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Adventure Fantasy Romance

Ranger and Jasmine stood in front of their house embracing each other. The rain pounded down on them. Lighting lit up the sky and thunder boomed louder than it ever had before. ¨We should probably go inside¨ Jasmine said, shivering as a big gust of wind blew. They quickly went inside. A few minutes later they heard a loud knock on the door. Ranger and Jasmine looked at each other. Who was at their door this late in the night? Soon the knocking became pounding. It seemed like the door would break under the pressure. Ranger jumped up and opened the door. A man with a black cloak and hood stood in front of the door. His unnatural white eyes stared at Ranger. ¨I am traveling. I have no place to stay. May I stay here?¨ he said. Jasmine came up behind Ranger. ¨Of course you can. Come on in¨ Jasmine said without a second thought. Ranger gave her a look like she was crazy but moved out of the way of the door. Jasmine led the man to their couch and told him to sit down. ¨I will go make you something to eat. You must be hungry¨ she said, rushing to the kitchen . Ranger sat down on the rocking chair across from the man. ¨What is your name? Where are you from and where are you traveling to?¨ Ranger asked the man. ¨My name is Fang. I come from the depths of hell. Where am I traveling? Well, I have not decided yet¨ the man replied. He took his hood off revealing his striking white hair. ¨Hell? Ok, what are you on?¨ Ranger said. “Of course, you do not believe me. Most mortals do not” Fang said. Jasmine came in with a tray of cups of tea and little cakes. “Help yourselves” Jasmine said as she sat the tray down on the coffee table. Fang reached out and got a cup of tea. It  was very hot since it was just made but that did not seem to bother him. He finished the tea quickly and grabbed a cake. Jasmine sat down and studied Fang for a little bit. She found his unnatural white hair, white eyes, and white pale skin weird and a little creepy. Ranger asked Jasmine if he could speak to her real quick in private. She said yes and they went to their room and closed the door. Ranger told her everything that had happened while she was in the kitchen. “You are right. There is something off about him. We will kick him out first thing tomorrow morning since I already said he could stay the night” Jasmine said. Ranger did not like the idea of Fang staying overnight at their house but he respected his wife’s decision. They went back to the living room. Fang was not there. “Where did he go?” Jasmine asked a little panic. “I do not know,” Ranger said. Jasmine and Ranger started searching their house looking for him. Ranger was looking in the kitchen when he heard Jasmine scream. Ranger ran as fast as he could to Jasmine. He found her lifeless body on the guest room floor. It was too late. Fang was nowhere to be seen. Ranger screamed as loud as he could in agony. Then he fell by Jasmine’s side and wept. He was in shock as he grabbed his phone to call 911. Officers immediately headed over to his place. He told the police officer everything that had happened over the phone. They were still not there yet. Ranger waited anxiously for their arrival. A few minutes later he heard heavy footsteps behind him. He turned around quickly and saw Fang. Ranger was angry but also fearful. All of a sudden Fang’s eyes started glowing the color of the sun. He screamed as if in pain then collapsed. Ranger stood there in shock. Behind Fang was a woman who had the same facial features as Fang. “It had to be done. Someone had to put an end to him, '' the woman said. Fang’s body turned to ash. The woman kneeled down next to Jasmine’s body. She crossed her hands on Jasmine’s heart. An orange light engulfed Jasmine’s body. The woman brought Jasmine back to life. Ranger hugged Jasmine and then kissed her. He had thought he lost her. He thanked the woman. Then the woman disappeared. Ranger and Jasmine had no idea what happened and no explanation for it but they were glad and grateful for each other. Ranger told Jasmine what happened while she was dead. Ranger called the cops. He told them that someone broke into their house and threatened them then all of the sudden collapsed and was dead. The police came and asked them a few questions. The police took Fang's body for an autopsy. Ranger and Jasmine learned Fang was a serial killer who the police have been hunting down for years now. It was a scary thought thinking about how they welcomed a cold blooded killer in their house. If not for the mysterious woman who saved them they would both be dead. They were both grateful for this woman and wished they could see her again to thank her. They also wanted an explanation for what happened. Over the next couple of years the incident was forgotten. Ranger and Jasmine were inseparable. One day they went on a trip to Tasmania. Ranger and Jasmine went to tour a museum. Ranger recognized the tour guide’s face. It was the woman!  Ranger quickly whispered to Jasmine about it. He said they would wait after the tour to speak to her. A red hair wig covered up her white hair and green contacts covered her white eyes. Ranger almost didn't recognize her. They learned a lot of different interesting things about Tasmian. Soon the tour was over. The couple rushed over to the woman. “May we speak to you in private?” Ranger asked. The woman looked at them confused but said led them to her office. “What do you want to talk about?” she asked. She did not recognize them. “You saved us from a stranger a few years ago and brought back my wife. We wanted to thank you. We were also wondering if you could give us an explanation for what exactly happened” Ranger said. She looked at them in surprise. Tears started to well up in her eyes but she held them back. “Yes, that was my brother, Fang. I loved him but I could not just let him go on killing people '' she said. “Why did you not stop him sooner?” Jasmine asked. “I tried but could not find him for a long time,” she replied. “What about the powers? How did you do that? Why did your brother’s eyes glow?” Ranger asked. “We are werewolves. We all have different powers. My power is to heal. Fang’s power was speed. When we die all the light inside of us comes out and fades through our eyes” she said. Jasmine and Ranger were shocked. They never believed in this kind of stuff till now. “I believe we never got your name,” Jasmine said. “My name is Xena,” she said. Ranger and Jasmine were facsited at the information they found out. “Thank you for saving us and telling us everything. Your secret is safe with us” Ranger said. Ranger and Jasmine left. They stayed for a couple of days in Tasmania and went back home. They carried the secret with them their whole lifes. They never told a soul. 

June 04, 2021 20:11

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Charli Britton
21:00 Sep 15, 2021

That was really cool. Nice writing, I liked the setting.


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