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Hello everyone, myself Laiba Noor from India. I used to write stories when I was in highschool. But after that I choose science stream and due to which I didn't have much time for my hobbies as I was focused on my studies but now at this corona epidemic, I got a chance to think about my writing skills once again. Hope you guys will enjoy my story. I have been inspired by two writers , my first inspiration is Anne Frank. After reading her diary I was so much inspired by her that I started writing stories and poems for the first time in my life. She is the one who made me feel that I have a writer in me . It was only because of her that I realized my hobby , my passion towards writing. And the other one is the most famous JK Rowling who gives me inspiration ' Don't stop' So what if people aren't giving you positive response , one day will come some one would see your talent and make it counts. Sometimes , I also feel disappointed when my stories don't go well or I don't get the response from people that I expected then only this made me feel better that JK Rowling's series of ' Harry Potter' was also rejected by many times before winning the hearts of people from all over the world. She gives me the inspiration to not give up. I hope one day I also write a story that will won the heart of many people , and winning a contest in reedsy is also in one of my dreams.