American Fiction Friendship

I have always anticipated for this time of the year, "The grand cookie competition of restaurants all over the country". My family has been running "THE MC DONALD'S RESTAURANT" for 20 years before I was born. It has been passed down from generation to generations and now is our turn to make our ancestors proud again. The town annual festival is the time of the year when all restaurants from all over the country come to showcase their special and new delicacies. My mum is the current owner of THE MC DONALD'S RESTAURANT and for years which she has been running it, she has only one rival "THESTARBUCKS COOKIE RESTAURANTS". My father who the restaurant was passed down to died in fatal accident while coming back from the airport five years ago when I was fifteen. His driver hit a car while trying to swerve away from a trailer coming ahead. And unfortunately the woman in the other car who was Fredrick Starbucks wife, Anna also died. We were sued to court but the case was dismissed since we also lost my father and his driver in the accident.

Since that year, the threats we received from Fredrick Starbucks has been unbearable and he always try to sabotage my mum's victory in the competition but my mum always emerge as a winner. "Cassie, Cassie come down stairs now, it's time to go" I heard my mum calling me.

Jumping off my bed and placing my diary on my reading table, I picked up my Jean jacket lying at the edge of the bed and made my way out of my room. "You look beautiful sweetie"my mum said looking at me from head to toe. "Thanks mum, I definitely got my beauty from you". I told her.

She smiled and we made our way out of the house moving towards the garage where eight cars were parked. My mum have a thing for Ford cars so she have a Ford Transit, Ford Escape, Ford explorer, Ford f-series and a Chevrolet Silverado, the only car that is not Ford while the Jeep Wrangler, Honda Civic, Hyundai Tucson are mine. We decided to take her Ford Transit to the restaurant today cause we are going to shop for the ingredients required for my mum's special cookie for the annual festival competition.

Fifty minutes later, our car stopped. "What's the problem, Michael" my mum asked the driver.

"Am so sorry ma'am but I think that is having some technical problems" he said.

"It's ok Michael, I will call my Ford explorer here" she said.

Pinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, we heard the noise coming from the car behind us.

"Mum we are parked on the road and its blocking the car behind us, we have to do something" I told my mum.

"Don't worry Cassie I know who this is" she said before getting out of the car and moving towards the other vehicle while I followed behind her.

"Fredrick am really sorry but our car is malfunctioning and I was just going to tell one of my drivers at home to bring my bouncers who will help me move it off the road" my mum said while I was having a staring contest with his son sitting beside him at the backseat of the car. Felix Starbucks has been my childhood crush and friend but ever since the incident five years ago he has refrained from me and it hurts a lot.

" Oh Mrs Mc Donald,that's so unfortunate. I can't give you a ride but I can ask my bouncers to help move your car off the road and am doing this only because I need to pass"Fredrick said smirking.

"Thanks Fredrick that's enough" my mum said.

Immediately, his bouncers got out of the car and in no time the car was moved off the road and Fredrick and his son went their way leaving me and my mum waiting for Richard to bring one of my mum other car. Soon enough, we were on our way to the restaurant. We got there and my mum had a meeting with the other chefs in the restaurant including me since she's the grand chef.

Two days to the competition, I was in my Hyundai Tucson going to a club since I was the only one at home. My mum has been called to a meeting concerning the competition. So I decided to have fun. Getting out of the car, I moved towards the entrance of the club and there I was stopped by the bouncers since I was new there. I told them who I am and one of them went in to ask his boss if he can permit me to enter. After a while he came back and he asked me to follow him. "That's weird I never knew that I need to seek permission to enter a club". I thought to myself. When we got to the cubicle where he said his boss was. I was surprised to see who he was talking about. None other than Felix Starbucks.

"Hi Felix" I said awkwardly

"Hey it's really a surprise you are here Cassie seeing the fact that you are a chaebol of a famous restaurant who has always been serious with work. I never believe you would come to a club" he said smirking. "Like father like son" , I thought to myself.

"I never knew you own a club too Felix" I said confidently.

"That's because you have been too busy with work to take note of other things, try to get out a little bit too babe and explore the outside world instead of getting yourself worked up in a restaurant" he said standing up and moving towards me. Suddenly he called a guard beside him whispering something into his ear before the guard hurried off. Soon enough the music changed into a slow one. "Miss Cassie can I have this dance" he said winking at me.

Gosh my heart leaped immediately, my long time crush is asking me to dance with him. "Sure I would" I replied smiling.

 Even though our parents are rivals, I've always liked Felix since I was 10. I just resumed to school that day. No one to talk to, I sat all alone in the cafeteria eating the cookie my mum made for me and a cold martini which I bought from the cafeteria. I was a nerd wearing a glass that was way too bigger than my eyes. I guess that was why no one wanted to talk to me and then he came to the table I was sitting. "Can I join you here" he asked me. His voice was so angelic and he's got really cute dimples. "Who am I to send you away, sure you can " I said smiling.

"Thanks, I noticed you sitting alone and I could easily guess you are a newbie right". 

"Yes" I said looking shy

"Well am Felix Starbucks, am a senior and I will love to be your friend" he said smiling.

"Wow Felix Starbucks, you must be the son of Fredrick Starbucks the owner of Starbucks restaurant right" I said really excited.

"Yes you are right. Can I know your name too" he asked.

"I'm Cassandra McDonald's" I said." But you can call me Cassie" I finished.

"Cute name for a cute girl"he said smiling and I blushed.

"Cassie, Cassie, Cassie" I heard my name and I was brought back to reality.

"Am really sorry Felix, I was lost in my thoughts"I said to Felix

"Yeah I can see that which obviously means you didn't hear all what I said" he said looking down at me. He was six feet tall while I was just five feet four inches tall 

"Am so sorry but what were you saying" I asked

"Well i said I really missed talking to you and even though there's enmity between our family which has made us drift apart I really missed you and the other day when I saw you. I really wished we could have carried you guys but my dad will never allow it" he said looking sad.

I was really happy he was telling me this." For those five years I couldn't get to talk to you, it was like I was alone" he finished.

" I wanted to call you too and check how you were doing at Cambridge but I couldn't reach you".I told him too.

"I think you dad still hates us since the incident five years ago" I finished.

"No he doesn't anymore. Actually I even think he has a soft spot for your mum. After we left the other day, he has been staring at ur mum's picture he saved on his phone".he said 

"What!! My mom has actually been talking a lot about your dad too. Could it be that they are starting to like each other?". I asked as we stepped off the dance floor.

" I think so" he said looking happy.

"Well that means we've got work to do buddy" I said winking at him and he laughed. God, have really missed this guy.

Two days later, 

"Now I announce the winner of this grand cookie competition, none other than..........."The McDonald's restaurant". The moderator announced.

"Congratulations to you Camilla" Fredrick Starbucks greeted my mum as he and Felix approached us.

" Thanks Fredrick"my mother said blushing.

"I hope to see you later in the night for the dinner party we are throwing" I said 

"Yeah sure expect us there but if you don't mind, can I steal your mother for a second" he said

"Sure go ahead" I said.

He took my mum to the podium while everyone attention were diverted to them.

 " Hello everyone, I am Fredrick Starbucks. Am sure you all are all amazed that am holding hands with this beautiful lady beside me who you all know as Camilla McDonald" he said.

" Well as you all know that there's been a little drift apart between our family since the incident five years ago. Well am telling you know that we are ready to move on from the past and embrace a new life together. So here now..."he said while kneeling down.

"Will you Camilla McDonald do me the honor of being my wife" he finished with my mum smiling and crying at the same time.

"Yes I will" she said. He stood up and pecked her on the lips with the audience clapping their hands.

"I told you that plan would definitely work". I said to Felix who was already standing beside me.

"Yeah it sure did" he said grinning.


" Are you sure your mum will come if I tell her my dad is sick" Felix asked me.

"If our assumptions about her feelings are right, then she will definitely come" I said confidently.

Few minutes later, I was already hiding in Felix room when I heard my mum's voice downstairs

" Felix where is your dad" she asked with her voice shaking.

"He's in his room right now, he's refusing to eat. Can you please help me out aunty" Felix said.

"Alright ask your maid to bring his food while I go upstairs to check on him" she said.

Felix room was beside his dad's room, so immediately he ordered the maid to take his father's food upstairs, he came to join me in his room and we eavesdropped on what they are saying.

"Camilla am so sorry for whatever I've done to hurt, I know the death of your husband...."he was cut short by my mum.

" Fredrick let's not talk about that, I didn't come here for you to remind me of that"she said angrily.

"Alright Camilla, but just listen to me. After that day I saw you, I thought you will be angry at me for talking harsh to you but you didn't instead you answered me politely. It might seem sudden but Camilla I'll be sincere to you, I haven't stopped thinking about you since that day". He finished.

"I....also like you Fredrick, I have since that day when I saw you crying and you lean on me for comfort, I wanted to let you know that I also lost my husband during that accident and I was hoping you would let us move on with our lives but instead you started haunting but even with that I never hated you". she said.

"Thank you so much Camilla" he said crying.

Back to reality

"Well I guess it's also time for us to plan for their wedding too, don't you think so too babe"Felix said to me.

"Yes my darling" and we both laughed.

December 10, 2020 11:23

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Lovely story! :)


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Hannah Gates
12:25 Dec 18, 2020

nice story! I enjoyed it. I like how you use dialogue to progress the plot, it works well. There were a number of spelling and grammer errors, for eg: 'anticipated for this time' it is better to say: 'anticipated this time of year'. and 'What's the problem, Michael" you missed off the question mark and 'glass that was way too bigger than my eyes'. It should be: 'wearing glasses that were way too big for my eyes'. I think the story could be improved a little through deepening the characters. You miss opportunities to say things about the ch...


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Hannah Gates
12:25 Dec 18, 2020

nice story! I enjoyed it. I like how you use dialogue to progress the plot, it works well. There were a number of spelling and grammer errors, for eg: 'anticipated for this time' it is better to say: 'anticipated this time of year'. and 'What's the problem, Michael" you missed off the question mark and 'glass that was way too bigger than my eyes'. It should be: 'wearing glasses that were way too big for my eyes'. I think the story could be improved a little through deepening the characters. You miss opportunities to say things about the ch...


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