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This story contains sensitive content

Contains mentions of gore and horrific imagery :D

~~ Authors Note: This story is a part of a 5 part series. ~~

Someone who thinks a story is just a story has another thing coming, they must realize that not all stories are make-believe. Most could be based on real events... even horror stories. But that's a far stretch, hah. -Author. 


I was at school when everything happened. It was the worst day of my life. 

I'm Oliver Pine and I learned real quick that everyone isn't always as they seem. Nothing is always as it seems in this world. 

You can think that a horse in the middle of the forest is great and all, then you'll discover that it's a demon of the night and it's trying to kill you. That's not what happened to me, but that's basically how everything turned out. Something beautiful and majestic turned into something evil and corrupted. 

"Hey, Oliver!" called my friend Jaxon.

He's the kind of kid that is a jock, but only partially. He likes to hunt and fish but that's about as athletic a sport as he would play. 

I ran over to Jaxon, a side sachel of my school supplies bouncing on my hip. 

"Hi! How's it going?" I asked when I stopped running and caught my breath. 

"It's goin' pretty good, if you're talkin' about huntin' an all," Jaxon said with his Southern accent.

"Yeah, I wouldn't know," I laughed. 

"Well I guess you're right," he said, walking towards our next class. It was still the middle of the school day, so after this class we have lunch. 

"Oh, did you remember to do the homework last night?" I asked, reaching into my bag. 

"No, I didn't," he said, head held low. 

"Oh don't worry about it. Ms. Schuster won't know any better," I said while handing him a completed copy of the homework. 

"Won't she see the difference in the handwritin'?" he asked. 

"I purposefully wrote in my worst handwriting for yours, it looks like yours," I said while showing my biggest grin, and pointing at the homework.

"Are you sayin' I have bad handwritin'?" he asked me, a little offended look on his face. 

"Yes, I am," I responded. 

"Well, I wouldn't disagree. I do have some chicken scratch of handwritin'." 

We got into class and handed in our homework to the homework basket. After everyone handed in their homework, the teacher let us off for the period, so we had a free period. 


Jaxon and I just walked around the school, doing a little mock paranormal investigation of the school, recording with my phone.

"Now we'll walk into the school library, we have to be quiet in case the spooky librarian is still here," Jaxon said, with his Southern accent Librarian came out as Lie-brr-ien. As we got on our hands and feet and crawled into the dark library. 

I noticed the musty smell that the library has like no one has even breathed air in it for 50 years kind of musty. 

I knew that Jaxon was just playing around but I was still a little terrified of the Librarian and her wrinkly skin. She looked like Evil Death incarnate. And she smelled like old soup. That really didn't compliment her style. 

I heard a noise coming from the right of us, in the direction of the Library computer area. "We shouldn't be here right now, Jaxon," I had said, "She could still be here," I warned in a whisper. 

"I think we'll be fine, Oli," Jaxon said, using the nickname he gave me years ago. I had forgotten about it till he used it. 

"O-Oh. Okay," I said, putting all my trust in him.

We proceeded to stand up, still being quiet in order to make sure that no one there hears us. Kind of hard to say no one would see us when we are standing.

We heard another noise coming from the break area now, still on the right of us, but a little farther. With no one else but us and, hopefully, the librarian, it's easy to tell where the noises are coming from.

Then we heard a screeching noise from the same area.

Jaxon ran for cover behind some of the bookshelves, grabbing me to bring me with him, pushing me against the bookshelf, I was still filming the experience.

My heart was racing and beating so hard I could hear it in my ears. I looked up at Jaxon, as he is taller than me, and saw him with the biggest smile on his face. Even in the dark, you could see a smile like that. His heart beating as hard as mine... if not harder.

I couldn't even begin to fathom why he would be smiling at a time like this. Life or Death.

"God that was amazing," I heard Jaxon say under his breath, once another noise came from the break area.

"Are you insane?!" I exclaimed under my breath, near his face so he can hear me.

"I could be, or I could just be as sane as you are," he said, making me a little scared. I didn't hear his Southern accent.

It was still dark in the library, so it was hard to see if he had an insane look in his eyes.

A crashing noise sounded through our ears, closer than the last, and I bolted for the next aisle over.

I stopped to look at where Jaxon and I were, expecting him to be away from the spot... well he was. But he was closer.

"Jax!" I shouted in a hushed voice, "Jaxon!"

He didn't speak, but he waved me off.

I couldn't believe how insane this boy is. And to think that I love him would cause my mother a heart attack and my father to whoop some sense into me.

I was so scared, I was personally surprised I was still standing. I felt like my soul left my body after the first time there was a huge noise.

I decided to slowly and quietly walk toward Jaxon. It seemed like I crept up on him, but in reality, I was just walking behind him very quietly. Two different things right?

"Jaxon!" I whispered behind him.

He turned around slowly, looking at me with a horrific smile. It was way too big and looked like it was cutting through his face flesh. I could see a little bit of blood trickling down the side of his head, by his ear. His eyes looked yellow-ringed. The blue color that used to be in his eyes was replaced with a glowing red-orange color, like a piece of hot coal. His nice, smooth, face was still how it was. Great features and all.... just his smile and his eyes are different.

If it was even possible, I was even more terrified. The boy I love looks like a monster...

"Jaxon...?" I managed to whisper out, my voice catching a bit of breathlessness.

"Oh, Oli. I do wish things could have been different between us," he said with a normal tone, not a hushed one. Which drew the monster closer to both of us.

"Jaxon, hush! You're gonna kill the both of us!" I exclaimed in alarm, hearing the monster slowly getting closer.

"Oh, Oli. You don't know, do you?"

"Know wh-what?"

He sighed in exasperation, "I'll just have to show you," he grabbed my arms with inhuman strength, enough that I dropped the phone on the ground, hearing the audible cracking noise.

"Wh-Where are you taking me?" I asked, in a hushed tone. I was in front of him, him pushing me from behind.

"You'll see, Oli... you'll see everything sooner or later. Let's hope for the latter," he said, chuckling slightly.

I couldn't respond, I was too scared to speak.

We ended up in the back of the library... in front of the most horrible creature, I could ever imagine.

"Auntie, I have your lunch," Jaxon said, holding on tighter to my arms. I couldn't move.

The creature looked like a fleshy version of the Blob, with a head that looked like a wax figure had melted underneath the light, eyes that were gauged out, and hands of an old woman.

Jaxon leaned over into my ear, "I would like to introduce you to my Aunt. For as long as I can remember, I've been feeding her. Taking care of her. All that good jazz," he maneuvered me around to face him, "I do love you, and I wish, sincerely, that things could have been different between the two of us. Throughout the years, I've taken a nice liking to you... but so has my Aunt. She is the school librarian after all. She knows everyone's story and every book she's ever read. But yours is the one she can't read..."

Out of nowhere, Jaxon had kissed me, making me tense up at the coldness of his face, and his icy breath that had escaped into my mouth, which had rendered me immobile. I fell to the floor, not being able to move. Feeling like a stick.

Jaxon grabbed me and pushed me closer to the Librarian, who i noticed had books and skulls on her skin...

"Have at it, Auntie."

September 01, 2022 21:25

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Emily DeRidder
21:37 Nov 22, 2022

Wow, Horrifyingly magnificent! I love the display of imagery! Keep it up.


Lilah Hazard
20:52 Nov 28, 2022

Thank you so much! I apologize for not seeing this sooner!


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