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Hello, It's good to be here! I'm a counselling studies student from the North East of England who is more than a bit of a bookworm. I wanted to give myself a challenge and use my time in lockdown productively so I've commited to doing at least one Reedsy prompt a week and this November I'm having a go at NaNoWrMo. It's my first go at doing anything like this and I'm really excited! (And more than a little anxious!) I've always enjoyed reading fiction. I especially appriciate fiction that can combine a good sense of humour with something heavier hitting. My bookshelf will always have a Terry Pratchett book on it. My NaNoWrMo profile: https://nanowrimo.org/participants/h-l-whitlock I recently entered NYC 2020 microfiction competition, for anyone else who's on their forums here's a link to my round one submission: https://forums.nycmidnight.com/r1-g116-romance-one-way-from-pound135_topic37563.html Thanks and take care :)