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❀----------------------------------❀ ❀Leo ❀16 ❀All pronouns ❀Semi inactive ❀Hobbies -Drawing -Reading -Writing -Hiking -Sailing -Listening to music -Playing Minecraft -Taking walks -Watching YouTube -Playing D&D -Taking care of crystals/rocks/stones -Playing with my gecko ❀----------------------------------❀ ❀Favorite Works ❀Top Five -Ten To Midnight on January Seventh -Vampiric Prince -More Than A Headline -My Lovely Karinnae -I'll Go Down And Meet You In Hell ❀Honorable Mentions -Cameron and Archer series(Always) -Luelmind series, part 1, 2 and 3 -ReedsyCast series -Sara Mason -Faerphrin Gulrae's Gamble ❀----------------------------------❀ **Last Edited** 6/14/23 noon pdt/pst ❀----------------------------------❀