Drama Romance Fiction

(This was a collab with my good friend Juliet Gaynor! Hope you enjoy!)

I wake up, it's morning. My head is killing me, what happened last night?

*"Marie, you're quite a partier! This was a good ideea." Sharan says, slurring her words, she’s drunk. What was I thinking?*

I look around, ahh! There is someone in bed next to me. Wait is that? I think that's David. In a panic, I push him out of the bed.

"What the?" He says, yep it's David.

"Sorry, but what the heck are you doing in my bed?" I say, quickly changing tones. He looks around.

"I don't really know it's kinda blurry." He says. Gosh, dang it, if only I could remember why I brought HIM of all people in here. I could have almost anyone, why did I bring him?

"I think you brought me up here last night."

*"Follow me." I said, grabbing him by his leather jacket. I brought him up the stairs, to my room. And kissed him. Ew.*

"I think you should leave," I say. I look over, I see his clothes on the ground grab them, and throw them at him as he stands up in nothing but underwear.

"Sorry, I guess we were drunk?" He says, trying to justify his actions. I wonder if he remembers what we did.....

"David, tell me everything you remember. Now." I demand.

"Well, we were drinking, and then we danced. There were at least 10 to 13 people. And then you grabbed my shirt and took me upstairs. We made out, which is weird, I don't think I was drunk though. Then we did something else. Um. Yeah. That's all."

"What else did we do David? Tell me."

"Um, you don't wanna know."

"Yes, I do."

"Fine, we well, slept together."

"You mean...?" He nods. Oh, dear. Um, no. Not with him! I hate myself now. "Go downstairs, and wait for me. I'm gonna take a shower, and figure out what to do." So he went, I'm in the shower and I still don't know what to do.

*"Marie?" Someone knocked on the door. Was it Sharan? "What Shar? I'm kinda busy." Oh god, this was when...

"Ok, well, everyone left. I'm gonna stay on the couch tonight. I'm here for you." Wait, she got me into this mess, and she's-*

OH CRAP! She's downstairs! I rush out of the shower, put on my towel, and run downstairs, she's there. So is he, they are cleaning. Oh. I thought I was gonna have to explain. I guess she doesn't care?

"Oh hi, Marie. Why are you in a towel?" Sharan says.

"Oh, um. I got out of the shower and-" I get interrupted by a knock on the door. What the-

*"Come with me." I say walking to my guest bedroom, what the? I turn around and see-! Jeremy? Then he starts taking off his shirt, oh crap, So do I.*

Jeremey walks in and sees me. "Hi?"

"Hi. Jeremey, hi." I'm frozen. Two guys really? Is there more?

*I'm apparently making out with someone, in the bathroom? Oh no. What was I doing!? Last night was awful! It was Christin. The football captain.*

"I gotta talk to you, Marie." He walks up to me, grabs my hand, and goes to my bedroom. Talk really?

"Why my bedroom?"

"There is privacy. Look, we had something last night." Duh, I know that. “I don’t know what got into me, I’m sorry.” He says. I didn’t think he’d apologize, out of all things, I’m a towel for crying out loud!

“It’s okay. I think we were both drunk, it was an accident. Thanks for coming to apologize.” I say, trying not to spill what I’m really thinking.

"No problem, I should, um, I should go." He says in return and leaves.

*I see myself in my closet, Oh come on? This again? How many people did I do that with?! This time it is... Frank? Wow.*

I did that with David, who everyone ships with me. Weird. I did it with Jeremey and Christin, who are both on the football team, and last but not least with Frank, the cute geek in my biology class.

------ ------

3 months later.

------ ------

It's been 3 months since that awful night, I've left it behind me but, I think it's catching up again with something up its sleeve.

I drive to the gas station, get two pregnancy tests, and drive home.

An hour later I look at the tests, oh no. I'm pregnant. But, who's the dad?


----- -----

3 months later.

----- -----

I told the guys, together. It was a mess! But today is the ultrasound, and the doctor is gonna make me take a test to see who the father is. It's risky but I need to know who to be with...

----- -----

1 more month later.

----- -----

I finally got the results back but I'm scared to look.

I slowly open the envelope, it says. It's a match, I look down, there it is, David's name plastered on the paper. David's her dad.

No, not David, it won't work.

"Omg! You guys are made for each other! And now you literally need each other." Sharan says once I tell her.

"No, we aren't! I haven't told him yet. Maybe I can lie, and say Jeremy is the father." I say I can't show that I may or may not love David. It won't happen!

"Tell David or I will. Now!" I pick up my phone and text David, "I have some... news."

"Okay, what is it?"

"I got the results back, and so I know who the father is. Are you ready to hear it?"

"Yes. Wait, I wanna hear in person. Even if it isn't me. I'll be there in 10 mins." How sweet. How am I gonna tell him? How am I gonna tell the others!?

I'll call them all now. First Frank, Ring Ring Ring. "Hello?"

"Hi, Frank, I have bad news."

"Oh no, I'm not the dad am I? My calculations were right. There was only a 15% chance I could be the dad." "How?"

"Well, me and you, unfortunately, had ... third, and so there was a lower chance." Dang it, I was trying to leave that word out of this. Guess life doesn't go your way. Dumb approximate genius.

"Okay. Goodbye."

"Bye. I'll probably never have the chance to talk to you again, being you are a popular type." Aww.

"We'll talk again." I hang up and call Christin.

"Hey, beautiful."

"Hi Christin, thanks, but you're not the dad. I'm sorry."

"WHAT! We had ... first! @!#&." Wow.

"Bye Christin." I hung up before he got even madder.

Jeremy's turn. "Hi. How are you, and the baby?"

"We're good, thanks for asking. But I have bad news."


"Jeremy, you're not the dad." He looked kinda relieved. (We were on facetime.)

"Okay, not trying to be rude, but I'm relieved. I would've loved to have kids with you. But not yet. Who is the dad?"


"Ooh. I know you guys are too stubborn to admit it but, you're meant for each other." Ugh, not that again.

"I gotta go, Jeremy, talk soon. Bye."

"Bye!" Once I hang up I hear David pull up. Last time. He bursts in and says, "Who's the dad?" I give him the envelope. He scans quickly, still holding his keys, the doors open. He was in a rush!

"It's me?" He says.

"Yes, David. It's pretty clear. It's you." He picks me up and kisses me passionately. Ew.

"Mphm. David. Just because you're the dad doesn't mean you get to just kiss me." Then he puts me down and gets on one knee. Oh my gosh, he bought a ring!? "PLEASE marry me?"

"I'm sorry David, no." He looks like he was slapped. A tear trickles down his face.

"David, you get one date. If you can please me I'll be your girlfriend."

"I accept."

“Ok, whatever. I’m free Saturday. Better make it good.” I say. It’s Wednesday. He only has a few days. Good, I don’t want him to be my boyfriend... do I?

"I will! See you then!"

Then I feel water dripping down my leg. What the heck? I look, uh oh. My water broke. "Oh !#@%, my water broke!" I say as he drives off. Sharan rushes grabs her keys, some clothes, and rushes me out to the car. She hits the gas and we are on our way. Why is everything going wrong with this pregnancy? David's the dad, it was a random hook-up, and now she's 2 months early! What else? Is it more than one? Never mind I didn't say that, don't want to jinx myself.

------ ------

At hospital.

------ ------

"My friend is having a baby!" Sharan yells, and I get rushed into an emergency room. Everything is happening so quickly. I'm hyperventilating. Everything is a blur, what did that nurse say? Wait who turned out the lights? What the-

----- -----

"Marie! She's awake!" I hear Sharan say.

"What happened?" I'm so tired, my head is spinning.

"You fainted right after you were told that there is more than one baby." The doctor said. "But they are coming very quickly, you have to start pushing, Marie!" So I push, ouch.

----- -----

After giving birth to triplets, my karma for saying, 'is there more than one?' They were rushed to the NICU because they are only 7 and a half months. I'm scared, sure it might've been an accident, but I still love those babies. They are mine, and I'm not giving them away. I might be a single mom of three but I can handle it, I also have Sharan to help.

I had two girls and a boy. Julie, Lea, and Landon. Beautiful, they are so precious. I love them so much! Well, I'm not going to have much time to tell you more, but maybe soon.

May 18, 2021 22:42

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Juliet Gaynor
22:48 May 18, 2021

I'm very happy I was somewhat useful in the creation of this masterpiece


22:50 May 18, 2021

She was more than useful!


Juliet Gaynor
22:54 May 18, 2021

not gonna lie I just tried to torture the characters as much as possible


16:14 May 19, 2021

Of course you did.


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Juliet Gaynor
22:54 May 18, 2021

not gonna lie I just tried to torture the characters as much as possible


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Juliet Gaynor
22:54 May 18, 2021

not gonna lie I just tried to torture the characters as much as possible


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