Fantasy Fiction

Thatโ€™s the thing about this placeโ€ฆ

This communityโ€ฆ

This cityโ€ฆ

These people...

Theyโ€™re like me.

I knew there were others like me. I knew I wasnโ€™t the only one. But thereโ€™s still one question I haveโ€ฆ

What about my past?

I never wondered much about my past. I would sometimes have vague memories here and thereโ€ฆ voices, places, peopleโ€ฆ


I donโ€™t remember my father. I donโ€™t remember my mother much, either, but I do remember her wings. So large and grey and white, like mine. She would wrap her wings around me, sing to me lullabies about freedom and flying in the sky and leaving all of your worries behind.

Whenever I hug my own wings around me, I can almost feel her loving touch, keeping me warm and safe andโ€ฆ

I was interrupted by the sound of someone walking into the room. Her purple hair peaked out from behind the leaves, her usually yellow eyes a light blue shade.

โ€œHey,โ€ said Celeste, walking into the room, revealing her purple and yellow wings. She fiddled with her celestine necklace. โ€œI just wanted to say that Iโ€™m sorry for what happened. I was just trying to help. I guess I was just trying to prove to Zoe that I could help because Iโ€™m a healer like them andโ€ฆโ€

She sighed. โ€œIโ€™m sorry.โ€

She hesitated, then turned to leave, but before she could disappear behind the leaves, I called out โ€œWait!โ€

Celeste turned, her thin antennas twitching in the air.ย 

โ€œIโ€ฆ I forgive you.โ€ I smiled. โ€œAt least Iโ€™m not allergic to pollen.โ€

Celeste smiled as her eyes returned to their normal yellow. โ€œYeah, at least you arenโ€™t. Itโ€™s not just any pollen, though.โ€

She reached into her bag and pulled out some of the yellow dust.

โ€œItโ€™s a special pollen that I got myself from the flower fields, not too far from here.โ€

She put the pollen back into her bag.

โ€œI have healing abilities through the pollen. Thatโ€™s why I blew it on you. Zoe and Felicity have healing abilities too, except Zoe uses her feathers and Felicity uses her plant powers.โ€

I nodded. Iโ€™ve never known much about small talk or conversations, or even socializing in general.ย 

โ€œWellโ€ฆ it was nice to meet you,โ€ said Celeste as she turned to leave.

โ€œIt was nice to meet you too.โ€


โ€œ...and the food here is SO good, they have it specialized for your animal part!โ€

I followed Celeste into the buffet. She grabbed some bags labelled Butterfly, then grabbed some labelled Eagle and handed them to me.

โ€œWe used to have meat and all of the other foods that your animal part would usually eat, but after a protest by those whose animal parts are common prey, we devised a way to make food that tastes like what you want, but doesnโ€™t smell or even look like it, so it doesnโ€™t make all of the prey people nervous.โ€ She winked at me as we sat down at an empty circular table.ย 

I pulled out several containers labelled meat and berries, then pulled out a small, clear, squishy ball.

โ€œOh, thatโ€™s water,โ€ said Celeste, noticing my confusion. โ€œYou just break the plastic film with your teeth and drink the water.โ€ She popped her own water bubble into her mouth.ย 

I hesitantly placed the strange clear ball into my mouth, then bit down on it. Water filled my mouth as the thin outer layer dissolved. Smart.

I opened the container to find a strange brown mush inside of it. Celeste was enjoying her own in a container labelled nectar. I spooned some of the brown mush into my mouth, surprised by the sudden taste of meat. I didnโ€™t really recognize it, but my harpy eagle part did, and it was delighted. I spooned some of the brown mush from the other container into my mouth, sighing as the taste of sweet berries danced on my taste buds.

โ€œGood, right?โ€ asked Celeste. I nodded, my mouth too full to speak. I used to eat nothing but old, disconfigured lab rats and the occasional worm, but thisโ€ฆ this was heaven.

I was so busy eating, I almost didnโ€™t notice the person walking up to me. Her pale skin made her light red eyes stand out, her black hair littered with streaks of ginger. She had a grey and black tail that reached the floor, her animal ears large and prominent. Bits of grey and black fur covered her arm, becoming more and more dense as it got closer to her hand. Her smile, revealing two abnormally-sharp canine teeth, was brighter than any I had ever seen.

โ€œYo, Celeste!โ€ called out the girl, sitting down next to her. โ€œHowโ€™s it going?โ€

โ€œPalak!โ€ exclaimed Celeste, setting down her food. โ€œWhere have you been?โ€

โ€œOh, just out and about, causing mayhem, you know me,โ€ responded Palak.ย 

โ€œHopefully not too much,โ€ teased Celeste, playfully punching Palak on the arm. โ€œOh, Palak, this is Harper. Part harpy eagle.โ€

โ€œHowโ€™s it going, Harp?โ€ said Palak, reaching out her hand. โ€œThe nameโ€™s Palak. Hyena, in case you couldnโ€™t tell.โ€ She smiled her million-dollar smile, seeming to dim the sun in comparison.ย 

โ€œNice to meet you,โ€ I said, reaching out my hand to shake hers.ย 

โ€œWell, I gotta bounce. Iโ€™ll see ya, Harp. Catch ya later, Celeste.โ€

โ€œSheโ€™s nice,โ€ I commented after she left.

โ€œYeahโ€ฆ oh, we gotta introduce you to the gang! Come on!โ€


Weโ€™re all sitting in a circle, basking in the afternoon sun. I recognized a few faces: Celeste, of course, along with Felicity and Zoe.

โ€œEveryone, this is Harper,โ€ said Celeste. โ€œHarper, this isโ€ฆ everyone.โ€

โ€œWow, great introduction,โ€ said a girl sarcastically, clapping her hands.ย 

โ€œHow about you do it then?โ€ snapped Celeste.

โ€œGladly. Iโ€™m Varsha, and this is my brother Luke. Youโ€™ve met everyone else already.โ€

Varsha and her brother were both very similar. They both had crystal blue eyes, pale skin, sharp canine teeth, and claws. Lukeโ€™s brown hair almost looked black, silver streaks peeking through. He had a bitten off wolf ear and a shaggy silver tail, both streaked with bits of black and white. Varsha, however, had light blonde hair and white wolf ears and a tail with not a bit of grey or black.ย 

โ€œWhat kind of animal are you?โ€ asked Luke curiously.

โ€œLuke!โ€ exclaimed Varsha.

โ€œNo, itโ€™s okay,โ€ I said. โ€œIโ€™m a harpy eagle.โ€

โ€œHarpy eagles are one of the most dangerous types of birds there are.โ€

Everyone stared at Celeste.

โ€œWhat?โ€ she asked. โ€œI did my research.โ€

โ€œRight, I forgot Celeste is a nerd,โ€ commented Zoe, rolling her eyes.

โ€œHey!โ€ shouted Celeste, tossing some leaves at Zoe.ย 

โ€œOh, wow, Iโ€™m so scared! Sheโ€™s gonna leaf me to death!โ€

โ€œThatโ€™s it!โ€ shouted Celeste, rising from the ground. โ€œYouโ€™re going down!โ€

โ€œJust try, slow-poke!โ€ Zoe giggled as she stretched her white wings, escaping from the ground and into the blue sky. Celeste followed after, leaving a trail of pollen behind.

โ€œHonestly, I canโ€™t tell if theyโ€™re friends or enemies,โ€ said Luke, shaking his head.

โ€œWhy not both?โ€ asked Varsha.ย 

โ€œThose two, they act like sistersโ€ฆโ€ commented Celeste. โ€œFighting one minute, acting normal the next. Honestly... Felicity, whatโ€™s wrong?โ€

I looked up to see Felicity standing up and staring ahead, her large black eyes dilated in fear.

I followed her line of sight and went pale as I saw a small army dressed in black and red in the distance, a strangely familiar flag of a spider being held up as they marched straight towards us.

March 15, 2021 19:21

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Phoenix Langston
21:13 Apr 29, 2021

Oh, yes, another cliffhanger. I should've known. ๐Ÿ˜† This was a good way to introduce the other Adapters. Palak's character is really cool, and I love the overall dynamic everyone has: mixed with the right amounts of harmony and sarcasm. Time to go see what happens next!


Phoenix Langston
00:23 Apr 30, 2021

You've already done quite a bit of "living up" as it is, lol! But I can't wait to see what other cliffhangers you could possibly have in store.


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THE CLIFFHANGER- I love the humour and personality in each of the characters, you write them super well :))) BRAVOCADO!!! ๐Ÿฅ‘๐Ÿฅ‘๐Ÿฅ‘๐Ÿฅ‘ (sry for all the puns XD) ~ Amethyst


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18:12 Mar 17, 2021

Can I be in here? Wait, did you already put me in here? I'm confused.


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Palak Shah
18:23 Mar 16, 2021

Thank you so much for including me; it was amazing to see. I loved my role and I adore this series :))


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Valerie June
22:16 Mar 15, 2021

I love how this series is turning out! I only got a quick sneak peek at my character, but I already love him and thereโ€™s nothing Iโ€™d want to change yet. ๐Ÿ˜Š I admire your close attention to detail, especially the part with the prey in the buffet and the water bubble. ๐Ÿ˜‚ I also like how you describe the characterโ€™s physical appearance, personality, etc. little bits at a time, leaving readers to want more! Each part you end it on a great note, and Iโ€™m super excited for the next part! (Also, I just want to congratulate you on writing, so far, tw...


tysm for the feedback I'm so glad you like your character! Don't worry you will be featured more ha ha just did an intro this time ;) Yesss lol I was in a writer's streak (idk what other call it lol) so decided to pop off as many stories as possible lol


Valerie June
16:45 Mar 16, 2021

Yes! I saw that you posted two others, I'm going to check them out as soon as possible. I love reading your stories! If I have time this week I'm planning on posting two more stories (I hope I can do it.) :D


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WOW!! Loved my part:) LOL great workk! I adore this series so much! Can't wait for part 4!


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OOh and the plot thiccennsssss I love how it keeps getting more and more... dynamic? Like all the characters have their own time to shine and do everything. It's kind of interesting to see the matching of everything coming together. Great job!


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One thing- โ€œThose two, they act like sistersโ€ฆโ€ commented Celeste. โ€œFighting one minute, acting normal the next. Honestly... Felicity, whatโ€™s wrong?โ€ Celeste? Don't you mean- Idk XD- BUT OH WOW THANK YOU SO MUCH THIS AND 2 WERE GREATTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT Also me and Ivy I-


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jhvjvfhgfhg cliff hangerssssssssssssss they're killing meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee gaghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh off to read pt 4:DDDDDDDd


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