Fiction Horror Thriller

This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

Content Warning; Horrific Imagery, Not intended for kids because of nightmare-inducing scenes. Proceed with caution.

Authors Note: This story is a part of a 5 part short story series.


Some things aren't all they seem. What's in the dark, could be whatever you've been imagining it to be in the end. -Author


"Mommy!" I called out around midnight.

I could hear my mother scuffling her sleepy self over to my room after a few minutes of calling out her name.

She opened the door, "Yes, Jacky, what's wrong?" my mother had asked, rubbing her eyes. I could faintly see her silhouette through the doorway.

"Mommy, there's a monster under my bed!" I told her,

She tilted her head, looking at me confused like, "Jacky, haven't we been over this a million times?" she walked towards me and sat on the corner of my bed, meeting my eyes as I sat up, "There's no monster under your bed."

"B-But..." I pointed to the floor, "There is."

"Jacky, there's been no monster under your bed for the past 3 years you've non-stop complained that there was a monster under your bed. Get over it... please," she got up and walked towards the door, "I have to go check on your sister now, so please... go to sleep."

As I held my hand out, trying to grasp her robe, she left and closed the door on me. The last bit of light went away, and income the nightmares and the scratches under my bed.

The next morning, I sat at the kitchen table, playing with the frilled ends of the linen covering it. My mind was wandering to the events of last night, my small 10-year-old brain thinking the worst things possible.

"Jacky?" my mother called, putting the eggs, pancakes, and bacon on the table, while my sister grabbed a plate full of breakfast.

I didn't respond, and I could only assume she was worried about me.

"Jack," she said again, in a more stern tone this time, to which my head popped up in response, "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," I responded, sounding like I wasn't.

She obviously didn't notice the tone, Even at 10, I could discern the types of tones that people would give, and what they meant.

"Well you should eat your food, or it'l get cold. And I know how much you don't like cold eggs," she told me.

I knew that I should eat, so I grabbed a couple of pancakes and some eggs. I wasn't a huge fan of bacon so I didn't bother with that. Afterward, I got ready for school and left with my baby sister.

Once school was over, I got back home, and since my mom was at work, and my little sister was at her friend's house for the weekend, I was home alone.

I was hungry, after a long day at school, and I was also bored, so I decided to turn on the Television and get some crackers.

Flipping through the channels, I could tell that the UK's channels aren't very interesting, to say the least.


I jumped, expecting someone to be behind me. The scratching noise was far too loud to not be close to me.


The walls seemed to have shaken with that one. Or could that have been my imagination?

I stood up from the couch and started walking towards the noise. The consistent noise of scratching on the wall.

Scratcchh, Scratchh, Scratch.

I knew I was getting closer and closer to the noise, I could feel it.

Then I realized where the noise was coming from.

It was coming from my room.

I couldn't go in there now! What if it's the monster!?

I took a deep breath and opened my door... just to see that my blinds were closed all the way, and there were deep, long, scratches all over my walls.

The little bit of light from the day faded. It was nighttime. Usually, around this time I would have gone to sleep. But tonight-- it's a different story.

I walked into my room to take a look at my closet, maybe that was closed, or open. Either way. I would have to check for the monster.


The door slammed behind me, causing me to jump.

I heard a low growling from under my bed, which was facing a long way away from the door.

I tried to turn the light on, but it wouldn't work and I didn't have any source of light, aside from the passing-by cars and their headlights.

I heard deep laughter while I was looking for some kind of light source in my room. Seeing as I don't have lamps in my room, it was hard to find anything.

"Oh, you don't get it, do you... Jacky?" the voice under my bed taunted.

"G-Get wh-wha=what?" I managed to stammer out. I was terrified. I could hardly breathe let alone speak.

"I've always been here... Jackyyy," the voice drawled out.

I couldn't imagine what this voice's face could look like. The voice sounded like it was sick, mixed with---

My thoughts stopped as I could hear something dripping.

I stepped towards the bed to kneel down, as I wanted to see what was making that noise, and what was spilling.

"Jacckkyyy," called the voice from the corner of my room, followed by a scratch on the wall.

This time I didn't jump, but I did turn around to see some bright orange and yellow eyes staring back at me.

I stood up, mustering up whatever amount of courage and gumption that I had left, and stared at the monster from under my bed.

I was thinking over and over 'It's not real, it's not real, it's just my imagination, this is all a dream,' hoping that it would make the monster go away.

"That's not going to make me go away, Jacky, it's only going to make me angrier..." the monster said, in an agitated tone.

"GO AWAY!" I yelled at the monster, hoping that will make him leave, "GO AWAYYYY!"

Then in a crack of light, it seemed like he disappeared.

Then I felt cold, slimy, dead hands on my shoulders.

"You'll now be one of us, Jacky. You'll never be able to get away now..."

And I died.

All due to the monster under my bed.

I died.

October 27, 2022 19:57

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Emily DeRidder
21:38 Nov 22, 2022

I love that you use these prompts to complete your series of gruesome tales!


Lilah Hazard
20:52 Nov 28, 2022

Thank you again! That's just how my mind works lol. Could be an issue, but it makes for interestingly horrifying stories! :)


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