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Hello, It's good to be here! I'm a former counselling student, former trainee teaching assistant, former art student. Current carer and multiple lockdown survivor (thank you England!) I wanted to give myself a challenge and use my (multitude of) time in lockdown productively, so I've made a big step for me and not only started writing, finally, but sharing my writing too! It's my first go at doing anything like this and I'm really excited! (And more than a little anxious!) I've always enjoyed reading fiction. I especially appriciate fiction that can combine a good sense of humour with something heavier hitting. My bookshelf will always have a Terry Pratchett book on it. My NaNoWrMo profile: https://nanowrimo.org/participants/h-l-whitlock I recently entered NYC 2020 microfiction competition, for anyone else who's on their forums here's a link to my round one submission: https://forums.nycmidnight.com/r1-g116-romance-one-way-from-pound135_topic37563.html I just got vocal! https://vocal.media/authors/helen-louise-2p3l0s065e Thanks and take care :)