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Author of 7 books…the first earned a gold medal from Readers Favorite. Still wondering if that was because it was good or judges decided anyone who could write a memoir about incest deserved it 😂. Since leaving my first job as a high-school English teacher after 7 years, I’ve worn so many hats I need a new hat-rack. Now, in my retirement, I’ve coached memoir writers in live workshops but currently spend most of my time doing paid book reviews for 2 reputable online websites. I love encouraging other writers in their aspirations, and now, thanks to Reedsy Prompts, I am finally writing again after a 7-year hiatus. What is it about me and 7 year cycles? 🤔 About time I found the courage to do what I tell others to do i.e. just write! At 77 years of age, I hope I have 7 years left to do that! By the way, though I am a book reviewer, I do not take on reviewing books by friends or writers I meet here. That’s an uncomfortable undertaking, plus it requires time I don’t have. So please don’t ask me to review your books. Let me just enjoy your wonderful short stories on Reedsy. Thanks for understanding 😉 Instagram: viga_boland