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Hello There and welcome to my blog on this part of the internet. My real name is not Annette. I didn't want to put my real name so I found a pen name. You know, I find the name "Lovewind" ironic since I don't write romance and it's mostly murder, unless it has both. Now, what do I, a simple Gay, have to offer you with my stories? Well, currently I'm writing about whatever pops into my head. So enjoy my stories I have written in a fly. Other than that story my favorites would be " "Van Life is Best" and now adding "Hell?" "Two Gods" and "Alba Ray" to the list. Although "Spiteful Little One" does have a place in my heart. A story that I highly enjoyed writing and would like more people to read would be “The Grieving Widow” Now enough about what I write about and on to whatever pops into my head. My favorite color💛: Yellow Favorite show📺: Currently "Doctor Who” Althoug I also enjoy “ Good Omens”, "The Umbrella Academy", "Stranger Things," "Criminal Minds", "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina", "Broadchurch" and many more. Books 📖 : "Amelia Westlake Was Never Here" "One of Us is Lying", "Breaking Bailey", every single Harry Potter Book, The Darkest Minds Series, The Red Queen series, Disney Twisted Tales, A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Darkest Powers Series, 34 Pieces Of You, Percy Jackson, The Umbrella Academy Comics and many more that I can't name on the top of my head. (warning if you do decide to read some of these Bailey, 34 and Lying have mentions of drug abuse and with caution) Hobbies🎨 : Drawing, Painting on my closet door, reading, binge-watching too many hours of youtube and Netflix, spending too much money on Pops action figures, and the occasional writing, I suppose, Photography, graphology, overthinking, and taking care of fake plants. 🌿Fake plants names🌿 🌿Greg the cabbage plant 🌿Damien the succulent 🌿Biko (Gave my friend it but I named it) 🌿Zeus the pineapple pot 🌿Lilly with the yellow pot 🌿and my newest one Rain the Succulent! Songs ya'll might like🎶: MY BOY, ILOMILO, All The Good Girls Go To Hell, Six Feet Under, Watch, Bury A Friend, Therefore I Am by Billie Eilish. Your Gunna Go Far Kid, Self Esteem, The Kids Aren't Alright By The Offspring, Sarcasm by Get Scared, Car Radio, House of Gold By 21 Pilots, Heather by Conan Gray, Thunderstruck By AC/DC, Fire Drill, Playdate, Soap, Traning Wheels, By Melanie Martinez. 🎶Musicals I like🎶: Hamilton, Six!, Beetlejuice, Dear Evan Hanson, Mean Girls (Taylor louderman's voice will make you gay..or not), Heathers, and Wicked. Aesthetic and personality🌹🌻: Chaotic Neutral, Your friendly Cottagecore, Vintage lesbian next door! ✨Things in my room that just make sense!✨ ✨A fake mini tree with the gay flag on top, decorated for Christmas year-round despite it begin not my favorite holiday. ✨The gravity falls puking rainbow gnome painted on my closet door ✨Fake candles surrounding a mini pentagram with some of my pops around it (No I do not worship satan) ✨Glass bottles near the pentagram filled with dyed water and labeled "Death and "Souls". ✨My fake plants begin above-said bottles. ✨A tye-dye swirl with an alien painted on it, painted on my mirror. ✨My Harry Potter Pops is in a scene on top of my bookcase and there is a dinosaur named Fred in the middle of it ✨Everything in my room begin purple despite my favorite color begin yellow and barley have traces of that. I'm in highschool and re-discovering my love for writing that I lost in middle school. Hopefully, I can gain enough courage to write and post snippets of the big stories I have in my head, but alas that's for another time. 🌸 Anyway, I HOPE THIS NEW BIO IS OKAY SALOM. (Check them out there on reedsy) (It's not okay; I had to come to edit it ^^ ~Sal) 🌸The lovely and wonderful Inkstained Introvert has edited my latest story "The Grieving Widow" for me and did an outstanding job doing so! Check her out 🌸Also read this story it's really powerful it needs more likes My last and final statement of the day is "Be gay do crimes.🌈”