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Am not skilled in writing but I am very good at imagination so am hoping I get voted for sooner.love p There will frequent updating of my bio🤗. Update for this week😍. Today's date:25/03/2021(for remembrance 😁) I have nothing much to write, just few things I've learnt in the last few weeks. Am not really much of a reader, instead I prefer listening. But recently I discovered that it was that am not a reader but I just haven't figured out which genre of book I loved to read...is it romance,thrillers, and so on. I loved to read that at times but I realized now that I love reading motivational books and the writers I got interested in reading their books are: Robert Kiyosaki-Rich dad Poor dad(very interesting book to read, highly recommended 😘) Napoleon Hill- Think and grow rich(you won't regret reading it😍). And if u have a come across the books I bet u really loved them. So coming to a conclusion, all am trying to bring out is that, you might not be really good at writing in some specific field like romance and you feel like you are not good at writing, no, it's probably because you haven't find the genre of book you are interested in, so my fellow writers, readers, let's not relent in discovering our talent and also we can build up our selves in areas we're not good at. So that in the end we'll be proud of what we've written and accomplished 🤩. Stay tuned to my next bio update. Am sure I'll definitely have more motivational books to recommend. If u haven't read those two books above 😔 u're really missing. And please I'll love it if you comment on my stories so I could know my flaws.❤️💓💕💖💗 P.