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Romance LGBTQ+ Drama

Scarlet Storm stood near the library door. She saw her reflection in the glass, her red suit with her black mask that went around her eyes. Her blonde hair tied into a braid and her hazel eyes staring back at her. The other side was filled with darkness and silence. She was hesitant to open the door. Sure, only the motion sensors went off but anyone could be waiting inside. Her worst enemy, a homeless person, a kid who was doing something on a dare, it could be anyone.

Scarlet didn’t know why she was scared to open the door. She was a hero and faced villains of all sorts. She had been tortured, questioned, knocked down, but she always got back up. At this point, she had no reason to be scared. She has seen the worst, she was sure of it, so why did she tremble at the thought of opening this door?

She thought about leaving and letting the police deal with this but she couldn’t. Anyone who would be trying to send a message that would get to her would break into the library. People who only knew her secret identity made her even more scared. 

Scarlet opened the door. She was able to since she worked at this library. She loved it for it was her second home. A place she has been in since she was a kid. A place that helped her grow and may or may not be a secondhand therapy, look that is expensive. She began to walk across the room.

She had only been in a library a few times at night. It always had at least lamp lights on but now she walked in blackness, her only light begin the moonlight that streamed through. The library was still and not a sound was made. She made her way through the aisles of books until she got to the part with multiple desks and saw a figure sitting at one.

Scarlet recognized the person immediately. The person sitting there was no other than her arch-nemesis, Wildfire. Her brunette hair was in messy, wavy curls. Her black boots were on the table, her suit was black with orange, yellow, and red streaking her leggings. She had a red mask around her eyes.  

“What are you doing?” she called.

Wildfire rolled her eyes, “Getting a book, something wrong with that sweetie?” Her voice was like honey and smooth, Scarlet about fainted. 

“Something is when you're breaking into the place.” 

“I was going to put it back. Can’t I just do some reading in peace?” 

Scarlet saw the book she was reading. It was about nuclear fusion. “What are you going to do with that?” 

“What does it look like I’m doing? Blowing up the city? I’m a science major and textbooks are expensive. You wouldn’t know Miss. Art Major.” Wildfire taunted. 

“Something doesn’t make me believe that,” Scarlet says. 

“Oh look at you trying to be the hero again. Like you always do.” Wildfire said bitterly.

“It’s what I do best,” Scarlet says, eyes narrowing. Wildfire stayed silent and counited to read her book, ignoring Scarlet Storm.

“Aren’t you tired of it?” Scarlet blurted. 

“Here comes the hero complex,” and Wildfire rolled her eyes. 

“I mean it aren't you tired of it?”, Scarlet continued, “The fighting, the planning, the hurting? Are you tired of any of it?”

Wildfire raised her eyebrow. “Aren’t you tired of it? The fighting back, the planning to stop it all, the pain you’ve been dealt all for the safety of this city?” 

“Of course I’m not..” 

“Then why would I?” 


“ I see. You just want to be the hero. You think that you are the hero! And you’ll believe the people who tell you that you are so stoic and brave!” Wildfire taunted. 

Scarlet stared. She had no idea what she could say. “You once held my hand…”

“What was that, dear ?” Wildfire asked. 

“You once held my hand,” Scarlet said louder. 

“Were back at this again. The desperate plea to make me stop the life I’m living and hopefully remember the life I used to live because you think that was better.” 

“At least you wouldn’t have become this!” Scarlet yelled.

“Have you possibly consider that I like this life better?” Wildfire said. Scarlet stared at her. “With that face again. You stupid hopeless romantic! You can’t possibly believe that I would be in love with you still but I think that you do. I know that you can’t take a hit on your ego and you can’t believe that I’m not in love with you anymore.” 

“I know that you’re not in love with me anymore.”

“Then stop caring for me. Stop caring about the life I’m living. Fight me like you fight all the other villains.”

“You are not a villain,” Scarlet says.

“What else have you conceived me to be? You try to stop me and try to convert me to a superhero life. I think that under that surface you call yourself heroic, you’re convinced you are above me.” Wildfire yells. 

“I believe this life your living won’t help with all the hurt,” Scarlet says. Wildfire stares at her eyes blazing in anger. “Take the hand that you once held and let it be your knight in shining armor.”

“YOU ARE NOT MY HERO...You couldn’t deal with the cards that I’ve been dealt.” Wildfire yelled. 

“ You think that you are a villain but I know you're not. Under all the hidden anger is a beating human heart!” Scarlet screams, feeling her eyes start to water.

“A heart that is beating but a heart that is broken and angry.” 

“I know that you are upset...that I didn’t come in for you. I'm sorry that I never helped you...but please let me now.” Scarlet begged.

“You are the knight in shining armor who came way too late. You watched my world crash down and saw my monsters prevail.” Wildfire whispered. 

“I know but let me help you put it back together.” Scarlet pleaded.

“You are not my hero and you never will. You can be the hero for everyone else but never me.” Wildfire said looking Scarlet in the eye.

“ Please...” Scarlet pleaded one last time.

“Go home Scarlet Storm. Stand up get out some things don’t go as planned.” 

April 29, 2021 23:03

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Hi, hello. I don't know what to say...I hoped you enjoyed the story


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