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Hello, Reedsy Writers and Readers! I'd like to introduce myself. The name's Trina and I'm a mother of four, grandmother of two and an author of several short stories and one book. Manic Wars is about a unstable woman who is excessively punished for a bizarre crime. It's a great read for those interested in mental illness, especially the manic side of bipolar disorder. *************************************** Montreal is where I was born and raised. Two of my four grown children live with me and a furry baby of the feline variety. I studied accounting and journalism but after being put on disability, I decided writing is what I wanted to do the rest of my life. ************************************** Favourite song: Spanish Train Favourite movie: Burlesque Favourite meal: Shepard's Pie Favourite colour: Red or green Favourite book: Stephen King's IT Favourite quote: Let it be. *************************************** All critiques are welcomed and appreciated. *************************************** Happy reading!!