The Mortifying Dare

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Fantasy Thriller Adventure

The date is Friday 13, 2013, the most unlucky day of the most unlucky year. We always meet up on Friday the 13 of every year, but this year I was hosting. Already shivering, I mean it was December but still, I was inside. At about 6:00 pm I unlocked my doors and flung them open for the annual Truth or Ultra dare parties. People started to come almost immediately, with their overnight bags and all-black clothing, which was needed for the ultra dares they get so intense. After most had arrived, we all sat down in a circle, Matthew went first, “ Mary, T or UD??” Mary had quite a bit of social anxiety so here’s what she said shakily “u-uhh t-truth?” Matthew had a VERY sly look on his face, “ who do you want to kiss in this group”. Now when I tell you she blushed, OH MAN, she looked around, then with no hesitation, she said “You, Matthew”. After many rounds later Danycka asked “ Zoe, truth or dare?” I needed some action, this is MY party so let’s be risky. “Dare” When I said that She cackled the eeriest laugh, I almost peed. “Sleep in the cemetery… We will see you in the morning.” Before I knew it they had me shoved in the car on the way. With all the bad things that can happen, I was startled, to say the least.

We had finally arrived, to sum it up they shoved me out of my car into the 23-degree weather. As I walked around, I got the feeling of being watched, so out of instinct, I spun my head a full 360-degrees. Nothing. “Hmm,” I said aloud. As I previously mentioned it's 23 degrees, and I’m in my PJs. “well if I’m stuck here until morning, I might as well explore.” I whisper to myself. “Sure” I hear in response, frightened I respond with “h-huh?” all of my friends left, I saw for myself. As I continued walking I felt Icy fingers grasp my shoulders, Panicking but something in me just wouldn’t let me move. I only had to stay here for approximately 15 hours and 32 minutes and 54 more seconds, 53, 52, anyway! WHAT THE HELL JUST GRABBED ME! I finally managed to turn around and face whatever this thing was and there it was……………...

I was so frazzled, I thought it was just a tree but then it grabbed me then I knew I might not be going home tonight. Death has always scared me, it's something I’ve never wanted to think about, even though I’m 19 I’m still scared. 

The glowing eyes stared at me and the last thing I remember was the thing that picked me up and it went black, I’m not sure if I passed out or if I was in a sack of some sort. Then what little light there was, began coming back as I fell onto cement with a thump “oww” I muttered. “ I am Gorgomer the Grave Stalker, You are who you are?”. 

As I began blinking I came into eye contact with Gorgomer, “Z-z-Zoe-e, Zoe Ann Lindsey.”. As my eyes explored I quickly realized I was in a cell, in some sort of building. “ What Bring you to grave bring you here why?” Gorgomer creepily asked. “ Well, I was at a party with my friends, and they-'' he cut me off “I didn’t ask for your life story I simply asked why you intruded onto my territory and summoned me?..” “s-summoned you?” I stumbled with my own words. “YES, STUPID GIRL! YOU WALKED UPON MY GRAVE! YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS! YOU DO HAPPEN TO LIVE IN THIS TOWN! CORRECT?” “YES I DO! NOW STOP YELLING BEFORE I KNOCK YOUR TE-'' I knew I couldn’t even lay a finger on him, he definitely could punch me but I’m far too weak to do the same. “ Go on weakling Zoe” “FIRST OF ALL DONT SPEAK TO ME IN THAT MANNER, SECOND I DONT HAVE TO TALK TO YOU YOU KNOW WHAT? I PLEAD THE FIFTH! AND RELEASE ME NOW!” “silly, silly, girl, you think I must listen to you? Do you think they can kill me with their big guns? If so your MIGHTY stupid.” “W-well I just kinda hoped you would release me from this smelly place,” I muttered, my confidence summiting. He had just simply walked away, without a word just his noise from his feet *squish, Stomp* repeatedly. I quickly lost track of the time, as my phone had been taken from me, by guess who! Gorgomer, what a weird name for such a terrifying beast. 

“Zoe…. you must not have heard………” muttered a voice that seemed to have come from the cell across mine. As I squinted to see in, I saw a very thin person who looked starved near to death. Oh….My….Gosh… “Heard what?” was all I managed to spit out without pure worried pouring out of my words like a river of emotions. “The ceremony. Whomever he dislikes the most will discard of. Nobody has escaped so don’t even try, as you would end up wasting our last breaths.” The voice once again muttered somberly. “Well first of all who are you second of all I will escape doesn't matter how hard you try to stop me. Lastly, your door has a key in it, try to reach it and slide it over to me, as it will probably unlock my door and we can escape together. The second we get out we should get you some food before you look like a thin little raisin” I said smiling gently to light the situation. “Annie. I am Annie” She said, feeling a little more confident. “Will you let me out too?” I heard a boy-sounding voice say in the cell next to mine. “What is Your name? I won't leave you here either.” I said gently trying to calm him as he sounded worried. “My name is Amor. It means Cupid. Don't ask, my mom, picked.” Amor muttered, sounding almost embarrassed by his own name. “I think it's pretty. Annie key please? Amor you find anything helpful in your cell, please. I am sure you heard our plan.?” Annie nodded and Amor whispered something it sounded like yes but I’m not sure. Annie had grabbed the key while I studied Amor. He might have been recently sucked into this mess he didn’t look as thin as Annie yet. ~clink~ the key hit my cell bar! “Annie you did it!” I said loudly. “ I uh... Found a box of matches!” Amor said more confidently than previously. “Put them in this bag” I tossed him my satchel I had on my back with my gun which I could've used moments ago when a giant monster snatched me. But that’s in the past and we're gonna escape! Maybe…

I picked up the key and tried to find the lock. “Got it,” I said as they worriedly looked at me as if I couldn't do anything. Rude, I had gotten it in my lock and was beginning to turn it! “TURNING!” I yelled. I quickly covered my mouth realizing what I had just done, quickly turning the clock keeping the door shut I threw the key back to Annie and she was skating trying to put it back in the lock when we heard *squish, Stomp* *squish, Stomp* *squish, Stomp*. Knowing that was Gorgomer we all quickly washed the joy from our faces and scooted into the darker corners of our cell. Mine and Amor happened to be the one next to our cell window, which was bars but whatever let me imagine. He reached through the bar and grabbed my hand! I mean he is pretty kind. I had an urge to wiggle closer but it would be too clear to Gorgomer that we had talked. I was gonna slap Danycka, Matthew, mary ALL OF THEM SHALL FEEL MY WRATH! Ok, I'm going overboard fine, but I’ll be VERY mad. Gorgomer peered into the cells smirking and walked off *squish, Stomp* *squish, Stomp* *squish, Stomp*. “He's gone.” Annie cleared us to continue. I jumped up and flung open my door and grabbed the key from Annie’s door, unlocked her, took it over to Amor unlocked his. 

We were out but where to now? Gorgomer went through the only door I could see! Amor leaned into my ear “ We have to go through the tunnel'' My eyes were as large as eggs, “Tunnel? What tunnel?”. Annie glanced at him and gave him that ‘she’s so dumb’ look. I gave her a quick glare to represent that I knew what she meant, “I didn’t mean to offend you with my eyes” she said sarcastically. I simply nodded my head. Amor alerted us “We should find a plan, and tell her the tunnel.” he said gently. “In the cell next to mine, Somebody else was here and dug out that night. We lost Quincy and…..” she said as her voice faded. “Hello There,” Gorgormer said breathing over my neck, “RUN!” Yelled Amor as he ran towards Quincy’s old cell. I latched on to Annie, she was too weak to run and began running with her on my back, we both were crying out of pure terror. Gorgomer almost caught us when Amor slammed the door, Gorgomer locked it, cackling “Now you're in a cage once again” not realizing it was Quincy’s old cell. He walked off cackling with a *squish, Stomp* *squish, Stomp* *squish, Stomp*. We quickly lifted the run to find a dug-out tunnel, I am assuming Quincy had made her escape through. It was big enough for a sewer to run through. We all jumped down the hole which was lacking a ladder.

“Annie? Can you walk?” I said to her as gently as I could. “Perhaps..” she said mockingly, I crouched down and she dropped off. We began walking down a creepy tunnel, under a bed, in jail, in a cemetery. GREAT PLAN HUH! I need to calm down I know, I know, I just wanna get home, sleep in my bed, without a giant monster lurking near me. I was in the depth of my thoughts when I ran into a wall. Amor ran over to let me know we had turned and to make sure I wasn’t dead. Annie on the other hand was chilling on a rock nearby, not a care in the world if I lived. Even though I made sure she wasn’t. “I’m ok indeed” I assured Amor, Passing a glare to Annie. (P.s. I had found my phone once again.) I felt my pocket to be sure I hadn’t dropped anything when I felt a vibration and ~bing~ “just a sec guys' ' I grabbed my phone to see the time was over and I should be leaving about now and a text from the crew’s group chat! DANYCKA HAD DARED TEXT ME! Granted she had no idea she had handed me over to a demon. I pulled it out quickly and responded ‘ In a demon's den I’ll have to get back to you later ’ to which she responded ‘ 😳 loser ’. I shut off my phone and focused on escaping not my snot-nosed friend. Amor grabbed my satchel off the floor and we marched on. Annie had fallen asleep in this mess. “ Hungry Chicka?” I said as I passed her tossing her an energy bar. She ripped it open and ate it as if she hasn’t eaten in a year. She quickly decided she wasn’t grateful, for it as she ran up to Amor muttering “Amor dear, she is trying to get between us, we should hit her over the head and leave her! ” Amor was stunned, almost so much that he fell over he stumbled with his stutter saying “N-NO! W-WE MIGHT L-LEAVE YOU HERE TO R-ROT!”. I jumped in with Amor grasping his hands so he didn’t fall, if he did I’d catch him. But then he didn’t fall but ANNIE PUSHED HIM! Because I didn’t estimate to be being hungry and weaker, cause I couldn’t stop him and myself from falling in the muddy puddle we once stood in. I was angry, might be better to say fuming rather than just mad I stood up and bulldozed Annie into the wall. I struck her across the face, she was so weak she fell over and blacked out. Amor stood up and began running to the scene, but to my surprise, he ran to ME! He grabbed the cookie from Annie, ate it, and continued down the tunnel. “Amor! You know she’s out, right?” I questioned with concern, “Indeed, I do.” I ran after him and finally caught up to him. I glanced back to where Annie was, only to notice she wasn’t there. Somebody with long wavy hair and Gorgomer was


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This one, overall. I like it the most!


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Thanks, Emeroni!


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Neri Sompanos
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Thank you for taking time out of your day to read my story! It's an honor to have my book out to the public for all to enjoy.


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