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 "There's still someone in there Nathan, but she said she's not coming out until she find what she's looking for".

 "Shit I'll go in now, take that woman to the ambulance so that they can take care of her". After watching James pulling the wounded woman towards the ambulance, I started running back into the building.

As I got into the building, I started shouting in case she might hear me. As I got into an office, I saw a woman in her early twenties choking as she was trying to grab hold of the table in front of her so she could stand up.

I ran towards her and knelt beside her holding her head to my chest, "are you okay miss". 

 "Help...me..i...need...that...file"she said coughing.

"What file miss, I need to get you out of here now, I said carrying her in a bridal style. She tried to struggle out of my hold but I was much stronger than her and she was already weak due to the smoke. Immediately I got us out of the building the front door collapsed restricting any entry in and out of the building.

"Phew that was a close one," James said when I went to meet him.

"So what was that all about, why didn't she want to come out" he asked me.

"She said she needed a file under a table but I didn't let her say more before I carried out of the building" I told him.

"Hmmmmm that's weird, it could be something very important for her to risk her life looking for it". He said.

"Well that's none of our concern, the police are gonna take care of that". I said as we both started moving towards our van.

"Is everyone in and ready to move back to the station" our driver shouted.

"Yes sir" we all shouted and the van started moving.

   Back at the fire station.

"Sir Nathan, your attention is needed in the chief's office" his secretary said.

"Alright I'll be right there in a while" I told her and she winked at me.

Miss Gabriella has on my nerve since I started this work two years ago. She has eyes for me but I didn't like her the way she liked me. She was just a normal co-worker to me but everyone knows that she has a thing on me. 

I entered into the chief's office anxiously, I have no idea what he wanted to say.

"Nathan ummm your attention is needed at the hospital. While the police are questioning the survivors of the fire outbreak that we rescued. The lady that is the personal assistant of the owner of the company said she won't open her mouth to say anything until she meets the person that got her out of the fire and that's you"He finished.

"Alright sir, I'll just get going now". I said and left his office.

 Katrina's POV

 I woke up this morning to find myself on an hospital bed, and everything that happened the other day came back rushing into my memory. "Shit" I said to myself, I couldn't get that file but what if that guy that took me out of there actually did 

Suddenly the door opened and a nurse came in along with some police officers.

" Hello Miss Katrina", one of the police officer greeted me."we are here to ask you few questions concerning the fire outbreak yesterday, I hope you don't mind us doing that?" He said.

"No I don't mind but I need someone to come here before I can say anything" I said boldly to the officer.

"And who could that be" he asked me


"The man who saved me from the fire". 

Nathan's POV

 An hour later, I got to the hospital l, and asked the receptionist for the direction to that lady's ward.

I got to the door, waited for like five seconds and I opened the door, coming face to face with officer Ryan. We had met during one of our rescue mission some months ago, he was the one handling the case and it looks like he's also involved in this one.

"Good morning ifficers" I greeted both of them. Turning to the lady on the bed,I gave a slight nod to her which she responded to with a smile.

"You are summoned here because the beautiful lady on the bed wants to talked to the man who was her hero"officer Ryan said sarcastically.

"Am flattered Ryan" I said smiling

" Thanks for the compliment officer,...ummm but I need to talk to this man in private" the lady said.

"Sure miss, we'll be right outside in case you need anything or he tries to make a move on you" he said smirking and leaving with his partner.

 "umm I wanted to ask you if you took the file I said" she said.

"What file?" I asked confused

"I told you that I needed the file under my boss table, did you took it or not" she asked.

"No I didn't"I told her. I was quite annoyed at her, she couldn't even say a thank you to me for saving her life.

"Ok I need your help then" she asked.

"And what could that be"I replied.

" I need you to get that file from what they recovered from the fire".

"And how am I supposed to do that" I asked her

"All you need to do is to go to the recovery office and asked for the things they recovered from Golden builders ruin".

"Wait why am I the one to do this" I asked clearly confused.

"Because majority of us that survived are in the hospital" she said.

"But what's my gain if I manage to get the so-called file" I said.

"You get to date me for one week after am being discharged"she said smirking.

"You don't seem like a celebrity for me to want to date you, though I have to admit that you are very attractive" I said smiling.

"So will you help me sir" she said.

"It's Nathan, miss Katrina" I told her.


"I will help you. So how do I recognize the file". I said 

"YESSSS"she shouted. Thinking in my mind, what does she really want from this file. And she looks quite pretty when she shouted.

 "The name of the file is 'silence'. it is about the project that we were suppose to get,but our rivals pulled some strings to get the project. That file has all the gambling deals of their boss father before he gave the company to his son. So that it will prove their inability to carry out the work effectively"she finished.

"Ok, but wouldn't that be like trying to put them down in other to get up by using their past?"I asked.

"But that's just the simple truth, they are in debts and they wanted this project in other to cover up for those debts. And the project is not just any ordinary one, it's that of the government" she said.

,"But what use is it if your company can't take the project since it has been burned down"

"Well,they discovered that we have those files, so they threatened to burn us down if we try to bring out their secrets. The memo they use to send their threats was also attached to that file, so that's y we really need to get that file back" she finished.

"Ok I'll see what I can do about it, goodbye for now miss Katrina". I said turning to leave.

"Nathan, just call me Katrina and thanks for saving my life. I owe you a lot for that and now too" she said.

"It was my duty and am looking forward to our date" I said smiling and walking out 

"Officers have a nice day" I said walking past them.

"And you too Nathan" Officer Ryan shouted before they walked back into her ward.

  Two days later

 "Hello Miss", I greeted the lady in charge of keeping recovered files. Am here to retrieve a file from those that are recovered from Golden builders".

"And who are you sir" she asked 

"Umm am the boyfriend of the PA of the company's boss. She's in the hospital right now and she said she needed that file so badly which is why I came here".I said feigning sadness.

"Am so sorry sir for that. Move towards that office".she said pointing in the opposite direction. "The remains from the company are all there".she said.

"Thank you so much miss" I said smiling and then I started walking towards the office.

 An hour later,

My eyes suddenly spot a file, I pulled it out of the others and saw the word written boldly on it 'silence'.

"yesss I found it", I shouted jumping up.

I quickly left the office and thanked the lady before going out of the building. As I got out of the building, I saw some guys in suits coming out of a car and they started running towards me.

"Shit why are they coming in my direction". Suddenly my brain clicked and my eyes drifed towards the file in my hands.

 I turned and started running towards my car. As I got inside my car, they hit it but I already start it and drove off. When I looked back, I saw them getting into their car.

I called the hospital since I forgot to ask for her number.

" Hello, OK hospital speaking, how may I help you" I heard from my phone.

"I need you to put me through with miss Katrina, it's urgent". I said looking back discovering that they are on my tail.

"She's right here sir, she's just getting out of the hospital" the nurse said.

"Katrina speaking, who is this" she said.

"It's Nathan, I need you to wait right in front of the hospital, am coming to pick you up, some people are following me right now" I said.

"Alright, I'll be waiting but Nathan please be careful" she said.

" I will" I said before hanging up.

Swerving between cars, I finally got to the hospital. She was outside and immediately I stopped she entered and I drove off.

Looking back, she also saw the people tailing us.

"Shit it's those people, they want to get back the file. Where is it" she said

"It's at the back seat and where should I drive us to" i asked.

"To my house, my boss is waiting there" she said typing the directions on my GPS.

We got to her house and as she said we saw her boss who promised her their company would get back stronger before he left leaving us two alone in her house.

"It's too late now Nathan, who you like to stay in my house"

"No it's fine, I should get going now" 

 I collected her phone number and I was moving towards the door, she pulled me and pecked me on my cheeks."thanks Nathan for your help", she said.

"Umm don't forget I didn't do that for free, am coming to pick you up tomorrow for our date"I said smirking.

Laughing, she said "definitely I'll see you tomorrow Nathan".

"Good night Katrina" I said and left.

Two weeks later,

We were in the station watching the news, I saw Katrina (now my girlfriend)and her boss on the TV being congratulated on their success in not only winning the case against their rival but also getting the sum of fourty million dollars for the reconstruction of their company.

"Wow that's awesome,they won the case"James exclaimed.

"Yeah,my girlfriend is awesome" I said and just immediately Katrina entered.

"Sweetie", she said kissing me in the lips."I've missed you so much".

"I missed you too" I said.

"Let's get out of here babe before they use their stares to bore holes into our skins"I said eyeing my colleagues and my girlfriend couldn't stop laughing as we leave.

"Yeah am really envious of that guy, he only save her from the fire and they are now together" Mark said.

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