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I have been writing since middle school. It was a way of channeling what I was feeling after my dad's death. I like the Sci-FY genre as well as straight out fantasy. I also like paranormal as well as dark stories in general. A teacher used to jokingly call me Stephanie King because I was always writing stories in Creative writing that made her skin crawl. Live to Tell now has a sequel. "New Version of me" Chronicle is a really old story that I have been playing around with for years. This is only the recent draft. The Chronicle The Chronicle Part 2 ...on the wings of a bird so black… Possession, Obsession, Lust To Become Undone...the Taming Begins Boarders of the In between Theta Stories: Plane Rides What Happens to Spies Cupid's Arrow Lioness-to-be Secrets Told Omega Swayed and Beta Annoyance The Big Easy First Lioness Ash Wednesday It Has Been a Decade Three of a Kind 1+1=5 First Signs of Power, Baby Bella