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Heyyy so my new account is under the name “Adorable Dogs” so yea🤪 Abigail Cross She is sooooo sweet and she has amazing stories! One of my faves were her Adapters Series which was freaking awesome! Read it trust me you will not be disappointed! If you ever read this bio, go check out her stories, she is truly an amazing author here on reedsy. She takes feedback and she reponds when she can which is hard to keep up with since there are many people responding, but she still takes the time to answer! Again, she is sooooo sweet and she has great energy, and she is really fun to talk to! Lone Wolf OMG ok so just, just READ their stories. THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!! This person is so nice and fun to talk to, they are a wonderful human being, and they have AWESOME stories! Seriously! Please check them out, I promise, this person is amazing and has spectacular stories! Also, check out all the other people I am following because they all have great stories! Thank you! :) *Awkward Silence* Ummm Ok Well Thank you, Byeee!