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What's the secret to more exposure? Get out there and show people some love! There are so many great writers on here, even the ones who don't win or get shortlisted - and so many things worth reading! Take a minute, go to "Contests" and click on the 2nd one down on the list. Check out some stories that interest you, upvote and comment. You will meet some great people and get some good feedback on your stories, as well, by making people aware that you are out there, too! Good luck! :) Bonus tip if you are new: Contests aren't won on upvotes. They're nice to have, but just keep doin' you and don't get discouraged! The judges here take the time to read and individually vote on all of the stories, regardless of likes. :) (...but if you're here to entertain, be entertained, practice your craft, and hang out with like-minded individuals... you win every week! :) ------------------------------- I'm still experimenting with different styles and themes, trying to find my niche. I realize that not everything's going to be a hit, but I appreciate your feedback, regardless! Prefer to critique in email? It's firstname.lastname@gmail. Thanks! Also: www.ToastedWry.com ------------------------------- All my stuff is © 2023 for time and all eternity or whatever usually goes here, so step offa my intellectual properties!

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