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*NOTICE I will be semi inactive as the summer continues. My grandma was just diagnosed with cancer and it is untreatable and she has six months to live. I will be with her most of the time, so that doesn't leave me with a lot of time to write. Apologies I should probably mention that I am female. Charli is kind of a gender neutral name, although I think Charli without the E is a bit more feminine? So for those of you who might have been wondering, I am indeed a girl. Sooooo hi! I am an aspiring author, and all I love to do all day is write, write, write. If I'm not writing, I am reading, or talking with my friends. Speaking of friends, follow and read Monica June's work. She is my best friend. :) My (pen name) is Charli Britton. I love it. Pen Names are so fun. Little reminder to like and comment(comment is obviously preferable). Nothing makes me more happy to see that little yellow dot! I sincerely hope you read my stories, or at least pretend to read them by liking them. :) I appreciate comments soooo much! District: 2 Hogwarts House: I always thought I was Gryffindor, and every quiz online said so. But then I did the Pottermore quiz and apparently I am a Hufflepuff. Patronus: Aardvark Faction: Dauntless Another (completely random) thing you should know about me, is that I'm an emotional writer. I write what I feel. I would appreciate when you comment if you could let me know how my writing is and if it made you feel anything because my goal is to really get that emotional point across. If your wondering which of my stories to read, I have to say I recommend "Slaughtering Silence" and/or "Luminescence" I also love "Lavender Memories" But obviously I want you to read all of them. ;) Thanks guys!