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Hi, I might be young but I definitely love to write. ABOUT ME?: I like writing, but most of the time it isn't long. (or good.) Um... I love romances, so almost everything I write on here will probably have romance or drama... I feel really good when someone comments on my stories, or even just likes it! I hate this stupid covid situation, I'm definitely a hugger.πŸ˜‹ I dunno what else about me would really be interesting, comment and ask me questions whenever on any story. OH! My profile picture! I've had bunnies all my life, my mom was always allergic to dogs and cats. Right now I have 4 bunnies, they are from the same batch, and are 1-year-olds. Born, December 23rd, 2019. And my profile picture is a picture of one of them. (As a baby..)😊 Anyways that's all for now.