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Friendship Fantasy Adventure

After four weeks of tossing and turning, I finally made my decision. It was time to wake up from this everlasting dream, and determine a winner of this horrific war. Either him or I stood a chance, and he thinks we are together on this. Are we? I’m not sure.

We had come together from the Northern Realm to, well, the land of everything damned. Euphoria. Now, it may sound like happiness and wonder but it’s all fake. Full of fake people and emotions, but here we stand. The only reason we are here is because I was summoned from the Realm to the Grove. There I was informed of the journey that lay ahead. A journey of betrayal and perfidy that, only in the end, determines who will become king or queen or whether our friendship lasts. 

I was told I must kill Gavin and reserve my rightful throne before the Winter Solstice. Though this is not the most difficult decision I’ve made, it is only difficult because he is my "best friend". Yes, I have other friends, they said, but we have a bigger secret that's worth more than this world’s weight in gold. 

The Winter Solstice being less the four days away, no decision has been made.

“Cassian,” Gavin said in a soft tone, “What is wrong with you?”

He seemed extremely worried and a bit scared.


It was in that moment when every memory we had, great, and dreaded, fluttered back into my dark mind. We have had so many wonderful adventures together as Gavin, the son of a nobleman and I, the son of the “Overlord.” 

My father is conspicuous in a way of recruiting people of lower class and making them noble, just for his own fandom. That's how I met Gavin when we were only 3. Instantly we bonded and later in our teen years, we grew even closer. Emotional closer.

The reason I have been commanded to destroy my friend is tradition, according to the Scrolls of Mandate, that were created many centuries ago by the Fathers of Fiat. These scrolls state that the first born son or daughter of the “Overlord” must kill the one nobleman that raises the highest amongst all the rest in his court in order to claim his or her throne because of what happened so many centuries ago. If then that nobleman dies it moves to his first born son. That just so happens to be Gavin. This tradition was banned three centuries ago, but my father ruled in favor of bringing these old ways back.

As we walked through the city of Euphoria, my mind raced with the future of what was going to happen if I killed him or if I didn't. What would become us after the Winter Solstice? This is a question of unknowledgeable intelligence that will soon be given to this world and myself. 

“Prince Cassian,” someone shouted in the distance.

“Clare?” I responded with a perk in my voice.

“ Yes it is me.”

Clare was a courier that worked for my father. She was the nicest and most sarcastic person I have meant.

“What are you doing here?”

“I have a message from your father. You both are to return, to the Realm, with me immediately.”

“Why?” Gavin deemed.

“He said you know Cassian.”

We walked to the stables and arose on our horses, along with our goods from our stay . As the castle grew closer my heart raced with trepidation. They knew not of what was to come and I could feel the tension suffocate me as we rode.

We slowed our horses to a walk right before reaching the Realm’s gate.

“What is this about?” Clare whispered.

“Don’t worry about it,” I responded quietly, “Same goes for you, Gavin.”

The gate split into three and we were in. As I rode through, the cold air spoke in alarming vibrations and directions. 

“Stay here.” I said.

I almost ran to my father’s headquarters. I straightened my back and fixed my hair and continued inward. 

“Audrey. I see you have found your way back,” my father claimed.

“Yes, we have. What is the meaning of this calling?” I responded.

“ What do you think? Three days! Three days until you sit here and you have yet to kill him! What is the meaning of THIS defile! Audrey, he must die.”

“Why? Why must we call upon the times where this was the answer? For three centuries, 300 years, 5 generations of Rulers including yours, nothing happened! Kingsle never defied you! Why do you wish this upon his son? Why can’t you just see Gavin as you saw his father?”

“Because he is evil Audrey!”

“ What makes you say that?”

There was a pause.

“Well come on tell me father!”

“You will kill him. You are our best warrior and the best daughter. He will be gone by the Winter Solstice. No! He will be gone in your Awakening!”

“Damn you, you old fool.”

At that point I rushed out as if my life depended on it. My father’s voice pounded in my head with a ‘You must’ every time I stepped. I looked up to see Clare and Gavin wandering down the hallway. All I desired, in that moment, was to fall in Gavin’s arms and tell him everything, but he didn't even know about my father's decision on the illicitness. Not a word could be spoken. They both glanced up at me.

“Audrey! It’s you! IT’S YOU!” wailed Gavin, “You can’t be seen like this!” 

I looked down to realize I was no longer Cassian. I bared plates of steel no longer but a dress. I was Audrey. I was the person I was born as. 

“MOM!” Clare said as she ran into my arms.

It was true. I am Audrey, daughter of the “Overlord,” and a mother.

When I was born, my father expected a boy to take his spot but I was born instead. In order to not be ridiculed by his royal court, noblemen, and the whole world, he gave me an amulet that would keep me a son as long as I kept it on.

My eyes grew as large as the sun as I scoured the floor searching for the vivid amulet. 

“Here you go,” said Clare.

 I snatched the necklace from her shaking palm and thrust it back onto my neck and once again I was Cassian.

“What happened?” questioned Gavin.

“Nothing of importance. Now let’s settle in shall we?"

Two days later as I was preparing for the Winter Solstice, there was a knock at my door. Before even opening it half-way, Gavin burst through twisted around and locked the door. He circled back around and stared deep into my eyes as if he had seen a ghost.

“You’re going t-to kill me?” he muttered.

I looked at him in awe. 


“You have to KILL me?”

“No, I don’t have to kill anyone. My father seems to think I will but, I don’t know.”

“You don’t know? So there’s a chance tomorrow when you take his place I might be executed? What about our daughter? Will anyone ever know?”

The fact that I considered it was disgusting to me. Speechless is what I was, but I heard the wind. It spoke to me once again. I walked past Gavin to the open window. The sky was bashing with blue and red and, the wind made the shutters shake and sent chills throughout my body.

“It’s alright,” Gavin spoke,”You do as you must.”

“Under no circumstance will there be anyone being executed tomorrow!”

“But you know it’s the only way you will sit on that throne. It’s your father’s rule. Why would you sacrifice it all to save me?”

“I don’t know. I’ll see you tomorrow and don't tell a soul about this. It is not to be known among the public. Whoever told you, say the same.”

The door slammed and the air settled down.

Today, after four weeks of tossing and turning, I finally made my decision. 

I dressed in all white, sword by my side while my father awaited me in the throne room. Clare and Gavin sat in the front row of the ceremony. Clare in a purple dress that I once wore, and Gavin in his blue and yellow suit which was only worn by noblemen. 

I walked slowly to my father's side at the throne. He rose and faced me. 

“My son,” he announced “are you ready to accept the responsibility of what it takes to be ruler of this inordinate land?”

“Yes father.”

I glanced into the crowd. Clare reached and gripped Gavin's hand. Tears filled both their eyes, as the Awakening went on.

“As my right as Overlord, I resign from my throne. I deem my eldest son the new ruler of this world!”

The crowd arose in cheers, wails, and whistles, as my father placed his crown upon my head and I could hear it once more. The wind. It grew stronger and stronger until finally the doors or the balcony blew open. It startled everyone.

“It is an outstanding honor to accept this crown,” I said, “but I'm afraid my father has lied to you all.”

I reached up to my neck and tore the amulet from it. The crowd sat in an awe state. The room fell into a deep silence

“I am Audrey, Daughter of Kenelm, Mother of your fellow courier Clare Kingsle, and your new Ruler. At my birth my father was ashamed of me, and hid me under armor and this amulet for 36 years, but not now. On my eighteenth birthday I fell pregnant with Gavin Kingsle's child. As your rightful ruler I promise the truth.”

Gavin stood and so did Clare. 

“Guard! Bring to me the Scroll of Mandate!” I screamed. 

As it arrived in my hand, I summoned Gavin and Clare to stand next to me.

“This scroll was banned by my ancestors three centuries ago and my father reinforced it. With the authority of your “Overlord,” I forbid it.” I said as I held the scroll over a candle. The scroll lit and dissipated into ash.

We three stood in front of a crowd baffled by the truth, and Gavin still standing.

November 07, 2020 23:42

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H.L Whitlock
19:30 Nov 22, 2020

Like the premise and how it resolved. I would like to have seen a reaction from the main characters father the overlord when she took off the necklace. I was also curious as to what would happen when she revealed herself the story earlier suggested that she would not be allowed to rule. I was half expecting the main character to put the necklace on Gavin so he could go into hiding. the build up to the necklace was nice, I genuinely thought she was a guy at first.


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