First in the Series, Urban Legend: Rogue Moon

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Coming of Age Horror Adventure

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Urban Legend Book 1:

Rogue Moon

BY: Amy Hodges-Laurenzo

Abandoned by friends and a victim of circumstance, Melina defies the odds to survive the brutal assault by a wolf shifter Rogue, though that very survival involved merging with the she-wolf that became a part of her consciousness. It is in that merger that she found her eyes opened to a world beyond what was known to her old eyes. Now apart of a world of dark magick and Shifters, she has to figure out what is what if she has intentions of surviving.

Then there is the Tempest Pack and that very handsome Black wolf that comes along too when she least expected that she had an unexpected need of. Join them on that ride back to Dakkonus, a world no human ever realized existed and is partially responsible for the Urban Legends of our time.


This story end some what happily for the wolves, but it is not the end...for the end is still out there as the search for the someone revered as a Goddess continues.

This is the first in a series that involves a dimension that is just beyond our own and the supernatural world that lives there.


After about seven hours sleep, Melina stirred to the time to be 9:30. She got up and showered. Melina pulled on a pair of jeans and a blue T-shirt with tennis shoes after and then was out the door with the medallion. Also she had a package of jerky with her. It seemed to be something she liked as a small snack now days.

Out and about, her hair was dry and no tangles in a matter of an hour or so…Melina chocked it up to being a supernatural shifter now.

It took her maybe twenty minutes to get down to the more public parts of the beach in a light jog. Just off the beach in Biloxi, there sat a square building that housed the tarot reader. The decor outside was blue stucco and painted parts like pinnacles and tarot cards. A convertible was out front, but so was a black colored sports car.

As Melina approached the door of the building, her hair stood up. Her wolf was standing in her head and in a caution stance. That told her that this was suspicious at best.

Melina slid carefully through the door that was open a little to see some guy having the tarot reader against the wall.

She was a little thing like Melina. She was all of five feet and three inches with red hair and green eyes. She wore a Goth style black dress with a shadow effect under the lacy skirt and knee high black boots. She seemed to fear the man who had her against the wall.

The guy was easily six feet and five inches in height and dressed as casual as Melina was except he wore a black leather jacket. That made him very suspicious. It was when he pulled the weird dagger from inside his jacket that Melina acted on impulse.

She ran forward in that moment.

She leaped.

Her hands caught his neck.

She focused her full body weight into pulling him from the girl and dropped to the tiled floor.

A sick crack was heard.

Melina stood over his corpse a moment in shock until the tarot reader caught hold of her and pulled her back defensively.

Once they were ten feet away from him, the red head grabbed something from behind the counter and threw it on him. His body began to smoke and she pulled Melina toward the door. “You didn’t kill him; don’t let that bother you at the moment.”

“I didn’t…?”

“Nope, but you did spare me what he was about to do. We need to put some distance between us and him before he recovers.” The red head and Melina headed out the door and the headed up the beach as inconspicuous as possible toward the street. “My name is Casey. What’s yours?”

“I’m Melina…”

“No last names in this world. They don’t matter much anyway when addressing the supernatural. I am a witch Melina; I know you are something more than a normal girl. Normal would not have been able to move like that.” She looked her way. “Wolf?”

Not knowing what else to do in the moment, Melina nodded.

“Did you happen into my shop by chance, do you have a pack somewhere, or did you need something?”

Melina found her voice as she glimpsed back. “I actually found something and wanted to ask about it and if you knew what it was, as to a pack…I was turned into this six months ago…I am oblivious to what pack means. And who the fuck is that?”

Casey looked at her stunned for several moments and pursed her lips. “OK, so you are a Rogue to packs so be careful if you ever come across one. To me right now, you are a huge help.

“That back there is a Warlock, they are traitorous bastards that were perhaps witches at one time but the power went to their heads and they betrayed their covens in the name of power. His name is Kutras and he is after my power to see the future as well as my water abilities. If he stabbed me with that dagger, he could have extracted them and killed me all at the same time.”

“Fuck”, Melina exclaimed. That was something she didn’t think really existed. “So they aren’t some romantic notion?”

“Nope”, Casey smiled at her, “The paranormal romance novelists got that part wrong. Say, have you had breakfast yet? My treat…even if it is probably a meat plate”, she chuckled.

“Lead the way”, both women crossed the beach boulevard toward the city to blend in with the locals.

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