle our plan.Β 


One year later...

Well, to be honest, working with her for the first few weeks was a pain in the neck. Sometimes, she would be pretty annoying and start acting like a little child. But soon, after she remembered about our little "thing", I felt that she was interested in continuing our relationship again.

I was thrilled.

Today, I had invited her to a fancy restaurant, looking (orΒ tryingΒ to look) handsome. I dressed up very professionally and was ready to meet her again. Finally, we could make things go back to the way they were.

As I reached the restaurant, I was surprised by the way she dressed. On her head, there was a "Sophia the First" crown, some wand, and she was dressed in her PJ's. The NancyΒ IΒ knew was never like this.

Then suddenly, she asked me an awkward question, "Umm, Mr. George, why does your hair look like you just dipped your head in a bucket of oil?"

"I put hair gel, you know? everyone does when they are meeting for a daβ€”"

"Mmm, I'm quite surprised. I feel like you look...a bit weird."

I was angry, but I didn't show it.

"Well, why are you dressed like you just got out of bed?"

"Because I just did! I set an alarm in my Alexa, and she did her job! I woke up exactly on time. I forgot to brush my hair...though I think it looks pretty good."

"To me, it looks like your hair was caught on a tire! It's so tangled!"

"Can you just keep your opinions to yourself? You're my teacher! You should know that!"

Ugh! Why won't this girl get it? We were here for a dinner, not for a two-year-old's birthday party!

"You know what? I'm sorry, I can't be your husband. After the accident, you changed."

"Well, me too! Also, can you give me twenty dollars?"

"Why should I give you twenty bucks?"

"NotΒ bucks...dollars! Jeez, you're some teacher all right!"

"They mean the sameβ€”whatever. Why?"

"Cause I wanna get myself a pizza, some fries, and milkshake."

"Umm, we didn't have to come here for that! You could just go to Burger King or KFC!"

"Since you brought me here, that's the least you could do! We did come here for dinner, didn't we?"

"Oh my gosh...FINE! Here are twenty bu–I meanΒ dollarsΒ and eat whatever you want! I'm outta here!"

"Ha! Thanks! So, should I come next Monday?"


"Ok, bye!"

This dinner wasΒ veryΒ surprising for both of us, and I'm not gonna make the same mistake. I was done with her. Time to go and eat some salad for dinner.

~The End~

February 16, 2021 21:37

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Zilla Babbitt
01:01 Feb 19, 2021

"She looked at me scared, but then I remember her, replying that she is sorry but doesn't know who "Nancy" is, or me, or anyone." --> "She looks at me, frightened. But then I remember her telling me she's sorry, but she doesn't know who Nancy is, or me, or anyone." Good dialogue, and you do a nice job of showing his frustration with her. I could really feel his emotions and sympathize with his irritation. However, I think he's pretty insensitive to her... he really loved her once, but he's just going to literally dump someone with a low men...


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Riya Das
08:36 Feb 20, 2021

Wonderfully written! Loved it;)


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Kristin Neubauer
18:19 Feb 19, 2021

Poor George and Nancy! Like everyone else, I liked the writing/pacing/dialogue of this .... and, even though it had a sad ending, I appreciated that. I feel Like most stories would have ended with with Nancy remembering something or the hope of it working out in some way. But the fact that yours didn’t made it so much more creative, interesting and memorable. Well done!


Thank you so much for all the kind words Kristin! It really means a lot, coming from such a great writer like you. <3


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Zahra Daya
17:21 Feb 19, 2021

Oo, yes I really enjoyed reading this story. I felt like the pacing was good, as was the length. The dialogue was also pretty good. One thing for improvement would be to include more emotions and descriptions. I think this would really enhance the story. Very well done!


Ah, just the beautiful comment I was hopping for! Thank you so much Zahara for the feedback and the critique!


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03:29 Feb 19, 2021

Talk about a date going south! Loved the characters, the dialogue, and the ending. Keep those stories coming!


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20:03 Feb 18, 2021



19:12 Feb 19, 2021

Do you want to know the meaning of it. Yes or No.


15:29 Mar 11, 2021

Its...just... to hard to tell but i guess i should. I am not am adult


15:30 Mar 11, 2021

I AM A kid


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Asha Pillay
18:54 Feb 17, 2021

Very engaging and also you use lots of direct speech in your stories which makes it interesting to read.


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Mango Chutney
22:04 Feb 16, 2021

Haha.. Good one.. And wow .. looks like you have submitted for all 5 prompts? You write so much and soooo well...! What is your writing process ? I would love to learn more :D


Thank you so much! Oh yes, haha, I did! I wrote back to back this week! Because I didn't have school on Friday and this Monday. I would love to tell! So basically, I find some days to write my story, and do it in one sitting (it's the EASIEST and BEST way to avoid procrastination). Like, for example, I tend to be free on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, so I write stories on those days, and don't give up until I finish one. The brainstorming process comes pretty natural to me, because that lets me know that the prompt...


Mango Chutney
03:07 Feb 17, 2021

Oh Awesome.. Thank you so much for sharing :) You definitely are very talented ..!


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You know...I just felt like extending the part for this, because it didn't end the correct way, but now it does! Hope you liked the (funny) plot twist! Thanks for reading! :)


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Polly R.
13:10 Mar 25, 2021

wowww! zilla covered pretty much everything but gorgeous story


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