That night in the library.

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Drama Fiction Friendship

(This is all fake, and fiction. NOT true events..)

"Okay, be quiet, we made it," Tommy whispers. "Now we need to find a place to be unnoticed.."

"I get it. Tommy, why are we doing this again?" I say.

"Shhh! We are doing this because I don't wanna look like a chicken to Gabe and his 'minions'. Okay?"

"Ya ya, I get it. You know you didn't HAVE to say yes. You should've just ignored him." I say sleepily

"He triple dog dared me though." Tommy whines.

"SO!? Ignore him! It's that simple." I respond, a bit loud. I hear an echo. "Why did you have to bring me?"

"Because you're my best friend, and I don't wanna get caught. You always have good ideas, you know that, Phoebe." 🤓

So we sat in the school library reading, talk- whispering, and playing dumb games for about 6 hours. It was dark when we got here, about 6:50pm. I've been writing for about 30 minutes...

"Tommy, it's midnight, we should just go home, we'll tell him we stayed."

"No, we can't. He told me to show him proof we were here all night. He's sending one of his 'minions' at 5am. Just a few more hours. plus there's no school tomorrow, you can sleep all you want. Personally, I think this is fun,...."

Tommy kept talking for about 14 minutes, but it wasn't very important stuff. Ugh, why did he have to say yes, and bring me? I'll write in about an hour, I'm gonna try to be less bored... wish me luck.

"Hey, Tommy, what is that light?" I look at Tommy, he looks at me, we get up quickly, get our stuff, and hide! There is no back door. Though, there probably should be in a high school library, duh what if there is a fire? 🙄

"Okay, shh. I think they passed. whoever it was, it's only 2:17am. It wasn't Michel, David, or Ashton." Tommy whispers.

Michel, David, and Ashton are Gabe's 'minions.' Gabe is the bully of 12th grade.

Yep, two 12th graders are risking their freedom to please a dumb bully. Not like Tommy cares, but I have a future planned. I'll be a famous writer, have a nice house, get married to- well, um someone I know, have beautiful children and deal with life's challenges. But that won't happen if I'm in JAIL for sneaking into a school library after school hours with my crush best friend. So... um I'm gonna look at Facebook for another hour, destroying my sleep schedule. Gosh, Tommy get a life!😣

"Tommy, truth or dare?" I ask trying to actually pass the time, at 3 in the morning.

"Dare?" Darn it, Tommy, that's how you got into this mess.

"I dare you to never play truth or dare with a bully again."

"Okay, fine. Truth or dare?"


"Oh that's easy, who do you like..?" Oh no, not those awful four words. I freeze, what do I say?

"Someone. I like someone." Yes, there you go, Phoebe! You figured it out. You didn't let him know you've liked him since 4 grade. Oh my gosh! What if he likes me back, this could be my chance.

No, no, no. I can't it'll ruin everything!😖

"Oh come on Phoebe! Can't you specify?" Tommy begs.

"Nope, not until you tell me who you like."

"Fine, we can say it at the same time..okay?"


1 2 3..

"You." We both say at the same time. No, this can't be happening. There has to be a catch to this, life doesn't give you love without cost... does it?

I look at the clock and it says, 4:42am. We have about 20 minutes! Yes! I look at Tommy and he's stunned.

"Tommy, are you okay?" he doesn't answer, "Tommy, Tommy Martin! Are you okay?"

"Um, yeah, just I've liked you since 3rd grade... I never thought you would be able to like me back.." Oh no, this is turning into a drama! I mean sure it was kinda dramatic that we are actually in the library at 4:50am, but I wasn't thinking, oh well we'll just spill our guts tonight. No, I was thinking, this might be fun, we'll be at school for a night see what happens, get it over with. Ahh, what do I do?😖

"Tommy, me too. But we can discuss this on the way home, a car just pulled up. Let's get our stuff, and MOVE!"

"Wait I think it is just David. He just texted me saying he was here, and we can leave..."

"You have him as a contact?"


"Wow, okay. Let's go."

As we walked out I felt some relief, joy, and definitely sleepiness.☕ I slept the whole 30 minutes to my house, Tommy dropped me off and said, "Goodbye, I'll see you tomorrow- or I mean, today, in about 7 hours?" Stumbling over words like he just found out he'd won the lottery. Maybe in his mind, he did?

"Okay, I'll see you at 1:30."

As he drives off, I flop down on my bed. That was a long, awkward night I'll never forget. Even though I know we'll have more adventures together that one is one I'll be telling my grandkids, whether or not I have kids through Tommy, he'll always be my best friend.😊

After the weekend was over Gabe saw that Tommy wasn't such a chicken after all, and we saw that Gabe.. was. Gabe never bothered us again. 😁

I got into a writing college, graduated, got married to Tommy about a month after graduation, had two beautiful daughters, and also have a son on the way. I'm blessed.🤗

Now I know I'm almost done with the story already, but I never told you about me.. want to know about me?

Nah you don't wanna know about me... I'm a nobody, just trying to have a life.

You do want to know? Oh okay, I'll write it in another book. But only if you say you like this okay? Yeah, I'll make another.. Someday.

Phoebe Martin signing out... 😉

April 30, 2021 20:14

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20:21 May 03, 2021

Sweet use of the prompt! Super cute little lighthearted romance :)


20:56 May 03, 2021

Thank you!


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Charli Britton
18:07 May 03, 2021

Very cute! I like that the emoji's are at the end, just so I can get a feel for what she feels, but at the same time... it's not very professional? You can't exactly have them in a book. Over all nice job!


18:41 May 03, 2021

Thanks for the advice, and for responding!


Charli Britton
20:03 May 03, 2021

of course! I hope the critique was ok... I find it's helpful for others to tell me what I need to work on because it's either really hard or really easy to critique your own writing. for me it's hard. XD


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Unknown User
18:31 May 04, 2021

<removed by user>


18:40 May 04, 2021

Will do, thanks!


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Daniel R. Hayes
16:49 May 07, 2021

This was a really fun and adorable story. I thought you did a wonderful job writing it. I also like the use of emoticons throughout. That's a nice touch because everyone has their own style of writing, and I certainly can appreciate that ;) This story made me smile, and I really enjoyed reading it. A great first story from you!! Great job :)


16:52 May 07, 2021

Thank you soo much! :D I appreciate your comments!


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