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Hello, fellow writers! Avery love's writing, especially when a story comes to mind! Please support her great friends Emily Li, Rhondalise Mitza, Brooke D, and Daryl Gravesande on Reedsy, by liking and following! They are all very supportive people! Thanks you for your support! I love Reedsy because it gave me the chance to show my writing to the world! Thank you! - To thine own self be true. -Willam Shakespeare Please just click that like button, and the follow button, and Avery will be sure to like your stories! Thanks! She loves to play sports!! Avery is a very loving person. She cares a lot about her stories, and is looking forward to publishing her horror book called, "Missing Pieces!" She can't wait to write, and is always on her computer! She is surrounded by true friends on Reedsy, and loves to give feedback. She hopes to live in Paris, France. Currently learning French. :) She would also like to live with her great friend, who is very supportive! ;) She loves the beach, and pineapples. Avery is a lacrosse and soccer goalie, who also played basketball.