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Hey! I'm Lilah Hazard, a horror short story writer, and I (as you could probably tell from my stories) love Horror. My favorite writers would have to be Stephen King, Clive Barker, Bram Stoker, and Dean Koontz. The classics. I am (slowly but surely) making some short stories series that will include about 5 short stories each. If more from that series would like to be seen, I will make more. I have a list prepared for the series that I am currently working on, and the ones that I will do in the future. 'Escape' Series Part 1 (Completed) Part 2 (Completed) Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 'Family' Series Mother Father Sister Brother Pet 'Town' Series Librarian (Completed) Warehouse Mayor Mailman Salvation (Completed) 'Day' Series Nightmare Dusk Bedtime Teatime Midnight 'Captured' Series Home Contained Encased Confined Elimination 'Insane' Series Crazy Killer Psycho Blood Body 'Taken' Series Thief Stolen Motive Knife Diced 'Homewrecker' Series Cheater Widow Sneak Maid Butler 'People' Series Carmen Harold Laura Daniel Aaron Extra Stories Overthinker Monster (Completed)