Urban Legends Book 2: Dragon Blooded

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Adventure Fantasy Drama

Dakonnus portals have been open between realms for quite some time and a mistaken energy signature has brought the Crown-Prince of the Void Lands and the daughter of a traitor together. It just so happens that she is his fated mate as well. With Lucifer in tow as well as others, this takes a turn into the realms of Dakkonus and the way things are done. Being a Dragon Blood means that one is a Hybrid.

Kylos is Void Dragon and Demon.

Anya is Black Dragon and Human.

When these two bond, life comes and sparks fly. Join them as they deal with insurrectionists and traitors to the crown.

There is an underlying story a foot and though this ends in a drop, their fate will be shared at a later date. The stage is set, Identities revealed. A Game is about to begin...Brother vs. Brother...

Though the first two books stand alone, I suggest reading them anyway for the clues for the bases of book 3 to come.


From the story:

“Worthless conspirators, they forget that I have eyes and ears all over this castle”, Kylos whispered casually as he kissed Anya’s hand reassuringly. “You are all I have eyes for as my mate, my queen, and mother of my children.”

Anya blushed and smiled. She was not used to someone being so devoted but she liked it.

“The Circle of Nine is actually of no consequence only to the fact that their ninth member is the Dark One. She is a powerful being that wrote the spell that allowed Dakkonus to come into being. She was the reason that the Age of Magick was preserved”, commented Gillica, knowing that Anya didn’t know the pretense of it.

“I will explain it to her later”, commented Kylos as he looked on Lucifer for his reaction.

To Lucifer, the Dark One was beauty incarnate and power absolute. To the world of Dakkonus, she was a lost Goddess. To spout such foolishness was Blasphemy and a death sentence if one of those that believe her divine could hear you. Lucifer obviously had murder on his mind with his growl.

Kylos smirked as he had his own vision of the future. Six old men and a cunt dying in his throne room this evening on the charge of conspiracy against the crown.

In the chamber, the mist that announced the presence of Kylos rose quickly. Guards appeared in the room by magic summons. Lucifer and Gillica appeared as well before Kylos entered the room, escorting his mate Anya.

The chamber was full of those loyal to the throne and military guards so the nobles immediately dropped their conversation.

This was the throne room of the Void Lands and torches in the room shifted in color to a dark blue flame but still had plenty of light. The decor was a long crimson red rug that appeared with the mist and black curtains fluttered in a breeze that was not present moments ago. Weapons and tapestries adorn the chamber as well as other antiquities.

On a raised platform at the very back of the chamber were two thrones. One belonged to Kylos’ father and his father before that and so on. It was made of black onyx and held the intricate designs and the symbol of the lands on the high back. The throne on the King’s throne left that was moved out not long after Anya’s arrival was made of black diamond and was given to the first king as a gift by dark dwarfs for a potential queen. It was used whenever the Prince took a mate to gain the throne and remained after for the princess and later as she became queen.

On it, however, sat a woman undeserving with blue hair and silver eyes who looked to be wearing nothing but silver lace over her body. Everything she had from her breasts to her cunt could be seen through that Nitty in an attempt to make herself seem desirable.

“And what is going on in here”, Kylos asked as they entered the room? He already knew but was playing a bit dumb.

“Ah, Prince Kylos, about time, I came to speak…”

Kylos raised a hand as he escorted Anya by the old undine male for him to be silent. Lucifer moved beside the Prince. A few feet from the stairs, Kylos passed Anya’s hand off to Lucifer and the sorcerer type nodded as he took it.

“I will be back in a moment, my darling.”

The Prince’s eyes cast to the woman who had the audacity to sit upon Anya’s throne as she gave him a playful seductive smile like she thought he would be pleased that she was there and waiting for him.

How foolish of her.

No one dared comment except the Undine Ambassador, “She looks lovely there, does she not?”

Kylos did not speak to him.

The Crown-Prince Kylos walked casually to the stairs that lead to where she sat trying to be seductive and raised a hand.

The symbol on his chest flared and she was snatched up at the throat by an unseen hand. She was ripped skyward off the throne and she was brought down to the soon-to-be King’s feet. His glowing demon red eyes glared into hers and she gasped for air as he spoke, “THAT THRONE DOES NOT BELONG TO YOU!”

“But…Kylos…I am…for…you.” It was impressive that she managed to speak at all in an astral demon grip. There were reasons why he was considered brutal and this was one.

“You are a hag and a usurper in league with a group of old men that know not the true reason that throne is there. I will be King with my mate will be my Queen. You will never have that throne.”

Her eyes bulge a moment before the hand became visible, grew in size, and crushed her skull before all present to see.

Anya winced but still watched from her place by Lucifer.

Lucifer whispered to her, “This is what conspiring against the throne gets you. It is what you needed to see because you will be his queen and these same types of people would have no problem conspiring to kill you as well.”

“I understand. Don’t worry”, she said with a nod. One hand settled on her tummy briefly.

Kylos, the future king, turned on the ambassador and dropped the corpse of his daughter at his feet. “Now I will have to have that throne cleaned once again before the true princess has her seat upon it.”

Her father went red with anger over her murder and snapped at him, “You are too fucking stupid to find a mate. This is just a lie to try to convince the elders to let you keep the throne you son of a bitch.”

Gillica kicked the old man in the back of the knee, forcing him to his knees. It also quieted the old man a moment. “How dare you spout such disrespect, Princess Anya is right there you worthless sack of shit!” He gestured to Anya as she stood with Lucifer.

“And she is already pregnant with three off-spring by me”, Kylos added casually, “She is Dragon Blood, just like me and in four months she will give birth. I will become King, and she will be the Queen at my side.”

The news of that going on without their knowledge caused uproars in the chamber. The loyalists and the royals stood and watched as the other nobles that were helping the Undine and such chattered about. They bowed to the Prince with their noses to the floor as they begged for forgiveness and pointed the finger at the Ambassador as the true conspirator.

Lucifer chuckled and whispered to Anya, “Amazing how a little bit of knowledge can change the situation in a room.”

She nodded but stayed silent.

Kylos laughed a little in spite of himself.

It is almost comical that the only one not scarping is the Ambassador who was caught red handed plotting against my rule. The evidence that I have a queen prospect is right before his eyes and he seems to stick to his guns in this.

Kylos looked to Anya first. He evaluated with his eyes and sensed her condition and deemed her alright for him to proceed. He decided to place their fate in her hands. The Ambassador dies anyway. “Should I spare them, my love?”

She was actually observing what was going on and the words being expressed in the room. They quieted to hear what she had to say in hopes that it was in their favor. “Kylos, my friends and family actually used to call me a human liar detector when I was growing up back on Earth. I hear what they are saying and what they actually mean. Though I am not usually one for execution, I know that if you leave them alive they will report back to others that are conspiring against you that you showed weakness and they will rally them to try again.” She swallowed as she didn’t know if it was her place to speak out.

The Prince smiled, “I have a beautiful truth-seeker for a mate.” He became serious again. Kylos looked to the general, “Kill the others and make it clear that they are examples of what happens to those who think me ‘so stupid’ that I cannot make my own decisions and that they conspired against the Prince and his truth-seeker Princess.”

In moments, the General and his guards killed the host of five nobles who accompanied the Ambassador of the Undine as a show of support.

Kylos took Lucifer’s place with Anya and Lucifer took over with the Ambassador.

Lucifer was capable of draining the life force from others as well as other abilities. Kylos was unsure just how far the dark magick well went when it came to the sorcerer of mystery that he was. His actual age was also unknown.

The robed one brought his hands to both sides of the Ambassador’s head. Those hands began to glow an eerie green color as the life force was drained off the Undine Ambassador. He struggled of course, but those struggles were not enough to break Lucifer’s power when he had a hold of someone or was as pissed as he was at this old man.

As the Ambassador breathed his last and his flesh began to draw into his body, Lucifer spoke to the man. “I will find her, I will bring her back, and I will place her back in the world she created. You will not deny me that which is mine.”

Then the Ambassador died. Lucifer finally released him when the Undine was a shriveled up husk.

Kylos patted his shoulder, “As you can, return to Earth and keep looking for her.” Whether he could find her or not was unknown, but Kylos still encouraged him to seek the Goddess. Lucifer had a not so secretly loved the woman since time long ago…even before the prince was born. It made the Prince wonder if Lucifer was actually a part of the world before the divide.

“I will.”

The Prince pulled Anya into his arms before he surveyed the mess in the throne room and concentrated. The symbol on his chest flared and the floor ignited in dark blue flames and engulfed the body of the Ambassador as well as burned away the blood on the floor. The corpses of the others were carried out to the town square on the ground where they were strung up with a plank reading their charges for their execution.

His eyes locked on the diamond throne and he glimpsed down on Anya looking up at him and smiled. He glimpsed to a few servants as he guided Anya from the room, “Clean up the throne once again. I want it sterilized and fitted with a satin seat cushions by morning. When I come out to deal with business, I will have the princess with me and I want her comfortable.”

They bow as the pair left. The condition was that she rested. It was time to get that rest.

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