How to sometimes say ‘no’ to your editor – An interview with Gale Winskill

say no to editor

Our 9th #freelancerfriday interview: “It does really worry me when authors take every suggestion that I make and implement it. I worry that they don’t believe enough in their own book. An author should always feel they can come back and say “I hate your suggestions but I accept that my original doesn’t work.” That’s healthy and that’s good. They can understand why you’ve made the criticism, but can then go away and find their own solution to a problem.” Gale Winskill is a great editor. She offers the full set of editorial services, with a portfolio proving experience in an... View Article

#FreelancerFriday #8 – Ellie Clarke, Editor

Editing mistakes

“For a first-time author the process can be quite illuminating. For the author to have given you their work, and for you to have made alterations and made sure that they’re happy about it, you’re the second-closest person to their project. It can be quite great – especially if you know you’ve done a good job and that the client is happy.” Ellie Clarke is an editor based in the south-east UK. Ellie is something of a polymath, offering services for every step in the process, from ghostwriting through to proofreading. You can enjoy our conversation below. – What kind of... View Article

Author Interview #1 — Jane Davis

Jane Davis - Interview

We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing some great freelancers from inside the industry. And while we’ve learned a great deal about the practicalities of writing, we were left wanting to hear from the other side of the creative process – the writer themselves. Well, good news everyone! We’re now going to be featuring interviews with some of the indie author scene’s established darlings and rising stars. We’ll be talking about how it feels to be at the vanguard of the movement, what they’ve learned getting here, and how they make it work. Our first interview is with Jane Davis, author... View Article

Are data and sales publishing’s driving forces?


Reedsy was at The Frankfurt Book Fair this year. The conferences from the self-publishing program were interesting, but often too short to really dig into details. Luckily, I had registered ahead of time for a panel that went almost unnoticed thanks to poor programming; by Saturday morning, most of the trade visitors had either left or were too exhausted to reflect on the state of the industry with any wit or coherence. Porter Anderson, journalist for The Bookseller’s Futurebook and Thought Catalog; Orna Ross, “indie” author and founder of ALLi; and Marcello Vena, founder of All Brain, a publishing consultancy,... View Article

Press Release: Reedsy opens to authors on Monday October 13th 2014

reedsy background

“The best editors, designers, and marketers no longer work for big publishing companies. Instead, they are striking out on their own and working as freelancers,” says trader, investor, writer and entrepreneur, James Altucher. The richness of the freelancer landscape is no secret, but many don’t understand the true impact of having so much talent, so easily accessible: authors can now achieve the same level of quality they would get with a traditional publisher, without sacrificing royalties or creative control. Navigating such a wealth of freelancer talent can be daunting; how can authors meet the quality demands of their audiences and... View Article

Patience: The modern author’s lost virtue

In our last article, we enumerated the different qualities successful indie authors usually have: they’re great writers, entrepreneurial-minded, good at marketing, etc. But here’s one quality only a select few possess: patience. The rise of self-publishing has brought with it the decline of this all-important virtue. There always seems to be a rush—to write, to get the next book out, to sell it. We’re in the pre-ordering, pre-promoting, pre-emptive stage of publishing. And if you’re like us, racing against the clock is starting to feel preposterous. Even established writers are ruled by the clock. Let’s consider Hugh Howey’s website: the... View Article

Press Release: September 2nd 2014 – Launch of Freelancer Profiles

Reedsy Professionals

LONDON – 2/9/2014 Self-publishing startup Reedsy officially launches today! Reedsy is excited to release to the public the first version of its website, progressively inviting editors and designers to join their marketplace over the course of the next 48 hours. Increasingly, authors are realising that publishing professionals don’t just work at the big publishing houses. This is what is making quality self-publishing possible. But where can authors find them? How do they know who they’re working with? That’s where Reedsy comes in. It helps authors collaborate with expert editors, book designers, marketers and translators to take their books to another... View Article

#FreelancerFriday #7 – Yari Leon Suarez, Translator

Yari Leon Suarez offers translation services between English and Spanish. Yari has worked in a variety of genres ranging from technical translations to translating poetry and literary fiction. Yari is also a fan of Charles Bukowski, which is maybe the best quality any person could possibly have that makes you think “I want to know more about this person.” Enjoy! – REEDSY What’s the biggest difference in moving from technical translation to literary translation? YARI LEON SUAREZ You work longer! *laughs* When you translate a creative piece, it takes longer because you have to work closely with the author, more... View Article

#FreelancerFriday #6 – Tom Sanderson, Cover Designer

tom sanderson

“What I’m interested in about book design is how when you get a project and a brief, you’re very much a visual problem solver. You’re trying to turn a load of words, a manuscript, a blurb, an idea, into a visual package in the most interesting and pick-up-able way. Each cover is different – they may look similar in some respects, but the way you approach them mentally is quite different.” Tom Sanderson is a designer based in Brighton. He’s created book covers for just about every demographic imaginable, from children’s fiction through young adult to adult fiction, commercial and... View Article

#FreelancerFriday #5 – Robert Falcó, Translator


“You have to almost be the ideal reader of the original. You have to really understand it, you have to be in the author’s skin. You’re thinking ‘Why have they said that?’ or ‘Why does that character talk that way?’” We met Robert Falcó at the London Book Fair last year. Robert runs the Wider Words project with his business partner Ana Alcaina. They concentrate on helping self-published authors translate their work for the Spanish market. Robert has been a translator for fifteen years, translating over 100 books for authors as prominent as Ken Follett and Stephen King. He’s the... View Article