Lesbian Romance Fantasy

I hate school. Why do they force us to go and “learn” about things that we’ll never use? Like who is going to read Shakespeare for fun or practice for MCAS once we get out of school. Well good thin’ I only have one year left.

I’m a junior who goes to Beacon High. I live in California and I love to surf. Right now I’m supposed to be at school but I’m skippin’ so I can surf some big waves at Mavericks, Half Moon Bay, in San Francisco. It ain’t like we're goin' to be doin' anythin', plus why would I waste this perfectly good wave day to sit in a classroom full of sweaty bodies with NO AIR-CONDITIONIN’! I wouldn't, which is why I’m walkin' to Mavericks, Half Moon Bay with my surfboard under my armpit. I can already hear the waves crashin’ into each other with a WHASH! Mmm, I love the smell of the salty air mixed with kelp, sand, and a hint of dead fish with a nice moist breeze. I can already imagine myself out on the waves. 

I was so deep in thought I didn’t know that I was at the beach till I felt the hot sand underneath my feet. I look up to see the biggest wave that I have ever seen curve down, makin' a tunnel, while mist sprays the air around the wave. 

“This is goin' to be the best day for surfin’. I can feel it.” I said to myself. I looked up at the cloudless sky and let the sun's rays sink into my skin. I ran into the water with my surfboard still under my armpit and my curly dirty blonde hair flowin’ out behind me. A calm at peace, deep in my bone sensation only water can brin’, came upon me. The water climbed higher and higher as I ran deeper and deeper till I had to lay on my board and paddle. I paddled out further, ready for the next wave. I paddled as fast as I could , tryin’ to catch the right spot and position. Ahh, yes! I got it. It’s a big 39 foot tall wave that looks like it’s never endin’. I ride down and through the pipeline that forms. I run my hand through the water as I bend my legs and lean forward to pick up speed, then up the wave and down to gain momentum. I race to get through the pipe before it closes. As I get closer I can see the light break through the hole. I made it! I stand to my full height and laugh then I bow as if I have an audience that’s applaudin’ me on. I look to the beach and see a girl about my age sittin’ there watchin’ me. I blush as I sit back down, embarrassed. 

Throughout the day people came and left. Some people surfed while others sat and enjoyed the weather. But the girl from that mornin’ stayed there till I left. The only time she went anywhere was to get food and probably a bathroom break. I only know this because she came back with Chick-fil-a, my favorite place to eat from. 

At 5pm I decided to head out. I paddled closer to the shore till I could get up and walk out. I took my surfboard, put it under my armpit and walked to the girl. I don’t exactly know what I’m goin' to say to her but let’s hope I don’t fail at words. 

“Hey I saw you sittin’ there all day. Do you need a ride or somethin’? I could walk you home. It is gettin' late. I wouldn’t want y’all gettin’ hurt while goin’ home.” I rambled on a bit too fast, I don’t think she even heard any of that, by the way she’s starin’ at me. “I’m so sorry, I’m basically a stranger and I just asked to give y’all a ride. My name’s Corey and since I’m not a stranger anymore would y’all like a ride home.” I smiled and she blushed and looked away. Well damn, she’s even prettier when she blushes. 

“I’m okay. I mean thank you but I’m fine. You're pretty good at surfing. I haven’t seen anything like that in years.” She said then forgot that she was shy and blushed again. 

“ Well, suit yourself then. I love surfin’. It's the one thin’ I’m really good at. Thank y’all, well I guess I’ll see you around. Don’t get hurt while goin’ home, have a good day, bye!” I yelled as I started to walkin’ away. I like her because she reminds me of me when I was younger. Damn! I didn’t get her name or anythin’. I went to go back but when I turned around she was already gone. Hmm, that’s so weird it hasn’t even been a minute since I walked away and she’s already gone, she must be fast and I mean super fast. Whatever I guess I’ll see her some other time and get her name. 

I get home and the lights in the kitchen are on. AHH SHIT! Looks like my mom’s home, that’s a first. I walk into the shed and put my surfboard up against the wall. I walk into the house and walk right past my mom to my bedroom. Our house is small, two bedrooms, one bathroom, a small kitchen and a livin’ room. One of them is my mom's’ and the other I share with my 4 year old brother Jake, and my 12 year old sister Maple. Before I get to my bedroom my mom stops me.

“What do you think you’re doin’ skippin’ school? I gotta call from them at 8 in the mornin’.” My mom asked as she got in my face. 

“I’m sorry, I went surfin’ today?” I said as quietly as possible. When my mom gets mad it’s hard to calm her down. 

“You think surfin’ more important than school, huh? I never got why your father taught you that stupid sport.” I hated it when she talked about my dad like that. She’s always talkin’ about him like he’s worthless and a mistake that cost her a lifetime of takin’ care of kids that she never wanted. “Answer me you stupid child!”

“No, ma'am. I’m sorry I ain’t gonna do it again.” I said as I shrank low and low. 

“That’s right y’all ain’t gonna do it again because I’m takin’ that stupid board and gettin’ rid of it once and for all.” She said storming away to the shed where my board is. 

“Please! I promise I ain’t gonna do it again, please. Dad made that board for me. That’s the only thing I have left of him, please.” I cried as I begged and pleaded. I ran in front of her and grabbed her then begged. 

“Don’t touch me you dirty bitch!” She slapped me across my face. I ran as fast as I could. Throw the shed door open with a WHAM! As it hit the wall, I grabbed my surfboard and ran. I ran as fast as I could and didn’t look back. By the time I calmed down I was halfway across the beach. But I still didn’t stop. I kept runnin’ but I changed my direction towards the water. I ran in the water and that same sensation that came over me this mornin’ happened again. I wasn’t aware of anythin’ and so when I went into the water I didn’t realise how bad the conditions were. I looked around and saw that the ocean sucked me further out than I realised. I was miles away from the shore. The waves were huge and it was now pourin’. The big dark clouds overhead were like what I was feeling on the inside. They represented my emotions. I didn’t care that it was rainin’ or that the waves were so big that they could disperse a large boat. I just wanted to surf. The water made me calm so I had nothin’ to worry about. 

I sat there for a little bit and then decided to surf some big waves since I was already here and the waves were super big. I paddled down the biggest wave that ever formed. I stood up but slipped and fell in the water. The water surrounded me in seconds. Everytime I tried to swim up for air the water would push me down. I fainted. When I came around I was still under the water but… Breathin’? What is goin’ on? Am I dead? I put my hands behind me and the water around me moved or was I movin’? I couldn’t tell. All I know is that I was movin’ really fast through the water. I reached the surface but I didn’t stop there. I kept goin’ higher and higher into the air. I looked down and saw that the water was propellin’ me up FROM MY HANDS?! I’m so confused. I looked around and started to fall, well this is goin’ to hurt. SPLASH! Nothin’. I felt nothin’ but I am still awake. It felt like a raindrop fallin’ onto your skin when it rains. 

I swam to where I last saw my board. Wow! It’s still in pristine condition. I would have expected it to break but it didn’t. I get on it and paddle to the shore. Well I tried to paddle. The water propelled me forward to my destination. THAT WAS SO FUN! It is so much better than stickin’ your head out the window when goin’ 70 miles an hour on the highway. 

I get up and walk out of the water. I look around and see something stop right in front of me. “Oh, hey it’s just you.” I said to the girl from earlier.

“Hey, I came here as fast as I could. I thought someone was in trouble. Guess I was wrong. Oh yeah my name’s Devon by the way.” She said to me as if she knew I was going to ask. 

“Well see I was in trouble but I managed to survive. So how can you move so fast. Do you have a super power or somethin’?” I said as I moved in closer to her. Mmm, she smells like the beach and the wind with a mix of flowers. 

“Uh, it’s or something. What’s your secret though? How’d you get out of the water?” She said as she moved even closer to me. My insides are tinglin’. I like the feelin’. 

“Okay this is startin’ to feel like an interrogation.” 

“Maybe it is. Although I think you like it.” She stated. 

“If the interrogation comes from you then, yes I do like it.” After a few minutes of starin’ at each other I said. “Okay back to what we were talkin’ about. I just found out that I can breathe and move/bend water. I guess I’m kinda like Percy Jackson or Poseidon. It’s really confusin’ but cool. I like it. So what’s your secret, beautiful?” I asked. I moved closer to her to see how far till she tells me to stop. 

“I’m a vampire. A very new vampire, kinda like a newborn. And before you ask no all the fairytales that humans have made up about us are not real. Hint: that's why I called them fairytales. I can stay out in daylight but it does dim my powers a little and stakes do not work on us, nor does crosses, holy water, or any of that.” She listed. 

“Okay but what can kill you? If none of that is real.” I ask, really want to know and my curiosity is gettin’ the best of me. 

“Well see I don’t know exactly what can kill me. I haven’t had anyone to teach me this so…” She trailed off not knowing what to say. 

“I get that I have no one and nowhere to go. My dad died when I was nine but he did teach me how to surf. My mom doesn’t come home much and when she does, she’s usually intoxicated. I have to take care of my siblings and now I have powers that I can’t even control. So yeah I totally understand.” I said. 

“Hey, you can stay with me. I live by myself so you won’t have to worry about anything.” She offered me. OH MY GOD! I’m fallin’ in love with this woman.

“Yes, I would love that. Thank y’all so much. You ain’t gotta clue how much this means to me.” I slid my arm around her waist. 

“Yes I do.” And with that I leaned my face to hers and kissed her. She looked up after at me and took my hand and walked to her house. 

One week later and we share a room together and house. I went back to my mom’s house to get all my stuff a couple of days ago. Thankfully she wasn’t there and the kids I guess, were taken away to foster care. I would be upset about that if I thought it would be worse than livin’ with our mother but I’m not. She’s probably livin' it up with some random dude. I also got a job at a shack near the beach. I learned that Devon goes to my school so we basically hangout all the time and I learned that she’s a vegan. I know, I know how can she be a vegan if she’s a vampire. Well instead of drinkin' human blood she drinks animal blood. So in the vampire world that’s vegan. I’ve also been practicin’ my powers with Devon at the beach durin’ the night where no one can see us. Mostly me shootin’ water at her or swimmin’ but with a twist. Yesterday we came up with this game where we’re going to dare each other one month out of the year. So basically it’s like truth or dare but there is no truth. 

We’re always with each other, what both of us don't what to admit is that we need each other. Physically, emotionally and mentally. It’s like we were meant to be. I don’t believe in fate but things like this make me want to. 

May 19, 2021 16:29

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