Dragon's Heir: The Equation

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Fantasy Adventure Suspense

This story contains sensitive content

This is my first book ever, though due to my own constraints on financing, it is available at this time only on Kindle.

Blurb: In a world of Fantasy where Dragons have dominated and pushed the humanoid types toward extinction, some do better then others, a game of Kings is a foot. To gain the power that an ancient dragon possessed, the ruling four class Dragon Kings have begun their own game of Crowns and Thrones and a victim of circumstance gets caught along the way. Meet Eve, a half dragon and half high elf young woman referred to as a Dragoner and find out what role she plays in life and in the Equation.

A preview: (This contains a bit of an innuendo and some violence)

Eve found herself stumbling forward in an upright position on the docks where she began in this country of Baylor. Her form was quickly caught by Sadorna. “Eve, are you alright? I had to get back here before I could rescue you. What happened? Are you alright? Speak.”

           “Give me a second.” The petite High Elfin girl caught her breath after a few moments as her physical mind began to return to her. “I think Rizen was going to rape me. You have excellent timing. Are we on the docks?”

           “Yes. I am sure we can get out of here before Rizen is the wiser. There is a ship back to Estershiek leaving in thirty minutes. Just promise”, she added to her words as she released Eve, “No matter what happens, get out of here. Ok.”

           “I promise. Let’s go.” Both women begin to jog down the pier toward a large vessel at the end of the docks.

           Unknown to Sadorna, her spell brought another to a close by location. The spawn landed and began to sniff the air just to the east of the docks. Having found her once again, he plunged into the bay to make his way toward the same ship as his prey.

           Both women were aboard the ship but a moment when a dark cloud of energy wrapped Sadorna and spirited her away. The woman shrieked as she attempted to break free and failed. Eve tried to find her a moment, but then gave up. She promised that she would get off the continent no matter what happened. Eve continued to assist in preparations to depart Indore.

           Sadorna found herself in that same crater upon the mountain but stone held her to the table in question. “No”, she whimpered. No clothing was upon her form. Each of her stone like cuffs had spikes in them. To struggle only caused them to dig into her wrists.

           “So you were the interloper, little red.” Rizen caused steps to form at the foot of the table as he stepped up to stand upon it. “This is going to be interesting.” Several other male Airiket in various lesser forms appeared around them and stepped forward as Rizen shed the lower half of his attire. All Sadorna could do was scream about what followed.

           The ship went out to sea without much of a problem; though storms seemed to grow on the horizon the crew was not concerned. It wasn’t until one such storm was over head that the concerns began followed by the screams, just not because of the storm. Something had come on board the ship.

           Eger to finish his prey, the Sun Fire dragon spawn decided to attack the ship itself at a vulnerable time. The crew was not prepared and he tore through them like a hot knife through butter. Many a man fell before he locked sights upon her. The white haired yet tanned skinned High Elf girl with the dragon eyes spun upon him with concern and he licked his bloody lips.

           Eve swallowed. This is what they called a Dragon Spawn and she had never seen one of these or had she? Her mind drifted back to the murder of her parents and the shadowed beast that murdered them and the whole troop of scavengers. “It’s the creature”, she whispered in recognition. This thing had come all this way for her. She reached for a sword that was on a dead sailor that was never pulled and began to focus to her various extremities, she would need it all to fight this things. It seemed to want her, but didn’t care if the crew lived or died.

           Reign charged forward with his claws extended toward Eve and slashed, but she pulled back just as quick. A nail skimmed her chest and the tip broke off and flew astray. His eyes looked to that broke claw in shock but what he knew of Dragoner types, the chest had to be this one’s strong spot. “Mamma wants yous dead”, he growled. Again he rushed forward toward her, but this time he lashed his tail out at the last minute and struck her across the chest before she could react with the sword.

           Eve flew back into the rail and crashed through it in pain. More so was her back in pain then her chest. Again the scales spared her the chest injury. The little detail change she had physically seemed to have its uses. The speed of this creature meant that she would take some pain, since she hasn’t fully focused to her legs as of yet to be able to stand her ground. Sucking up the ache she now sported in her back, she pulled herself back to her feet. “I don’t know your mamma, but she could always come see me herself!” She found it difficult to focus. Her mind seemed to be developing that hazy cloud once again. However she did succeed in meeting his newest charge with speed and strength as they collided in midair. But half through the move, she slammed him down into the wooden deck, causing splinters to fly. She quickly pushed away to leave him lay when the tail looped around her right ankle and pulled her back toward him, off her feet.

           Eve recovered enough to move before he could stick her with both claws, one major slip and she would be prey, but her back already proceeded to slow her down. A step seemed lost with each block to miss.

           The spawn pounced as he pulled her back, placing his two back feet in the small of her back; a move that would have broken her back if not for the focus to any muscle that would assist her. His clawed hands grabbed her hair and jerked her head back, causing even more damage to her back. 

           The Elfin woman screamed in pain. In her mind however, the cloud had grown to interfere with her thinking. She didn’t know what to do next as he flipped her over by her hair as he got off her back and slammed her into some of the cargo that the ship carried. With each slam that he did, the cloud grew even more and more intense. Fear and anguish crossed through her mind as well as a building pressure. Finally Reign tossed her down, releasing her hair, and got into her face. “Last Word?”

           That was when the cloud released. Everything surged forward at once. Her eyes went white and her mouth opened. Her form became on fire and energy surged in all directions. The spawn at ground zero was killed instantly, but the explosion carried outward. The top two decks of the ship exploded in a bright silvery flash that could not be seen through the storm that surrounded the ship. 

           The last she saw was wood flying about around her as the storm surged into a typhoon. Her body lay limp near the water line. The crew was all dead. Eve felt a sense of peace as the world went black around her. This wasn’t so bad.

           Eve came to once again after about two days at sea. The Typhoon carried the ship the whole time and shifted to an extra tropical storm before fizzing out. The deck was almost nonexistence but was not lurching anymore.

           She pulled herself up and fell to the boards once again.  

           A snow flake landed on her nose a few seconds before a crash rocked what was left of the ship. She was flipped over in the impact to her stomach. She clawed her way back up and walked empty memory wise out into the snow. She walked somehow in her torn attire for miles it seemed before her instinctual energy began to die out. Then she began to stumble.

           When she fell once again, she knew not where she was.

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